Night After Night, 17회, EP17, #02

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Chairman Jang must be sweating it right now.
How humiliating for him.
I'm worried because he won’t be easy to interrogate.
Leave that to the investigations team. This is your cue to step away.
Step away?
It’s time for you to fulfill your duties as my girlfriend.
We’ve got a full schedule, watching movies and eating good food.
So you wanna go for a drive?
Right now?
I can’t. I’m working late tonight.
Then let's eat before you start working late.
Sorry, but I have to go research some material.
Why is work always your first priority?
I'm really sorry.
Don’t sulk, please. I’ll call you later, okay?
You want me to eat alone?
Man, I can’t believe her.
Mr. Nah, check the distribution routes to find where Iwazaki bought the celadon.
All by myself?
We have no choice.
The investigations team is busy with Chairman Jang.
Yes, sir. Orders are orders.
Chief, what should I do?
Joohyun, what got into you? Since when do you volunteer for work?
Mr. Nah! That's offensive.
Who found the hidden camera, the key to Chairman Jang’s arrest?
It was me. Did you forget?
How could I? You found it by dumb luck.
What did you say?
Both of you stop.
Joohyun, help Chohee find evidence for Chairman Jang's illegal deals.
Now, let’s turn in for the night. You guys must be tired.
Yes, sir.
[Your call has been transferred…]
Why isn’t he picking up?
Hey, Joohyun.
Where were you? You even skipped the meeting.
Oh, Chief didn’t say anything?
I was preparing some material to give to Chief Kang.
You have to give what to Chief Kang?
This material. Why?
Nothing, just asking.
Chohee, what do you think of Chief Kang?
Chief Kang?
I think he’s a great person.
That’s it?
What do you mean, “that’s it?”
Never mind.
Oh, right. I forgot you have Bumsang.
I’ll give this to Chief Kang for you.
And Chohee, treat Bumsang well.
You were busy chasing Chairman Jang, and now you’re busy indicting him.
He's probably frustrated because you're so busy.
Why are you suddenly so concerned about our relationship?
Just ‘cause.
Anyway, I’ll take this to the investigations team.
Have fun with Bumsang. Bye.
Anyway, why isn’t he picking up?
[If you don’t pick up, I’m never talking to you again.]
What do you want? You found the time to call me?
I realized that yesterday we agreed to eat something good.
I'm here to keep my promise.
Try some.
I didn't even eat anything because I wanted to eat with you.
Then knock yourself out.
I’ll get indigestion eating with a busy person like yourself.
Are you still sulking?
At least try some since I bought them anyway.
Don't wanna.
Don’t be like this.
I came all the way over here. What does that make me?
Then give me a piece.
You want me to handfeed you?
Not if you don’t wanna. Not gonna eat then.
Fine, I can feed you one.
Is it good?
I can't tell after one piece. Give me some of the sausage.
Jeez. Fine.
It’s good.
That’s a good boy.
Ow, my neck. Man, it hurts.
There’s nothing worth anything in these files.
By the way, I saw on the news earlier
that Chairman Jang’s defense team set up camp in the hotel across the street.
They’re going to prepare their defense all night.
Of course they're going to pull all the stops.
We have to catch Mr. Kim. He’s irrefutable evidence.
Joohyun, what brings you here at this late hour?
Chohee wanted me to give this to you.
And, tada! Have some of this.
Hey, it’s sushi rolls. You bought these for us?
You guys are working late, so I specifically bought eel rolls.
I’ve been craving eel these days.
You really know how to hit the spot.
Totally. Thanks a lot, Joohyun.
Chief, please have some.
I don’t really like eel. And I’m not very hungry.
I went out of my way to buy it. Can’t you eat just a little?
Thanks. It’s as good as eaten.
Officer Cho, prep for another interrogation at midnight.
Yes, sir.
Joohyun, it’s so good. Have a seat and have some.
I’m fine. Please help yourselves.
It’s delicious.
Hey, how’d it feel to arrest Chairman Jang?
How’d it feel? Well, a little strange.
I thought I’d feel completely relieved.
But strangely I feel empty and mixed up inside.
Maybe because Gyoon isn’t here?
Yeah, that could be it. Speaking of Gyoon, I miss him.
Why do you miss my brother?
He's practically my brother.
You really think that?
Of course. I was always envious of you guys.
And since he always called me bro, it felt like I was family.
It felt good.
It feels good to hear you say that.
Here, cheers.