Loreen created Euphoria at Hötorget

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 07.06.2012

On Tuesday evening thousands of fans gathered on “Hötorget” to celebrate our new Eurovision star.
In Azerbaijan, she won with a big margin from the other contestants and there is no doubt
who the big star is here in “Hötorget”.
Why do you want to celebrate Loreen tonight?
It’s obvious! It’s not only Loreen as you said, it’s everyone here in Sweden
that have to suck in some of this happiness I think because it’s a very cool arrangement with Eurovision.
You get so happy!
Loreen performed with the winning song Euphoria on the roof of the Sergel cinema
and as usual it was a very touched and humble Loreen that greeted the fans acclaims.
Welcome! How does it feel to come here and meet this audience?
I had never expected this. You don’t realize how thankful I am for this,
it means so much! I know that you doubt it when I say it but I love yoooooooou!