Holohoax Survivors Who Tell The Truth

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They never gave us any water, they never gave us any food.
The children were screaming.
Spielberg's USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation contains over fifty thousand video testimonies
Out of fifty thousand testimonies
this show a foundation hand-picked a bunch of hate failed lawyers and sinus
further documentary surely at a fifty thousand video interviews
there must be some jews telling some semblance of truth about life in the
concentration camps
the old serving your
oakland all costar rarer
some of the musicians states that stinky event
musician was so good
that he
at the instruments playing in
and he ought to know what's really turned into bent who played over the
and through that was of course helping us you know the altered its planes and
with their any cultural activities happening in our strengths
act are doing at the piano
put into a noxious at the end of the kind piano was plugged into a block one
funds that was built that new pre-op
the downstairs home plus a cent for theater then he wanted to build an
states could in that new block one which was a bond to be dining on what's going
to be also business stage so performances could be done for them and
they're comfortable he said for heaven's sake
isn't anybody uh... you know can help me so on these curtain links
for the state's i'd do it for you know he said
and i came forward and i have been is to cut and stage and that was wonderful
because act had a man signal costly for change
my homemade isn't chaps of but assignments and if you happen to no
but instrument steel plate has said lent piano but not good enough on da costa
rican headed up but now
he said that then maybe you know did not asset yes he said so then i can use you
because we have to
uh... elected i picked from the uh...
all that you know
music peace let the detector gates
and so forth each instrument is only
uh... a shot land on the whole paper so i had to take a pep talk and back for
each instrument
contact but i had to do with that anecdote even make that land speed in
that paper that was pre printed fund all it's nothing
so i spent all day there
for of a mile until they met taken away from auschwitz and then she saw me but
then at the peak table that could fuckin layout are the people and it was very
and alexey
and uh...
wanted to to talk more tummy that is when i met that as this man at one time
that was the last updated
but i was in auschwitz
and and then after that the other job that venables and dropped ten
we meant out depicted leafs and from this lease that would
make tea for the whole camp
for the harsh words
it harder to entertain yourself sir
of the
removes papers with the code fears
uh... that
and also remind ourselves sometimes we had
political unveiling
used to come committee
inbound xx
the news
and later on
on thursday
we do not believe the movement that came from the thirties
with president that so those of you must because of the government of moving
inda and they can
and it would have been the labor movement there
yet and the
we're entering the barracks if the uh... they would recruit gold physio movies
sometimes in the the broad movies into the
the in the into
what kind of police celebration of german was
and once again for the named ken
the remote
flies amongst the radical once a postcard once a letter
they gave it a material yet they gave us that led to the motives of the recruits
i have is that simply provide students with headlining
you have the government is still don't know who the bond movie got through the
jewish whom you'll meet the following the admirals and burns
environments on monday
and and and they can't get that have five currency of the articles of money
because there wasn't any bones of what the caller countrymen
love mom many times but wasn't nobody has sold a few cigarettes or missiles
something whether monday
so the good money you could buy continued there
food there wasn't really a good foods are usually sold and sometimes the soul
there was a long time
yet this is all going to a good
but they are rather really missing the and smelled months mostly cigarettes
and when you went to and what you think you have to pay yesterday at the bridge
after the uh... the
money stopped the regular money stopped
begun taken coupons then
it for you
writer loaded with program whatever they got paid for in cuba and through uh...
there which we are
medium in moving the indent continent that complete
that was there
their way of distributing money
then to everybody was everybody gutters mountain
of course for the date
is so for that weekend speed-up together the article two of us together
and he made a soccer team which was a woman laid out
that he plates are corrupt
it's amazing that there'd be a soccer king
to be enough
energy left to do something like that were i don't think they they're quite as
energetic as we were
that the other uh... that i go team but the needed something to wear you know it
kept on mind
these the off the problems we had
you you mentioned to me the other day that monoliths was like college library
well that was pressure the german stunt
wasn't doing well
that info re-try forty four
said that before you for
we had
sake yes
in russia was
socket games reactor or that will organize very well
psychic tunes national his national interests are kitten
me are organized or equipment and we can increase aca
a nursery rhyme
an estimate
cheap restaurants and restaurant
sir you know it that much
free it was
and uh... but that was not good for reforms
expulsion charlie pushed by uh... americans already know that
on the other side showdown matthew hough
but there was much more
freedom and uh... and uh...
foot didn't improve very much because uh...
simple reason they didn't have a very much themselves out
did the civilians try to help you at all did they trade goods for things
institutes missus instead of waiting with her almost of the people who want
it but it's
sucking saket keeps
from the students from oxygen right
but that was strictly uh... you know
under under uncoma assisted noida anti-u_s_ bunt
they didn't do much about it because they you know morris almost oversaw
they didn't do that
paving played soccer with us
justin dikkat restore estore funny
that the talented incident finder one-pound reportage team play against
him and games
and no one of two set enlisted topic listed assessment
decided he wants to play for the polish game
read it
we say okay we can pinpoint and then they come undone
that that commanded alone s_s_ come on that
u_s_ uh... market market the captain
he decided to go on a paypal fraternity
so he wouldn't know if you know
i think it would have been tipsy number
how did you feel about that
but the funny part of it
we sent just let them think that they all by themselves
it's a simple netanya
but that was uh... one of two since it at woodstock stock so funny in it
but that's happened cell but was not before it falls
well mister
pink skin peel
course so our website
and it's what you're saying then that uh... close to the end of the war came
pressure was letup rather than becoming more for
in our camp
pressure you you did see field the pressure
the big problem
is that the always with soccer field was right next to the so-called genocidal
test chambers and would be in full view of the so-called final solution
previous called me
to their children spirits he was hitting been
and uh...
he asked me if i could be something on the wall for the children and i said
if you can get the materials he said i think the materials dot k
and then they have very handsome young blonde men from the minsk and came over
one day
infinity here scrawny kid company came
and he asked me what i need to say i said well if i can get any
wall paint says so in the tempera paints
i would like those if you can get me some in the city s and you think you
and so before i knew it gradient
the staff ready for me
and i started painting at first not knowing what i looked at that huge
it was kind of
ali fcolor etc
like all the barracks where
walt and uh...
i thought well the sink to do is to make it look like a mere units whose shelley
under dick invasive dallas trade with flowers and flower pots ironies
and we are looking onto the beautiful meadows and maybe see some colors and
chief of staff and i started painting and then after its far in the distance
analyst putting some she insult comes
then i noticed that all the kids who is standing around me behind me
centered around and i i asked them if they would
doing it in a special wish we could put in that middle and they said
snow white and the seven dwarfs
and there was a very surprising answer assignment painting
of don't be standing on another dwarfs head with a cloak around him so he
looked like it prague i
so he would be a stall the snow white and they were dancing together and
those soft truth and everything
and the kids loved it and i made some other divorce around one who was playing
down accordion i think there was grumpy been meanwhile
and there
the professor with the glasses
i've made almost all the dwarf standing around some of them were clapping kid
that's what the kids like
i now understand that there was another painter
who continued something painting on the walls after i've left
i don't know about that when you were in the process of doing that
one man can not only for
were you and for the
for the children
on on emotional
eliminated several things
not just emotional dot the children then wrote at play which was a satire of snow
white and the seven dwarfs
cell i've figured out the way of making it crown out of deeper and the kids were
painting at golden putting tonight
doing sunday
then ait took some
paper strips and i painted them with the black paint
and i don't know about the customs with what they've made customs out of but
the play was very successful because their little girl
who was and claimed snow white hitting incredible course in quarters soprano
just like the one that you hear in the movie
how were they allowed to put on a play
emerge at i don't know players
guide plush march all that
except that
when he was put on some of these some is as men of peered and they watched
when arnold and put on that uh... play easy
he wouldn't want it something like it was like a plunkett i wasn't too at this
i considered rates of the kind of scary
who's the so
process for
the casting and how are people
selected to be in this player that playing not
this is a picture died that was taken at my
prado's cousins and grant
have by back makes that three years ago and these people in this picture are for