[ENG SUB] YG ON AIR 3 - BigBang cut

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( Japan Tokyo Studio Rehearsal )
Is it where it goes 'Hey'?
When it goes 'Hey' I'll fly up like this
'I got something for y'all'
and I come out like shhoo and do it
Or, don't be sitting down..
..and I'll come out then
In the beginning part,
At the 'HEY' part, I'll jump up and appear
- What Seungri wants..
I need to be on top of my Choreography and
I need to be in charge of my own stage
Someone else cannot help me with it so I need to do it
That is a professional.
I'm not an amateur I say
That's why.. 'Ama' (아마 = Probably)
'Chuwoh' (추워 = Cold)
So.. I'm not 'probably cold'
Pro, pro.. pro
Feelings 'Puroh'.. (풀어 = Let it go)
ahh seriously..
YB: You don't listen to anything you're told
( Educating Seungri )
Let me go
Thank you for your hard work~ Thank you
( Tokyo Concert Rehearsal )
Your little brother came looking like a celebrity
JY: You do look really cool
After filming Night after Night, I came directly here
But I feel fine, because yesterday..
I slept well right afterwards
So I'm not very tired
1, 2, 3
This here is..
An exact replica of the actual stage, for us to practice on
From the markings, stairs, even the lights
In order to perfect the actual stage for our fans' enjoyment
We are preparing it this way
Isn't it cool?
( Staff Members Birthday )
- While we're here, let's just do Youngbae too
JY: Ah Youngbae too
JY: Don't do it
( Seungri's Cam )
Happy birthday to.. JY: Everyone~
SR: (like a PD) What just happened?
Ah, it's just a few YG Staffs had a birthday so
( TOP's Cam ) How do you feel about Big Bang's current concert?
I think it will go well as long as Tabi does okay
- Top.. Fighting. - If you say that then they won't cut it out
- Why would they cut it - They only air this kind of things
- I am being sincere.
TOP: Ah.. really..
TOP: Who dances better than me, honestly
- Tabi IS the member who sweats the most.
..but it's because he always wears a lot of clothes
( From Tokyo to Osaka )
When the fans wave like this..
I wave to the camera, sensibly!
When I saw the last episode (of YG ON AIR)
I saw that my only aired part was "Where is this footage going?"
( Osaka Concert Stage )
'I can't just let you leave like this~'
- Stand by 2 and 3, and you split into two ways, to here
As much as this tour is named 'Love & Hope'
I hope everyone in Japan can enjoy and gain strength from our stage as much as possible
- You got it right?
- After 'How Gee', don't forget to come to the 'Number 1' mark
Love & Hope Fighting!
SR: I ate Okonomiyaki yesterday, so I feel energetic today
YB: Is that right. Did you eat it by yourself?
SR: I will not speak
Sorry~~ Sorry~
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