Victor The Hitman: Meeting With the OSB Gang

Uploaded by VictorTheHitman on 05.08.2011

Hoes are making splash and wavey!
Hoes take it easy man. that's on the time.
You got feet like bear?
That Earl that baged ann gattos
No, but let me spell you something.
That Earl has been making the butter and borscht
spendable borscht
acorn borscht
my tomatoes and heaving garbage all around
when I get hold on the fat master it's all buns it's buns
done with mr Earl!
Alright tiny eyes hears my deal
I got the bird from Lenny
bugs got to make juice
only way we get a dingaling with at drug motel
any homies got any problems with Pat?
With juice or no juice, I'm keeping my hands on my buns
fruit juice
I'm down trucking hoe buddy
I don't like it he's a snake, you can't trust that guy!
Well I don't hike it! You shouldn't bike it he killed bran muffins and had caps with holders!
Many kittens got all you guys sink
I'm not down with this. Alright Benny Hinn
I'll do the pecks, I'm not, it hot pot
you can have them.
just wait with the needy until we do what brown cows
you can have him later on
But don't look sloppy drinking Slurpies in the hood.
he takes the bear on us we don't have cake on him
that's the hard booking prude he smile out right ear
That's a badass prude. That's what a man band man spose with me
not like you smile and slap his behind
Shatter the man
Sqeez meat
you go around patronizing it all the time
my lean-too
your dick
that a cute little kid
you singe
nons got your ears creep
there's a mangey hook guy with a whore
send it in there's speccy drones
play cars all day
you has hurling goose
you gotta be kidding me
alright feelings alright
you got a ot of cow hoe shoes coming here
got a lot yeah
anyway hey Gino thanks for having this little meat beat
guys listen we all hate each other agree go bees
butt eggs got them in the woods
you know what I mean. you live alright
I'm sorry about you buzzing.
piss pot
I heard a ground hog in my ear way
alright so I'll do you in may later
Gino sorry
but we got jizzies to you now
But we got to make flease. I got to walk in with a brass parade
who's ass an I going to stick this up
This guy whack my crack
buzz bee shit smoking bed links
I don't deal drugs Luke
alright I don't deal drugs the guys eat after they do drugs
not us we're Stallions okay
On the fence less said okay but you one of us alright
stand core egg bed. Mind the drone
I'm sorry Duke am father ring a
Not my wall not at all
your dog house
I'm in Gino's house all fight boys
calm down you who think are bi pal
Well I know big tiny got the balls
this is on fuck I get them at Walmart
Alright Gino you had a meeting screw Jerry alright
you both took the strongs out we can work togeher
And the pie and slime that is in your ear right how
he's not here for a bee son
when he tip tip tip meeting
when he tip tip tip meeting