Healthy Groceries for a Raw Food Diet : Healthy Snack Ideas for Raw Food Diets

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi! My name is Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. We're back to
healthy foods that are like chips. This is a great idea. You're getting your sea vegetables
and your chip at the same time, something healthy. I just read all of the ingredients
on here, and it's past my very strict rule. There's nothing in here that I do no recognize,
no chemicals, no sugar. This is an excellent product. We're going to talk about my favorite
food. Chocolate. If you're still eating chocolate that is cooked and has processed sugar, waxes,
and chemicals try to get off of those in at least transition to a healthy chocolate. This
is a wonderful brand. Absolutely wonderful brand. Some of the profits to take care of
endangered spices. I love that. There's absolutely great selection. These are really good. These
are really good for you. Ginger, almond, sesame. You're talking about nice ingredients. As
I said, no processed sugar. They might be fruit sweetened. Just try things and see what
you like, but try to get off of the candies and all the stuff that you know that isn't
doing you any good. Now, here's a raw company. This is really nice. Larabar, this is a fabulous
company. When you want to eat something that's is sweet and you know that you're not going
to be harming your body. I have lived on these. I just discovered this one today. I'm so happy
with this. This is absolutely yummy. I'm not leaving this store until I buy another one.
The benefits of raw chocolate. Again, when you do raw foods you are keeping the enzymes,
minerals, nutrients, and vitamins all intact. It's very different when you heat food. It
changes it. You're destroying enzymes. You're adding things that companies that are making
a lot of the really big name chocolates. There's wax and all types of dyes. You start reading
those chemicals and you know that they're not good for you. You can't even pronounce
them. It really doesn't taste like chocolate. Recently, somebody sent me a huge bag of cacao
nibs, which is how you make chocolate. The aroma is fabulous. That's real chocolate.
What we want to do is get back to real food.