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With a procession\NOf elephants and horses
Raise a cry of victory\NTo Lord Krishna
What are you looking at, memsahib?
These statues.\NWhose images are those?
This is the temple of Radha\Nand Krishna. These are their idols.
Today is Krishna's birthday,\Nso the idols are decorated.
lt's very beautiful.
Were they husband and wife?
Oh, no, memsahib.
Krishna was married to Rukmini\Nand Radha to Anay.
But the deep love they had\Nfor each other set an ideal.
lt's like...
...a dewdrop on a lotus leaf.
Neither united nor separated.
They've been worshipped together\Nfor eons.
-Pujariji?\N-Oh, yes, Gauri.
Let's go.
If Krishna were to meet\NA lovelorn nymph in the grove
And then smile and talk\NOr even tease her
How can Radha be not jealous?
How can Radha be not jealous?
Her body and heart\NAre on fire
Even if Krishna were to meet\NA lovelorn nymph in the grove
It's only Radha's love\NThat blooms in his heart
Then why is Radha jealous?
With no rhyme or reason
Why is Radha jealous?
The nymphs are but stars\NAnd Radha is the moon
Why is her faith then\NSo half-hearted?
Faithless Krishna is forever\NLooking hither and thither
Then how can poor Radha\NBelieve in herself?
Nymphs come and go\NBut Radha is the queen of his heart
Dawn and dusk\NBy the Jamuna's banks
It's only Radha\NThat Krishna calls out to
If someone garlands Krishna\NWith her entwined arms
How can Radha be not jealous?
Her body and heart\NAre on fire
How can Radha be not jealous?
If Radha is enshrined\NIn Krishna's heart
Why doesn't he tell her so?
Love has its own language\NIts own expression
Let the eyes speak\NSuch is Krishna's sweet wish
These eyes of yours\NO Krishna
They destroy the peace\NOf many a nymph's heart
She meets your eyes\NAnd is in love
Even if she be\NThe fairest damsel
If love for Krishna ripens\NIn a nymph's heart
Why is Radha jealous?
How can Radha be not jealous?
Gauri, you sing\Nand dance beautifully.
Elizabeth, this is Lt. Edward Wesson.\NThis is Lt. Richard North.
-How do you do?\N-Charmed.
Sir, there's a villager\Nwho'd like to speak with you.
Not now. Tomorrow.
He says he has some important\Ninformation about the match.
Excuse me.
Long live our protector.
-What is it you want to tell me?\N-Bhuvan is training his team. But....
But what?
Spare my life, sahib!
But a white memsahib\Nfrom here...
...teaches them the game.
White memsahib?
Yes, sahib.\Nl saw her with my own eyes today.
She also came to attend\Nthe prayer at our temple today.
ls the white memsahib among them?
There she is.
-You're not making a mistake?\N-You can hang me if l'm mistaken.
l swear.\NShe's the one.
So you too are in the team?
l'm not crazy like Bhuvan to\Nchallenge the might of the government.
Why are you telling me all this?
Only the slaughtered beast knows\Nthe agony of death.
l too am in agony.
Let's just say that my victory\Nlies in Bhuvan's defeat.
What is your name?\NYour name?
Lakha, sahib.
...this is what you do:
You join Bhuvan's team.
-What are you saying, sahib?\N-You will join Bhuvan's team.
But you will work for me.
l understand, sahib.
Yes, Andrew?
What is it?
So you've been sightseeing.
How's the countryside?
lt's beautiful.