Origami: Crane [tutorial]

Uploaded by tavin15 on 20.09.2010

for the crane use a square sheet of paper
any kind of paper will do the job
fold the paper in half both ways
as shown in the diagram
we have made two valley folds
turn the sheet and the become mountain folds
fold the other way around
diagonally both ways
first in one direction, then the other
turn the sheet so the diagonal creases are mountain-folds
push in the center
collapse like this
make sure the open part points towards yourself
fold one of the flaps to the center line
the edge to the center crease
same step as before with the second flap
now you have a kite shape
fold the top part of the kite backwards
don't go too far
just align with the edges
open the flaps
no we'll make a petal fold
lift the top layer
and crease those creases backwards
so you get a big diamond shape
once again
the paper moves this way
another petal fold on the backside
make diagonal precreases
open the model
lift the first layer
pull backwards
make all layers flatt
you just have to reverse two creases
this one
and the right one here
that one
this shape is a bird-base
take the part with the two flaps (feet)
fold the edge nearly the center
not all the way just nearly
that makes the inside reverse-folds later easier
same for the other flap
also both flaps on the backside
turn yours sheet and repeat
again not all the way
just nearly to the center
no there are two flaps
put one up
as a precrease for the inside-reverse-fold
this valley-fold
that will become a mountain-fold
reversed inside into the model
hence the name
reverse that fold
put the flap inside the model
repeat with other flap
you can do it in one step
or with the precrease as before
it should look this way now
fold down both wings
make wings by folding down the two big flaps
choose one of the necks
to make neck and tail
now make another inside reverse-fold
and that is already the crane
thanks a lot for watching
and pleas let me know if you used the subtitles and the diagrams on the right