Tito's Storyline 026 (English Subs)

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We were wrong in having Victor work in this hotel. Marisa is working (here) again. I just saw here.
Cristóbal, let's talk about it later. I'm in the middle of something. Okay, see you.
Is there a problem, Tito? -Uh, job interviews, you know. 24-24.
24-24, how can I understand you? But, you know what you and I should do?
I don't know, run off into the night, forget about so much work, and take a drink. I know a bar near the Village.
The Village? No, no. I already told you I have a lot of work I have to attend to.
Ehh, okay then. But you can't deny me five minutes to give you a relaxing massage.
Don't touch me!
Sorry. Br- Bruno, Sorry. But I don't know what idea I gave you. I'm not from your team, and I don't play for that league, do you understand?
Gay? Can't you even mention the word, gay, Tito?
Fine then. Excuse me, Tito. Sorry. I mean, Tadeo.
What we're going to do is that I'm going to leave, and I'm going to send you the videos so you can show them to Cristóbal.
Bruno, sorry. Sorry, but I didn't want to offend you.
No! But it's not me who you're offending. You're offending yourself by not admitting what YOU already know, Tito.
But, it's okay. If one day you change in opinion...
Call me.
I don't know why you came, Tito. You could have called me.
And leave you at the mercy of the Manhattan Cinderella, now way.
And what's the matter with you?
Did I tell you that Marisa doesn't want anything to do with me.
She told me one more time.
Well, and now to the subject that interests us...
What are we going to do with Victor?
Tito, it was mistake bringing him to work here. -And what's it to me? I don't care. That's their problem!
If you're that jealous, fire him! Fire him! or send him off to work in one of your many companies in Taiwan!
Let's see. First of all, I'm not jealous of that idiot, and secondly, yes, yes, I'm in problems because I brought both of them to work here.
If you brought them, the YOU solve it! Because I'm sick and tired of making a life of solving your problems! Marisa's problems...
...Lalo's problems, everyone's problems, and not MY own problems!
Let's see, calm down, Tito. Now you can't deny that the one that has serious problems is you.
Have trust in me.
Let's talk about your problems like I talk about them with you.
Don't pay attention to me.
I have a very long and tiring day apartment hunting, and please... Forgive me.
What do you want to do with Victor? -Okay, I understood. You're avoiding it.
Maybe admitting my problems will help you.
Yes, Yes, I'm jealous. And yes, I still love Marisa, Tito.
Are you know going to tell me yours-? -I don't have problems, Cristóbal. But you do, and very big ones.
Because if you try again to go after a woman that you know that doesn't go with you, what is going to happen is-
Tito, one last time, Marisa doesn't want anything to do with me. Did you understand? She doesn't want to know anything about relationships.
The only thing she wants is to recover her "employers" trust. -Does she know you're her "employer"?
Cristóbal, dicide already on an apartment so you can move out of here.
You have to get Marisa out of your life as soon as possible.
How much I'd like to, but I don't know if it's possible.
Yes. It's possible.
How can you say it so reassuring.
Tito, love can't be destroyed.
Did you see all the chaos that generated around your parents, in your life?
Crostóbal, there are impossible loves (out there).
Keep Marisa like a memory, and the most beautiful one if you want.
But continue on with your life.
And have you felt those impulses?
Those kinds of desires?
You're going off, Cristóbal. Relax, and please, chose an apartment.
And what's this? -You earned it for the pictures your took of Cristóbal and you sister-in-law.
And I'm giving you this so you don't question my how generous I'll be with all the information you get me of Marisa.
Thank you, boss!
Well, leave already, Yaya.
Are you over your fit? -Fit? That's the problem, Sara. You don't take me seriously.
And I'm already tired of that.
Tired of what? -Tired of the fact that what I do for you has no price!
I'm tired that you don't recognize me for what I do! And that you think that with a pair of suits and a dinner, everything is forgotten, Sara.
Oh, sweetie. You're more expensive than a lot of dinners and a lot of suits.
What's this? Are you tendering your resignation?
Is that what you are trying to tell me?
Tell me that truth. What's the matter with you? Could it be that the game with Tito gets you like this?
Did something already happen? -What's going to happen? That imbecile doesn't even know what he is!
Well I do think so. I'm sure about youttalent. And about the other thing; we are a society where we support each other very well.
And you cost me, trips, luxury cars so you're not out of places with your suits of course, money for your expenses, watches. Do you want me to go on?
And I'm not complaining.
I think you're worth it.
Behind your anger is the hag of Catalina, right?
If you think you're better off with her, you're free to leave whenever you want.
Truth is, no one beats you in bed.
Did you see how both of benefit from this liaison?
I never said the opposite.
But you let your head full of foolishness by Catalina when things should be the opposite.
Since she didn't help us with the Queens' Cinderella, she could at the minimum give me poblicity with the strategy with Amelia Parker.
Woo! It looks like there was a party here!
You look tired.
But with a cup of coffee I could start up the party again, sweet heart.
You'll see if you're the kingdon, princess.
I don't want problems with the boss.
But I'd love too!
Yes, Bruno?
Hi, Tito. How are you? I wanted to know if you received the video of the apartments I sent you.
Yes. I was actually looking at them. I'll notify of anything, okay?
Well, I made it like that because I didn't want to make you unaffordable. Trust is, I’m a much opened guy, and I like you a lot.
I said it and I landed on the wrong side. I actually wanted to apologize. Sorry, sorry, seriously, Tito. Forgive me.
Look, I uh, I have to hang up. Talk to you later.
It looks excellent. But please, call me Ty. -Alright, Ty. Well, I'll leave because I have to attend to my son.
Well, If you'd like, I can take you home. -No, no. Don't bother. I'll get there faster by subway.
An advantage from those that go by car.
Well, I'll walk you to the elevator, okay?
Can you talk? -Talk to me, Tito. What's up?
I don't know if you knew, but Marisa was here with your father.
Did you by any chance know ywere working together in a project? -Yeah, Yea, don't worry. I'm a actually up to date on that.
In fact, I knew they had the appointment today. You can go rest.
See you.