Days of Sadat with English Subtitle أيام السادات 02/12

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Quietly, please. No need to wake the neighbours
Please allow me to dress. I’m an officer
Nothing, sir
We searched the place thoroughly
I’m an officer. I’m entitled to know where I’m being taken?
To the foreigners' prison
Let me remind you of the law
Egyptian officers must be imprisoned in their barracks
guarded by fellow officers
Go on
Keep denying all the way
What if the others confessed? What if Hikmat talked?
- So? We don't know them -They know us
We thought they were English, not German
Back to your places, please
I’m grateful to you officer
l won't be court martialled because of you
Do you know the man called Ebler?
Hussein Ga'afar?
This man recognized you; picked you out from amongst 100 photos
Know him?
Of course. Major Abraham,
a signal officer in the British army
You took a transmitter from him?
Not so
Major Abraham..
remember when we met?
l remember
But l never told you my name was Abraham
l said l was a German named Ebler
lf you had, I'd have reported you immediately
And the houseboat?
What houseboat?
We've confessed to everything
Hikmat confessed
Is there a Hikmat in this too?
There must be some mistake, some misunderstanding
l don't know what he's talking about
I’m sorry to inform you -
of the royal decree-
that you be stripped of your rank -
and dismissed from service -
Did they let you out?
l escaped from El-Minia prison. How are you?
They keep moving me from prison to prison
They treat me badly so l went on a food strike to come here
All the parties intervened and got their members released,
except those imprisoned under British orders
Hassan, how many guards are outside?
Dr. Ismail!
Call the doctor, he's dying!
Dr. Ismail!
We've received the following announcement
Police continue their search for escaped political prisoners
Several have been arrested
The search continues
This is Cairo
Where are we taking the goods, boss?
The English camp in Darasa
This food's going to the British?
Yes, the British
If the Germans come I’ll sell them vegetables and meat, too
That's my job
I’m no national hero
Does that bother you?
l guess the English need to eat too
Just my luck
First l deliver marble to the palace, now food to the British
What're you muttering about?
Nothing, chief
Damn you and the King and the British
Salam, chief
Salam. May God protect you
Anwar! My son!
My brother!
Welcome home, dear
God only knows what l went through to send you cash monthly
You're very kind
Last time you saw me l was fugitive, Ikbal
l couldn't come see you as the place was being watched
I’ve come now that all charges have been dropped
l came to see you and the kids, Ikbal
You're very kind
You've suffered much because of me
You brought it upon yourself
You're right. l won't put you through more suffering
You'll receive your allowance at the start of each month
You’re too kind
Today l shall speak about love
Love is an important factor in our lives
There are three ways to get a woman's love
The first is to conquer her
Some may be angered that l speak of Egypt as a woman
and Great Britain as a man
We assure the British that we are their allies
l shall even go so far as to say -
we would've supported them -
even if they were not fighting for right
Our marriage to them is a Catholic one,
meaning no divorce
- Peace upon you - Peace and God's mercy
How are you, Hassan?
Hello, Anwar
Hussein Tewfik, from Al-Fuad secondary school
Mahmoud Yehia Murad Faculty of Engineering, Fuad University
Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel, Faculty of Law
How can Amin Osman descend to such a level?
The English are working to make him prime minister
- He'll destroy the patriots - That's their aim
- We won’t allow that - Of course not.
Let's kill him
- That won't achieve anything - On the contrary
He's only one man. Kill him and his vision dies
It'll be a lesson to anyone who dares support the English
Setting up such an operation needs a lot
All available
Well, Anwar?
Should we let Amin Osman crush the national movement?
He says the ties between us and,
Britain are a Catholic marriage
We must prove then,
that if a marriage does exist, it's a common law one
and that divorce is inevitable
With God's blessing
Four teas and one hookah here!
I’ll be the one who shoots Amin Osman
Amin Pasha
Amin Pasha has been murdered!
Amin Pasha has been murdered!
Come with us
Who are you?