Chromeo Opens for Strippers

Uploaded by vice on Aug 14, 2012


DAVE: Hello, I'm Dave from Chromeo.
PETE: And I'm Pete.
DAVE: And this is one of our craziest nights on the road.
One of the first tours we've ever done when we were a
completely unknown band just traveling in Pete's Rav 4
across the continent, we had a gig in Santa Rosa, which is
like in the wine valley.
And we heard that we were going to open for
Chippendales, male strippers.
We pull up to this place, and it's a saloon, and it's got
the flapping saloon doors.
And I just remember there being wall-to-wall carpeting
on the stage.
PETE: "Beer" neon signs and arcade machines.
DAVE: Yeah, it was like straight out of Twin Peaks.
I remember they served us spaghetti, and
there was no one there.
There was like a completely empty room and the promoter
and his friend in one corner and one lone
cougar by the bar.
And she had mom jeans and a frayed leather jacket with
fringes and stuff.
And then there was the obligatory
heavy metal sound guy.
So Pete and I were playing for these four people in a huge
room, two drunken cougars in front of us.
And it was really, really awkward, and we felt super
And then Pete and I didn't know what to
say between the songs.
And I went for it, and I go anyways guys like--
PETE: We're sorry.
DAVE: We're sorry we're not the Chippendales.
And then the sound guy yells back "the Chippendales are
dead," followed by feedback.
There's so much tension in the air.
PETE: They had a car accident.
DAVE: I think a van full of Chippendales died or at least
got really badly injured.

It was pretty dark, and we felt awful, and we
were like OK, um.
PETE: We just finished playing, and we drove off into
the night, petrified.

DAVE: Well, that's one of our crazy stories.