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Everything went pretty well.
There, uh, was a mass. We sent it to the lab. Its location was unusual.
But it's all just a roll of the dice, isn't it?
The Diceman Cometh.
How you feeling?
If I felt any better, I'd ripen and rot.
That's good. Everything went well.
Code for?
We took out a node. And your hunch is?
Best to wait on the lab results, Yaniv.
Kendra, is that code for professional bullshit or what?
Listen, its location was of some concern. But let's not jump the gun, okay?
Of course not, great Doctor. I'll call you with the lab results as soon as I get them.
Why do you have it in for me?
Yaniv, you're still tranquilized.
You've been looking for ways to get rid of me since the first day.
Who's driving him home? No one's listed and he wanted to rest at the office.
Okay. I guess that's okay.
I won't go down without a fight.
Hey listen, there's no conflict between you and me, Doctor, none at all. Just relax, get some rest.
I know about you and your Asian delight.
There are very strict rules about sexual relations with staff, aren't there?
And Chang, isn't she your assistant?
Would you give him some more oxygen, please? Yes, sir.
And give him some Flumazenil if he continues to have this aggressive and paradoxical reaction.
Chicken shit!
He thinks he can scare me into a leave as a way of getting rid of me.
He wouldn't do that.
Oh, you think he walks on water too?
I think he's a very selfless professional and gifted surgeon that's saved more lives than most doctors I know.
You saw his reaction and he didn't deny it.
This isn't a courtroom, sir.
You saw it. I know you did. You can tell by the way his shoulders sloughed just that tiny bit.
Don't accuse me of being paranoid.
No one's accusing you of anything, Dr. Rokah.
His AD. That's what he called her in his texts. Asian delight. Derogatory and racist, I'd say.
And quite a few more explicit phrases.
Would you like me to repeat them for you?
And how do you know he texted her?
Read them on her cell.
How'd you happen to see Laura Chang's phone?
On a date, which by the way didn't go all that well.
So, she just showed you these texts?
She went to the ladies room and her phone was on the table. What was I to do? Not look?
Oh, no. No that wouldn't be you, would it? Not invading someone's space?
Defensive. Oh, you'll forget about all of this once the anesthesia wears off.
Maybe. Maybe not.
If you want to go down with Ehrlich that's your choice because you're officially notified of a breach of hospital protocol.
And if you don't report it, you're in very hot water.
You threatening me, Dr. Rokah? By all means.
Well I don't respond well to threats.
Ooo, I'm quaking in my sheets.
That's right. You've been on the front lines in combat. Pick your side, it's all I'm saying.
I already have.
Hey, I uh, I always appreciate your professionalism.
Oh, of course Doctor.
Have a good night.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You wanna get a bite later tonight?
Yeah. Malducci's at 10? I'll be there.