Valentines Day Crafts for Kids : More Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi! This is Stacy from In this clip, you’ll see the final steps
into making a popup Valentine’s Day card. The final steps into making your popup card
is to just use another piece of scrap paper. You’re going to cut just a strip. Make sure
it’s kind of skinny like this, and you’re just going to fold it a little square and
go back and forth. Peel it out, it looks like that. Use a stapler or glue, and you’re
going to staple one side of it to your heart. Another idea is you can use a picture and
do this. You can use a kid’s picture or anything like that. You’re going to staple
it. You’re going to glue this or staple it. You’ll have to go back and just get
these folded again. You can shut your card, and when you open it will pop. You’ll have
to let it spring down a little bit. Now, you have made your Valentine’s Day popup card.