Canadian Grand Prix - Stefano Domenicali, about Race

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 20.10.2011

- A day that got off to a very promising start and then delivered nothing.
Is there a great feeling of regret?
- Yes, there is regret and bitterness, because we leave Canada
without the points tally that absolutely the team had deserved to bring home.
Therefore there is real disappointment in the way
the race evolved lap after lap.
This is definitely not the points total
we should have got at the end of this weekend,
but unfortunately, that's what the race track delivered.
So it's very disappointing because the car had made a big step forward
which was clear to see and in this situation,
the lottery worked well for some, but I have to say that,
for us from every point of view, it did not deliver.
But, that's the way it is and we have to lift our heads up again
and look to the next race because that is what you have to do.
- Analyse Fernando's race...
- I think that Fernando's race was,
obviously given the start was given behind the Safety Car,
the first important consideration is that without this situation,
Fernando would probably have chosen to start on the intermediate tyres,
because he had tried them in the laps going to the grid
and that would have been a different story.
After that, the race was underway and we decided to make a stop
to fit intermediates because from what we could see on the radar,
the rain was due to come but the images suggested
it had almost blown over.
But then, after a few minutes the water came
as always and it only took a couple of minutes
for things to be the way they were before.
Having said that, the race was then stopped and then started again
and let's not forget that the one who collided with Fernando
went on to win the race.
After that to tell things as they were,
the car was stuck on the kerb and he could not get going again,
therefore it was really a black day.
- And the same for Massa?
- Well, he too like Fernando drove a great race.
In the early stages he felt the car was going better on the extreme wet tyres
so he stayed out until the restart.
Then at the moment we changed tyres after that he was overtaking a backmarker.
Karthikeyan was going much slower and as Felipe came alongside him
on the wet side of the track,
he acclerated again which made it very difficult and it went wrong for Felipe.
But he got going again and he drove an amazing
second half of the race after the nose on his car
was changed making all the passing moves he could.
However, that meant that also with him,
we did not pick up the rewards we should have done.
- But clearly we saw that Ferrari had moved forward
and could deliver a convincing performance.
- Yes, hence the regret we take home with us,
because the performance we showed was definitely not the one
that was written on the classification.
However, I repeat that we take home a great feeling of regret tonight
but then we put it behind us
because we are off to Valencia and not just Valencia
because we need to bring home a few more points
and I think we are owed a bit of good luck.
- The Valencia circuit is reasonably similar to this one as its not too fast a circuit.
- Well, Valencia is another opportunity for us to deliver a very good performance
so with that in mind, we have to be as well prepared as possible
as we now return to Europe.
I am convinced that in Spain,
which is in two weeks time Felipe and also Fernando
will want to make up for this.