How to bake Gluten-Free Black Bean Chocolate Brownies

Uploaded by destinyec on 30.03.2011

Hey everyone, I've been wanting to make a dessert recently and today we're going to head into the kitchen and make a
chocolatey and black bean brownie. They're gluten-free and the recipe looks to be pretty
simple to do so let's head in and get started.
For a black bean chocolate brownies these are the ingrediants you are going to need:
one can black beans three eggs one-third cup melted butter one fourth cup cocoa powder
two teaspoons vanilla extract
one-half cup honey
one-half cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
and one-third cup
finely chopped walnuts
to begin you'll want to drain and rinse your black beans
Once that is taken care of you can begin adding all your ingedients to your blender or food processor
So add the beans
the three eggs
your melted butter
cocoa powder
your two teaspoons of vanilla extract
and the honey which I've softened just a little in the microwave.
once you've got it all of your ingredients
it is time to mix it.
you'll want to blend this in your food processor
or blender until it's as smooth as possible
once that's done stir any material that stuck to the sides of the containers into the batter.
spray an 8x8 cake pan
with non-stick spray and then add the batter.
use a spachula to help get as much of the batter out of the container as you can.
now as evenly as possible
coat the surface of the batter with the chocolate chips
and then do the same with the walnuts
you're know ready to add your brownies to the oven make sure that the oven is pre-heated
to three hundred and fifty degrees fahrenheit
your brownies will need about forty minutes of bake time
when they are done
pull them out of the oven and give them some time to cool off.
and there you have it, a chocolate and black bean brownie.
Okay let's give one of these brownies a taste.
they're not quite as chewy as as a
brownie with flour would be.
They don't have that gluten in them I guess?
But they're good.
I think if you made these up and served them with some ice-cream they'd be adequate for that.
They do have a little bit of a different flavor
but they do taste like brownies.
give them a go. They're easy enough to make