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Hi, Im Doug Patt and this is How to Architect. Ten tips to be a successful architect? Apart
from having the right degrees, experience and license (here in the USA) there are ten
things an architect can do to encourage success. #1. At any stage of a career, exceptional
work is key to success. Good work transcends barriers to entry. #2. A good portfolio and
resume will get your foot in the door. #3. Make the right contacts (NETWORK to make them)
to get into an office you can thrive – #4. Be persistent. #5. Get through the early years
of drudgery. From stair details and schedules to endless hours of drafting. Interns pay
their dues. #6. Be patient. The architect does drafting, visualization, project management,
office management, design, specifications, contracts, client relations, marketing, and
construction. If youre meant to be an architect, youll find something you enjoy. #7. Find a
good boss. If you work for an architect that values diligence theyll trust you with more,
more quickly. #8. The harsh reality about architecture (I never wanted to believe this
is true) is that some successful architects start out with wealth or make wealthy friends
– they simply get interesting opportunity sooner or more often. #9. Word of mouth is
important and reputation matters. Get a job, do it well and youll get more. And #10. Take
on as much responsibility as you can. Trial by fire is painful, but it makes for a better
architect. Im Doug Patt. Well see you next time.