CGRundertow WORD TRICK for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 01.03.2012

Let’s say you like to play Scrabble, but for some reason, you have a problem with wooden
letters, let alone socializing with real people. In that case, Scrabble for the iPhone is the
game for you. Unless, of course, you have a problem paying the two dollars. In which
case, Words With Friends—what’s that?
Words With Friends is three dollars?
Oh, for **** sake, what’s a cheapskate to do?
The obvious answer is get used to ads and download the free versions. But maybe that’s not
for you, either. Maybe you want to play something like Scrabble and Words With Friends, but
not exactly like them. Maybe you want something different. Maybe something with crazy tricks
and bonuses that artificially inflate your score.
And in that case, Word Trick is right up your picky little alley.
If you play a lot of games on Facebook, you might already be familiar with this one. That’s
where Word Trick originally started, but the team at Outplay Entertainment has brought
it to the App Store...where you can play without having to see status updates from your grandmother,
who clearly still has no idea how to use a keyboard.
Obviously, there are only so many ways you can play Scrabble. That’s where this version
comes in. Word Trick is like Scrabble with chain combos. So those big scores aren’t
relegated to the bonus tiles scattered across the board. In Word Trick, you can score big
anywhere on the board. All you have to do is chain a combo.
So if you play two consecutive words using these Trick Tiles, you get double your points.
Three in a row gets you triple, and anything beyond that will quadruple your score. It
really throws a new element into the traditional Scrabble formula, because scoring big is no
longer dependent on positioning.
Of course, whether you like that twist or not is a subjective matter. Although it’s
an interesting change of pace, I found myself getting annoyed by the tricks after a few
rounds and wanting to go back to the traditional game.
But then again, I’m like **** 90.
One of the best features in Word Trick, though, is that you can play with up to four players.
No more one-on-one with the other player cheating on Google. Now, your game can be ruined by
up to three morons who can’t spell their own words.
Not that I’m bitter or anything, Mom.
And the game also has all the other features you’d expect. So you can chat with an opponent
between turns, you can have up to 21 different games playing at even have Game
Center achievements, which is kind of unique for a Scrabble game. And it’s also free,
which is always awesome, but at the end of the day, Word Trick is also another Scrabble
game. It’s a little different, so it’s worth checking out.
But if you already have one on your phone, Word Trick probably isn’t for you.
I mean how many ways do you really need to be beaten by liars and cheats? Mom!