111001 Nam Woohyun Immortal song 2 Cut eng sub

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This person i didnt thought that when i saw him on TV
but now seing him closer
when i first debuted i looked the same as him
aaa i think is our Min Kyung
you will see that
he is Nam Woohyun
waaa ! Woohyun-shi
I wanted to do it fast
they look alike???
no mather what i will enjoy today performance
thats right
I’m the youngest out of the artists
and this is my first time singing with a band
and singing alone without the members
I’m very nervous
I couldnt move and i was ok before
My legs wouldnt move ,and my face was stiff
But I will win with my secret weapon which is shooting hearts.
do you think it will work?
All women, whether in yours 10s, 20s, or 30, are all the same
I will shot heart and to this mm that friend!
I will perform the song “Men Bother Women”
I’ll bother you just this once
please listen to it
Thank you!
Thank you!!!
Nam Woohyun “Men Bother Women” Blue
Red Ali
what do you think??
Woohyun-shi was so cute singing “Men Bother Women” and he actualy did that
that was really good
what are u saing ??
no Men Bother Women he did that with his cuteness
are you talking for the girls
when i was idol i was so busy so i wanted to give up
but i continued...........
Yang In Ja our Woohyun in form 91´
I think the women wont bother they will like it
is ok to be annyed by him right?
saing the truh are you someone who bother girls...
they are the one bothering
I´m joking
that doesnt sound likea joke