Snowball™ Japanese TV "Unbelievable!" (English subs)

Uploaded by redfox2667 on 09.09.2009

A cockatoo dancing to the music
Next question is related to this video.
Its motion is exactly on beat. It is quite unusual.
A cockatoo dancing to the music.
Is this video real or fake?
Then, let's have the answer whether you believe it or not!
I have the same kind of cockatoo,
a citron-crested cockatoo.
Can it really do like that?
If yes, mine should do too.
No, I can't believe so, can you?
I know cockatoos like dancing
but moving exactly on beat is sometimes not easy even for some people so...
You did not pass the audition, right?
Oh no...
The cockatoo looked like getting excited more and more toward the end, compared to the beginning
with the climax of the song.
Yeah, It's possible it is just in high spirits?
I think the cockatoo feels happier as shaking its head, doing like this, getting happier.
The question is whether it is possible cockatoos are able to dance to the music.
We asked the question to a cockatoo breeder who has a long experience.
I've never seen any cockatoos or parrots dancing on beat.
It is quite unlikely, I think.
But we received an e-mail
from the owner of the cockatoo
that says the cockatoo dances to the rhythm of the music.
So, we hurried to visit the place.
She took us to see the cockatoo.
This is Snowball, a cockatoo that dances to the music.
She said this is the cockatoo we saw in the video.
It just looks a quite normal cockatoo.
So we began playing some songs to see what happens.
This is a song that makes many Japanese little kids dance.
He has no reaction at all.
Next song is a million hit song of last year.
How about this?
The soul of Japanese enka, Saburo!
It seems these Japanese songs did not fit his taste so much.
Let me play this song.
Immediately right after she started to play the song with beats,
the cockatoo reacted.
Let me play this song.
Immediately right after she started to play the song with beats,
the cockatoo reacted.
That means?
The answer is...
Excuse me!
Then, enjoy Snowball's dance.
Yes, he shakes his head and stomps his feet to the rhythm of the music.
He enjoys music like a human.
And when he is applauded for his wonderful dance,
it makes him very happy.
But why did Snowball start dancing?
Actually, no one trained him to dance.
He just started dancing by himself when he hears his favorite songs.
There is no other examples of cockatoos and parrots that perceive exact beat of the music.
There are some research requests on Snowball from scientists.
And at the end of our interview, we gave Snowball a song as our gift.
It is...
A solitary musician, our Tokoro George's best album.
Will Snawball like it?
Snowball got to have never reacted to any Japanse songs...
but this is only the exception.
He started dancing!
Snowball, the miracle cockatoo, who has an extraordinary sense of rhythm,
is also a very thoughtful cockatoo! (who knows what people expect him to do)
It's wonderful!
I feel happy about it.
He likes my music!
while everybody here acts like they don't know I'm a musician.
This cockatoo, Snowball expecially likes the song "Everybody."
And when the tempo of this song is slightly changed,
Snowball shows slightly different ways of dance.
That means he is surely listening the music to dance to.
It seems there are some variations of his steps?
I think so.
He likes it.
He also likes to be applauded that makes him feeling excited and doing like this.
And humans can't do this.
Only Sachiko does.