Smash - Episode 6 - Chemistry - Luan Legacy Recap

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My name is Luan Legacy, and thanks for tuning in to
another episode of your weekly Smash recaps.
This week's episode was titled "Chemistry," and trust me, the
things they're talking about you can't learn in a high
school environment.
The scene opens up in a rehearsal and everything's
going as planned until we find out that Ivy's voice is giving
out on her.
With the workshop being just a week away, there's talk about
finding a replacement Marilyn.
Maybe they should get me, [SINGING]
because history is made at night!
Maybe not.
After Julia's steamy encounter with Michael last week, the
guilt is getting to her because she's been very
distracted lately.
Frank comes home from his business trip and Julia
embraces him, hugging him and begging him
never to leave again.
Why Julia is guilty about what happened, Michael is still
trying to pursue his lust.
We'll see how that unfolds in the rest of the episode.
But in chemistry terms, I guess we could say they were
covalently bonding.
Meanwhile, Karen is substituting a job at a bat
mitzvah for Ivy while her voice is recovering.
And not knowing any Jewish tradition, she kind of just
wings it and makes the most of the night.
After her performance, a man gives her his card, telling
her to call him the following day.
He turns out to be Bobby Raskin, in a big timer in the
music industry.
Looks like things are looking up for Karen.
Ivy's taking some drugs to heal her vocal problems, and
she decides to test out her new voice, singing a powerful
rendition of "Who You Are." But after singing, she sees a
creepy image of Karen dressed up as Marilyn in her mirror.
Seems like the drugs have some side effects.
I mean, her voice is back on point, but that's with the
possible risk of, I don't know, weight gain, insomnia,
hair growth, hallucination, mood swings.
Oh, no big deal.
I mean, as long as her voice is coming back, the medicine
is working, right?
Later on, Julia meets Michael in private with the intentions
of getting through to him that they're both married and can't
pursue their affair any longer.
But with Michael's chiseled body and handsome demeanor,
it's tough to resist such a good looking guy.
He insists that nobody will find out and then they do
chemistry together.
And to top it off, the show closes with Michael and Ivy
singing "History is Made At Night" with him and Julia
making eye contact because they know history was made
last night.
However, during the performance, Ivy had a little
mishap and she slips and Derek goes absolutely nuts.
Maybe it's the drugs, but Ivy's had enough of it,
either, and she retaliates, storms out of the room and she
says the famous line, "And you're not that great in bed,
either." Need some ice for that burn?
I can just tell the shows is headed for some dramatic
action, but you've got to tune in to see what happens.
With that being said, my name is Luan Legacy.
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episode of your weekly Smash recaps.