How To Talk to Angels - Learn how to talk to angels!

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Hi! My name is psychic Tana Hoy and thank you for joining me today. Today, I would like
to talk about guardian angels. You know, all of us when we come unto the earth, when weíre
born, we are all born with guardian angels that watch over and protect us from the moment
that weíre born. The sad thing is most people donít even realize that theyíve got guardian
angels watching over and protecting them, let alone that they can talk to them, call
on them on a daily basis. I personally think that this is really a shame because itís
like having best friends, visible best friends, spiritual helpers that can guide you and help
you in anything in your life, any problem, any concern, any struggle. They can give you
insight. They can give you guidance. They can give you information. They can give you
answers. Youíve got all of this help available, yet most people donít even realize that theyíve
got guardian angels that they can call on. The first thing to understand about guardian
angels, guardian angels are not gods. You donít pray to them. I think that theyíre
more like invisible best friends, someone that we can call on when we need a hand and
your angels are there to guide you, protect you and watch over you, and as a matter of
fact, theyíre with you and again from the moment you were born, but the thing about
guardian angels is guardian angels do not impose their will on you. They donít force
you to use them or call on them or seek their guidance or use their help. So youíll have
to be the one to take the initiative. Theyíre more like patient friends that sit there waiting.
Many of our guardian angels come with us from upper lifetimes into this lifetime. We have
whatís called a spirit band or thereís also whatís called an angel band, and this is
your band, and band is another word for group of angels that are around you and watching
over you. The average person that I have read for has
between forty to sixty angels around them. Now, on the first time we have a reading,
it doesnít mean that all those angels come through. Itís not uncommon. When I have a
reading with someone for the first time, there just one or maybe two angels present themselves
and why that is is because you have to raise your vibrational level, your energy level,
in order to communicate with your guides and angels and they have to lower their vibrational
rate in order to connect with us, and so, this process doesnít happen right away.
So the way to start acknowledging and raising your vibrations is by acknowledging your angels.
So when you learn their name and when you start saying Hi to them, then more angels
will come through. So why one or two only comes through in a reading the first time
is because usually thatís the angel with the lowest vibration that is most related
or closest to your energy vibration at the time. So as you raise your vibration by talking
to them, learning to communicate with them, calling out for their help and assistance,
all of these things raise your vibrations, and the more your raise your vibrations, the
higher they become, the easier it is for other angels and guides of different vibrational
frequencies to connect with you and come through. So theyíre still there, all forty to sixty
are still around you. Itís just in order for me to be able to communicate with them,
you have to raise your, for them to present themselves to me many times or to you. You
have to raise your energy vibration. So Iím going to start teaching you how to
do that. If you know the names of your guardian angels, even better, because names have a
vibration also. When you know their name, it helps you to connect on a stronger vibrational
level. If you donít know their names, well then, youíll just have to call out to them.
Many of my clients when they have readings with me, first thing I do is give them the
names of their guides and angels so if youíve already had a reading, you probably know the
names of many of your guides, or guardian angels and spirit guides. Iím not going to
talk about guides today, because today weíre going to focus on angels. So if you know their
name, you call out to them by name. If you donít know their name, well, until youíre
able to learn their name, you just call out to them as ìmy angelsî. Hereís what you
do, I call, thereís one of the angels I work with is the archangel Michael. I worked with
the archangel Gabriel. I worked with Ezekiel, a whole list of angels, so I will call out
and say, well, theyíve all got, first of all, they have different things they do and
can help you with, so depending what Iím needing help with is what I will call out
to them on, and you can learn that too with a reading and during a reading you can learn
what they do and what they help you with, and you can also learn that through developing
relationship with them too. So, I might for example call out to the archangel
Michael and the first thing that Iíll do is Iíll say ìMichael, I need your help in
guidance today. Iím struggling with this situation with such and such a person or this
thing in my life, and I need your help to show me the guidance or the wisdom or the
insight or the knowledge that I need to know in order to deal with this most effectivelyî
and itís that simple. So as you do that, and I do it daily, even if I donít have a
problem or something thatís bothering me, I just call out and say ìHello Michael. Hello
Gabriel. Hello Ezekiel. Hello Saul.î I have a lot of them. I just call out to them because
even acknowledging them, every time you acknowledge them, you make a connection and youíre raising
your vibration. So after I call out to them, after I ask their help, and if you donít
know their names, you just say I CALL OUT TO MY ANGELS and I usually follow that up
GOOD. Thatís really important to hand in there, FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD, and then what
I do is I just let it go. I send it out into the universe, out to my angels and then, let
it go, and then eventually, either through words that someone would say to me, something
Iíll read, something Iíll see on TV, something Iíll hear, something will happen and my question
will be revealed, or the answers or information I need will be revealed to me. Try it. You
might be surprised what happens. Another neat thing is ask them to show you a sign that
theyíre near you. Now you donít say IF YOUíRE AROUND ME, KNOCK ON THE WALL THREE TIMES.
You donít demand or tell your angels what to do. It doesnít work like that. A lot of
things. Now thatís not what you do. To see their presence or to know their presence,
one thing you can do is you can say I CALL OUT TO MY ANGELS, or if you know their name,
SHOW ME A SIGN THAT I WILL RECOGNIZE and something will happen.
So what will happen is very individual according to the angel, but when it does happen, you
will have an intuitive feeling inside and you will know for sure, THAT WAS A
SIGN FROM MY ANGELS. Very common sign is finding pennies on the ground or coins on the ground
and on usual places. My guides and angels, or my angels are leaving coins on the ground
every time. I found one on my shower once of all places, believe it or not. So theyíre
always reminding me and saying HEY