Elisany Silva, a 14-year-old girl is 206 centimeters tall.

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That way, Elisany looks like an usual teen
but when we move the camera away, you see that everything around her is too small.
I can't do things right
I wanted to play with my friends, but that way I can't.
This 14-year-old girl is 2 meters and 6 centimeters tall.
The average height for a girl at her age is 1,51 m.
So, inside her home, everything is harder to her.
It's hard when I'm inside home
I get distracted and I hit the wood in the ceiling with my head.
But not only inside home her fast growth has disturbed the normal life of Elisany.
Three months ago she had to leave the school as she couldn't sit properly in the bus.
Her mother has no conditions to pay a treatment and has no idea about the disease that her daughter has.
I want she to stop growing up, to be alike the other girls
because I know she feels weird and sometimes wants to be like them.
According to a specialist, Elisany might have a very rare disease called "Gigantismo"
A part of the brain produces too much growth hormone so that the person grows up fast.
She might grow 15 centimeters per year, almost the triple of a normal child.
If it is not treated, the "gigantismo" may create complications.
She might have the symptoms of the disease, which may be the headache, vision problems and the death of some other glands, like the thyroid, the adrenals and the ovaries.
It might cause serious complications for her health and even death.
Despite all the difficulties, Elisany still has dreams:
I want to be a model very much.