Nasrdin Dchar @ Gouden Kalf/ Golden Calf (English subtitles)

Uploaded by Marenqo on 01.10.2011

The Golden Calf for the best actor goes to Nasrdin Dchar.
What an applause, man!
Ok, calm down, keep breathing. I am also not going to cry.
.... Wow...
Ok, I actually have nothing prepared but I know what I want to say.
I actually want to emphasie three things that are really important.
This Golden Calf really stands for me for three things.
The first is dreaming and this is really important and I really would like to stress this to especially the younger people.
And, and.. when you reach the age of 80 and look back at life...
... that you at least know that you tried to get all out of life and that you do not regret the things that you have NOT done.
This calf also stands for the conquering of fears because I have many of them.
And besides the fact that I have them, unfortunately the Netherlands has them as well.
We are presently injected with fear.
Wait a sec, wait a sec. We only have little time.
What I really want to say because I have read an article some time ago....
No, no let me finish and wait a moment, please!
A few months ago I read an article in which our Minister [Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation] Verhagen....
...indicated that the fear for foreigners is very understandable.
Well, mister Verhagen and with you Mr. Geert Wilders and all those people that back your ideas,
I am a Dutch man, I am very proud of my Moroccan blood.
I am a Muslim and in my hands I have a 'fucking golden calf'!
And this calf also stands for love.
Sorry, sorry I only have little time.
This Golden Calf.....
wait a sec! I am not finished yet!
Cut, cut..., Cut!
This golden calf also stands for love and passion because without passion and love this, this....
What was I saying? Did I say something wrong?
No, no, you did not! Please go ahead, go!
This Golden calf also stands for love and passion, because without passion and love this movie could never have been made.
And eh...
And now... I have arrived at the thanking of many people.
In any case I would like to...
to thank all Rabat warriors in Morocco, Spain, France and in the Netherlands.
Julius you are a fucking legend!
Jim and Victor...
Achie, Chico this one is also for you, really I mean it.
I did not play the main role, we all did. We all three played the main role.
Amy I love you!
And papa and mama, *speaks arabic*
"I love you Mama, I love you Papa!"
And Mesum, my little cousin who is 6 years old,
will tomorrow take the examination for her first swimming diploma and I will attend that!
Nasrdin Dchar thank you!