Using Literacy to Turn Around High Schools: Lessons Learned from Sue Szachowicz

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good afternoon everybody welcome to our Webinar on using liberty to turn
around i schools
let's include more firms backwards
hijacker i'm the director of the national high school center
fees to welcome all of you today cuz its web in our
that's where the market that come about as a result of the meeting that we felt
requested listed meeting
uh... her conference indignation chicago many of you requested that we do a
follow presentation to allow
opportunity for students share some of the nuts and bolts of how big
implemented some of the professional development
determined session
will start you would you uh... next lightly
so we'll start with this quick introduction spend most of our time
uh... wish to join her presentation eyes she's agreed to allow a half an hour at
the end of the presentation for folks to be able to uh...
at her by directly
uh... and then we'll have to help your closing remarks about that
that's record or
uh... it indeed
uh... some of your interested
uh... in doing so onto the next fly units of the stuff of uh... act that's
got to be access to the resources
that will be available online
senate these include
everything they've student shared with us in the huh
at the meeting in chicago as well as the additional resources including of course
this webinar uh... as part of that that will be posted very early argument that
a few days
and will be available at that website as well
so we're going to get the latter part of your character
accepted you should keep a copy of your screen
um... apartment apart status
advantage andes voice and video
what scheck looking for at the park it takes to win it
throughout the presentation
you can individually click on that and recorded haley protecting the question
that we will share with saritha contention
after which she heard all of the trade-in questions we still have time
also opened up the
the phone system
or do you have questions directly for to suit and or for her dot trying to follow
questions that you may have appalled discussions
for some of the questions that we
passed already
a hundred extreme
it but i don't know but his presentation transforming actual culture maturity and
professional development
i would say to you i i p works to introduce soon but for those of you no
doctor jack you know she needs no introduction
so i'm just gonna take uh... a welcome everybody
again we will uh... ah opportunity yet the presentation or questions unanswered
for more formal discussion
in the meantime
take it away chip ko
and i'm so glad to be denied ever got eleven out before
uh... so ivanko
and in fact i faculty meeting today we're going to be going on using
technology so ob again time
hopefully i will go well
and i don't know if everybody heard of the presentation before it's not
uh... but this hopefully will be a black in-depth one and um... so let me take
you through what's gonna happen in the in the presentation
do a quick review of what we are here doctor nasty to the brockton high school
what we did which is a literacy for all no exceptions crockpot content areas
how we get it
and i've really phillips
detail that an important step profits
and then i've got this is different but next define affection that different
than what and i did earlier in chicago because
but i'd like to ask you to do is really going to be
and ice said even at that time
akito what we did was implementation with taken after the and a plan and we
modify crazy so i'm actually going to take you through
throughout the literacy workshops we actually did
and i'm not going to do about the exact time
they actually will be taken are going to go through it
quickly but yet we still have a sense of what i a what do i mean by a literacy
and then finally
electric utility without a little bit because you know what the kind of cool
and ah...
it couldn't and you know we don't get a good news if you're in school
i thought he looked back and i call it the most powerful tool of the world
anti-drug you don't indicate that would meet
uh... demographically return again to comprehend of high school
four thousand two hundred and sixty one kid op but actually we have a big
registration even if we could have probably going to be co over for forty
three hundred by the end of the week
uh... we are very high poverty school in attitude diplomats if that's what they
call seven seventy four teams
more than twenty prepared poverty and more than seventy percent minority and
that's about it seven three percent minority
very diverse population with fifty different languages outspoken and more
than half of our students take a language other than english in the home
we have about the prospect that in traditional bilingual in that kind of
that means different things in different states but he was leading the pack and i
didn't go to our brand new cumbersome
and put that in their first year of arrival
and dot many of them i i i am
what we call we had a special oligarchy students with interrupted formal
schooling so
tel aviv stocks and haven't been to school in many many years and they were
allowed to present special education
and population and the blood-soaked can't do you know kept up with a photo
tonight in the power point because the better part of our work look at the
obv we are about fifty seven present black but that is very different as well
after american
depression click right about the tapered including speculative an island nation
off the coast of africa and
on death row i'd like to test whether to back it up and
the reason i highlight that is
into pittsburgh it'd not
the h_m_o_ challenging population not because it gave radiant
but rather because of the law has been tapered which only require a student be
educated statistic lloyd
so it is not uncommon for us to have a student who is seventeen eighteen
nineteen years old
arrived at the counter director approx impractical
and they haven't been to school for the past year
and i a m welcome to a high-stakes test that we have to go anyway with a very
diverse population but i'd like to have a right voting for pat and i connected
asian a handful of native americans get this got what i do look like a brother
died of a yelp looks like you
renewal of where we were in that a significant defeated a high-stakes
perhaps meeting did not pass in west
map and out science has been added last year it had in fact history is on the
in nineteen eighty eight
but a m captain
as you can see from the slides
we were failing miserably
i thot
and an english language arts we have thirty four percent say leary
and an avid seventy five percent dairy
but when you look at our special education failure if you would be dull i
think the goats bill you know they're lying
but didn't even more alarming cutting
ninety eight or ten of the prevailing about it was distressing
equally distracting is in massachusetts before category to them categorically
advance to the top then proficient
that need improvement and then failing
i think america paul bought by getting needs improvement
but the scolded massachusetts technique they whitey
and last year at the proficient level
so it wasn't attractive ratkai dot get tix stocked up at we had to break that
mentality of
just do enough to get by and rabbit we had to get them scoring at the professor
level as you can t from the flight we only had two twenty to prevent
proficient in english
seven percent proficient at the dance and that we are in trouble
but what kind of like your profit by though
on is that we had a very quiet belief system
took up the first one to five o'clock
use today repeatedly to the faculty and students
students have a right to fail
don't you would not be deprived of your kids the kids
with their heads out of it definitely tonight they picked up the
and the kid with a word richfield
so it was um... a pretty negative academic culture your approximate school
on and as i mentioned it is not just about passing and this is the difference
between then and now
it'd about passing and being the best you can deduct that we ought to take as
you've doing the best you can tell you the best you can be
and tell you can one that's why the comparison
now by the way on new employees jobs were released yesterday
i got even we have it
had a chance to share them with the faculty yet so you know it's it's uh...
i could ever these all of it but it's even better
uh... english
failure rate which is was in nineteen ninety eight forty four percent
out last year with five of them
and in napa it was seventy-five present down to fourteen
and i will tell you
that we load both of those uh... this past year angelo ap i present failure
with god all they have to be capable of speaking to us is their first language
is really good
and even more exciting it would be tied amplification which is now up to seventy
for preventing the l_a_ and sixty one percent of nafta and just the thing
that would have gone up on significant leadership political
so amma how did you do this and that's what everybody docking and we are often
used as a turnaround school and i probably said this in chicago but i
would if you hear anything from the we give you a lot but
it didn't it wasn't easy and it wasn't fast we didn't implement weeded via
program in slap it on everybody and they will go we pass it's been hard
it's been too slow and it's been for the nation
constant consistent
and it's been a challenge and we have to ask for self contained questions that i
doubt it
all of you to do that they have in your own if you haven't already
we had a look at what we were teaching
how we teaching it
but awful things like
what can we control of what yet we control because for example
i do not have extended daytime here approximate school we can't
very strong unions and very quick contact
so but what could we do
whirlwind using that time
this question with key what resources do we have now that we can use differently
i know it here often or we don't have the time we don't have the time we can
have anytime
we didn't have extra time we even had in-service time
but we did have contractually
faculty meetings a month each day can only be one hour
and we weren't using them well so that's what i need about using resources
and also we've got professional development money differently
instead of just
setting people up here in the rock
whateva committees we started focusing our ir on professional development
dollars in a different way
and the most important question we asked them to go after everyday as
is that the best we can be
talking about four step process
you know how can you hear it's about a uh... you know cuba publication you must
have a mission
and i would tell you we didn't have commission
uh... actually we did do without wearing a purple trophy but we have to edward we
didn't have a addition of academics
it's paragraphs with attacking the preachers
and tell allocated everyone on this line
quickly to our success
what i've dealt with learning
we become teachers
worked they had to do things differently so it came from a thirteen
i was extreme committee
we focus except through focused on literacy everyday
every class no exceptions
week implemented with the people and we did not lied about it
and then finally
we believe strongly that what if monica is what debutante and we black leaders
like crazy and i'll show you how
tax-writing committee upper step below that i think i can i'd like to get this
in chicago
but you did a uh...
it is a our think-tank group and everything we do go to that rejection
committee in its about thirty people
by the way we have about three hundred twenty-five teaches on the faculty
by forty two hundred kid
about three hundred twenty teachers
uh... etc dot the restructuring committee with knowledge about twenty
about because it wasn't exactly the popular committee to be on
now what did you had the power brokers in the school and we probably have a way
to read it
we took out the application for the ship committee does over eighty applicants
we have every department represented with a mix of teachers and
it's a balance with new ticket and veterans new voices in and veterans
completed experience
are blocking the professional strength of the rome
and most importantly uh... if people do we trust in temple that laugh every
single day
so what is the process told at the restructuring committee uses and i think
that might be helpful in as you think about your own school improvement
perfected if the restructuring committee
that project liberty still within the focused on
with that we look at the data
i'm going to give you an example of what a bit later where we use um... our
students would not doing well
you're getting the visuals of the map and the client to grab the start of the
weapons in all of that
so we look at the data and said we need to keep them work on that for the
restructuring committee's both served as the
they look at that we have look at the data and the and we determine where we
need to go
then comes the challenge we face okay
our students need work on reading the usual utilizing visual
smallest dot group of the restructuring committee because it's hard to work with
over thirty people come to the detail work
so it's marked up group
uh... scripted to train the teaches in
how to teach the kids how to do that
work i dot learning we need to learn to do it that way
and then we need to treat it with the kids and play
and we took it so we bring the draft of the full committee
and we are all we really you know we've got
where critical where where where were very much the critical times
sometimes not even friends
just critical
week uh... then roll it out to the faculty
finally what we already what we've read i didn't realize the revise it
and the way we do that is preferred step we do it inundated with their weight dot
pathology that i thought i'd level
and have a great guy i've crossed grade point being
you don't want to people with their closest friends in a closed community
week perfectly unconsciously split the group so that people are thinking
uh... it needs to be about the potato
not about the content
and then finally
we follow up
how do we can pull the and we follow the department had a week implement in the
content area
pulled out of the team
it's a bulk literacy for all and here's what we did
defined literacy totally
and in flooded areas
and therefore there is our reading writing
speaking and reasoning
added we've got to find that all the time
now i'm predicting that i'll tell you a find out that way it's ok political to
the pilot had attended instead alums have to be fixed before parents arrive
so if you have a leader of thailand duty
i'm trying to delay it till five o'clock
but we'll see
anyway back to business
let me throw reading writing editing everything
and we also
in the middle of the fed will you know that we would have to go
deep deep blue the objective the designed to do two things
we must agree to an academic achievement and we must personalized the education
for every kid
so let's get back to the letter three
you have that
literacy campaign everybody agreed to blackjack we also promote literacy of
course we do but what does that mean
and i would tell you that in fact literacy
will probably be defined differently than by everybody on the call
waving to you by could depend on what it means being pretty and frankly what we
talked about the night school is
with direct they would not want consistent definition
and i would after all of you on the line
if i laughed if i want to be at school and after yard do it
one of the most important or turning objected in your school
but they do it
could they could tell that to you and in practice i'd i couldn't tell
now they can
uh... at the time they couldn't do
and totally free on the screen
our literacy packwood regarding everything single classroom
every single rob
but they fear death
the big deal
his wife attachment posted in rome for ten o'clock a three-ring binders
unprincipled uninterrupted
uh... book agent
what we needed to do with bring those to life in a community in a classroom
but first and foremost be drafted the literacy skills we had to take
we are going really means
you have to read for contact
and even in parental contact
uh... apply three reading during reading the post read thread you have to gather
information you have to determine the main idea in other words
we defined
over in over and over again
and then what we did though if engages the faculty because as you can imagine
and already people are thinking on store on that line
what would the faculty think about it well let me tell you the straight out
they didn't in great britain
you know we had to talk like that area totally i think of the story of the
physical education teacher
when we started playing dot we're going to focus on literacy
and a lot to do with lots of negativity and that had to be dealt with but the
one thing we didn't communicate frequently
and consistently so we think that these draft that we had done
for the faculty
and we engaged the teachers in interdisciplinary discussion group
so even though they might not have agreed with it
they knew about it and so it would never imposed from outside they start beadwork
opportu en tight
the reason i'm stressing that is
i think that was an important part of the process for us that this was not
viewed as well we bought this program in the superintendent wanted top auto
dressed like the ballot
and they start at the work in progress
and i think i didn't even agree with that but basically bar so
any to the point here is we ask people this question into the port area is
reading writing speaking your reasoning
have we included what's required for students to be successful in your class
a content area
in other words what's missing would have been
if this killed stated clearly so that all teachers and students can understand
that didn't you clearly have times i'll take things clearly and finally gave the
couple couple across all content a republic you two questions
hot pockets and i left if you haven't got to take a look at this com isle of
this book that might smoke it just put out called focus
because i read the book and i couldn't think of that that's exactly what we did
impeded three point and get to go to the three that we get
improving schools
you have a focused on
good curriculum but what we teach
effective instruction how we teach it and especially authentic literacy which
at this time it holds everything together and that
wired huge for us
took all we have the exact title author of what and and we have very good at
saying to ourselves
so what
now the key to our implementation
how we'd end
to train the teachers to teach the literacy skills to the students away go
back to come by for a couple times
dicky flatt success events
not the students
the adults learning
we needed to treat each other
how to do things
now we have a poetry is reading writing and reading everything
clearly we'd competent do it
we would have committed every we where are you going to go crazy but we would
have had an extra credit if we try to do it all week good writing
and everyone in hollywood writing is legally writing and thinking
if you can articulate their pocket clearly in writing getting david if you
want to couple impeccably
we wanted something measurable
and we could train people to do writing
they should be writing every clap we could never
weekly artificial development script how we got a courageous replicated that
brought their medical techniques writing
and everybody's going to do with the fam way
and private charity obliquely etc
idiotic plenty that they could go to the period one
and indefinitely for that goes by and then go to his
next class in the content of all i want you to put up a format and the next
class at this point
and frequently i'm sorry but there are many schools entirely crap anyway
but judging anyone else was that in our school
it was based on what the teacher standards or
we had to have a school that mike
we trained uh... are faculty in what the profits would be
and i'm gonna talk more about this excellent back it implemented according
to what the calendar because that was issued
but i want to talk about that but da delivery workshop and all the time to
come back to the calender thing because the calendar people's future
we kinda our faculty meetings which were frankly are not well used it
administrator with the end up in macomb announcement to cut about five bills
which on a paper the minute here
uh... and think that we gave them literate these workshops
and by the way
that was not well trained calling them
literate workshop
because the faculty needing that
you came late youth at the back of the room you corrected a few places grumbled
about being that and try to get out of that as you could
a literacy workshop
improvised professional development so i would
urging that the u_n_ something that is what people but do you go caucusing
that's going to be called
and so i think that's within the adult learning
tokyo without model
we developed a trading script
we can find out how to get our our than they do that
we've been to train the faculty
remember we only had two meetings a month to do this one-hour each
for the first one with an interdisciplinary format
so we need to pick it up so we had teaches in small groups of maybe fifteen
or twenty
and we train them and how to do it
and then the next meeting week that okay if i could train wants
let's review etc and then talk about how we do that in your department
so if you're crossing grade it could be grade level
how are clustered however you want to put it up
we implemented according to a calendar which had to come back to you
account using a rubric
monitored and collected to work frequently
now look at what the talent i think of the computer
this is one of the i'd think fifteen politically lactic acid
oftentimes implementation has left the camp yeah i did that
we can get a free trade everybody underwriting on one thursday
on friday everybody on earth would do the assignment for the kids would get
whacked with writing and i never get it again and it is it a priority depressed
and what we believe gave the kids learn things like that in fact attractive
bunch of kids are a lot of
as you can think of the calendar
we haven't signed up by department all weekend
but great to the writing assignment usual content of your personal
statements about wheat crop up of november second rebecca
and your application
uh... the american revel in
then that's how did you do that writing to find it using a content
and then you clear it with a couple weeks and go to wilmington zero two p
wait a couple weeks ago a and when you follow
maturity of the child you keep it that he wouldn't have gotten that assignment
different content but they intended
about ten times in the course of the year
they learn it
and the other reason it works well for the most important reading we pick out
it was private practice for the student
beca grief and we did it go with the monitor it well because we needed to see
how what was going in the classroom
and we can't possibly be all over this giant school
but we should really can't focused on one department at the time so weather
could department our grade level it doesn't matter
and if it comes up what we believe about that
if that weekday that all the time we love the court by arabs are aristotle
practice makes perfect that we are what we repeatedly do
then is not an but a habit
so how did we monitor we believe what gets market is what gets done
and we do it um... rubric which i i think it would go to actually online in
op wheat you can you tell a lot of reverse anyway and we can we didn't we
didn't even know what the rubric was that for us we were so far behind but
weirded magic because
p_k_ would be different depending on what a class as student event
we implemented according to a calendar so we modify twenty beaches were doing
it and we be admin team observed that implementation
we required me to tell you deliberately objective every day in a lesson plan
which i reviewed by half
we conduct walkthroughs with double informal observations of course
and then we collected reputed to work
kalui addictive quickly if we used to get to that example of an open response
rubric which a welcome to look at you probably all have good ones and
but this is what i mean by the rubric
it's really on kok wee what pot weed respectful of content
and so you can see ticket marked no kampijut
well-written and pay nothing
they really didn't need to get something
and for example
they'd better respond to the question
they better demonstrate the evidence and that it's really a powerful rubric i
how did we in fact that um... the faculty had to attain except the
students writing based on the rubric
the department had been collected
uh... good copy to the student work and look for that consistently profit
after a couple weeks department had it had a chance to review everything
the department and hectic had had a collector after the working to be able
to printable and that we had discussions about
consistently across not just apartment departments but also across political
and throw that out after the kids will be a terrific
and consider
we also put in place portfolios for students with i_t_t_ even
english-language learners
because we realize
lessons learned the hard way that we had to monica that at a much higher level
let me tell you what i came back to all of that
in reading for example the odometer to track
well we have a unique aretha content up like rereading a close reading strategy
detector you can't you can read that
but we also had to take a look at how little you point out that a bad example
i would've history teacher
i was upset with the categories i'd have to know how to teach reading
i think you know i carried in
i'd like you got my student hoped clarissa document
and that i i would today
uh... you know and they look at the end
something from the federal tape is that a fifteen year olds is wall street
and they would pay uh... doctor but i don't get them
and have it right i read rob and read it again
so i think most attorneys would be likely it's not that you're against it
you don't know how
week hot peppers teaches how to teach reading in the content area
and we really got to help me he was
their bodies i read it but i don't get it and do i really have to pass reading
this greatest regiment
and we developed out owns school-wide profile of what active reading
strategies today
so you don't go to one class inflating the highlighted and go to another class
of underlined you'd go to another class and purple you don't do that incredible
ah kan height everybody does it this way
we've really struggled with speaking it is not speaking component and that's
been on and perhaps but we believe
that we couldn't be and how they spoke actually and so
we developed ones it's not just about a tactic about good education and so you
can't be out speaking skills rubric that we wanted to convey that making complete
sentences in finance is the big issues
but the updating class discussions and sure enough
uh... we get a alertly trading now that the first one that is so you have to
take our time just gotta run through it
but jilted by putting it in the power point like this you can have it
you can have a real this is like a good day to day we did that
this is an example of a literacy training
what we wanted to do with the plane vicky que reports
income strategies on how to get picked to be able to participate in class
but we model what we wanted to do so we begin with an agenda
here's what you're going to do today
complete the warm-up sheet on articles for the patient
havoc small group discussion
create attacked
i've got the rover
but the truth is that going to do
but it's also we what we hope they can teach the students to do
we lost a lot of model good instructions so we present our gold and here are
goals for this training
duties will be able to implement class discussions
we've got a we've got a delivery bike eating them
different class discussion strategy how to do a four point of discussion
how to do it in outer circle discussion
and how to do a full class discussion
and then lastly
how to use the rubric
of course you want to warm up in you clap so he is not going to go through
all these a confidence that you don't need to go through all these but this is
what we have to kiss you know we gave the warm-up questions
but you can d
look at the topic we have been talking about
the struggles on getting to be able to participate in class discussions so in
other words
which trading on the discussion strategy to but we're having to talk about
struggles they faced with having discussions
the first what we did
what greatly reduced the grading for class discussion
how would you grade a full-court effectively
how would you grade in your article how would you grateful class discussion so i
i i think you get the picture what we try to do which train people in
now packages come to us
uh... with the dakotas comes it'll come out very well prepared on but we always
interested in getting more of them and the final piece of this was the oral
presentation rubric
that was not the pope speaking skills training but i just wanted to be when i
met up how weak
adult learning adult learning we train the teachers to do what we need them to
do and do what they need to do to help the kids
in here dot
rubric on this will happen to be on speaking skills which acts of the
student helped us develop
and a big area pockets right that's been recruiting because of the critical
thinking skills that i can just struck options are really struggling with ease
probably ought not to
analyzing imprint and had to pick up bats and
i'm so we have still struggling with estimates bob before that we think that
was really
we pick up if we called it reasoning instead of critical thinking complete
not returning sounded more active
until you complete without it
the one is really cool this is what about that one diver and i put the whole
and i'm just amazed at how joke psychotic and i wouldn't let him
because you need to keep the whole thing under democratic obviously had to go
through this quickly
but we need the restructuring to be noticed an odd data
that our students are struggling
with reading
and utilizing visual
all over the nazis expressed already taken the a_t_t_ this craft
tobacco web
for tax
cap rock or both thrust
and we were noticing that our kids with keeping them
leading them
not doing what they needed to do
so we can't wait did you can literally direct regarded as one recently last
we train the faculty and how to teach the kids to read and analyze visual so
good to the actual script that we train the teacher
at ali akbar doing a good luck with that objective objective fiddle
but the uh... reading visuals workshop
we want you to gather information and understand the concept of reason for
meaning demeaning from the visual we didn't
went up in explain table stratigraphic
it connects to the work we've done
and here's our agenda for this workshop
we are we begin with an eye opener
we're going to do the presentation
with a pakistani piped up i think that we develop
abduction feedback and we all have a closer just believe on oracle
we had them i'm not going to go to that
the personal computer that was done on our by professor ron for different from
and we look at the teachers
in analyzing the data
that if you look at our i'm we'd like to think that the good things about it but
that what you think
why did that data path we actually happened go through some obvious defeat
uh... information that they might have pulled from that
how did this what connect with what we're doing
well we wind up with one of the rationale behind reacting to just to get
the kids well
week open at the close of the lines with titan quest uniindia video that line to
the type of questions kidnapping and so on and the and kathy at a_t_f_ eighty
eighty three
the problems that we individuals usually have
i think you'd have to identify terminology
they have to answer a couple questions that bill about that knowledge
and that they have to have a question everything answer a question that
synthesis of evaluation
then we put the key to through the process we actually had them gold
through utilizing a visual so david went through
what this students have to go through
and we perfectly capable of that was a complicated and that most teachers would
know when you can see it and feel free to go through it later on your own time
but i'm gonna move through it for now
at about all these biology things
then we could add distributing the product of reading a visual begins with
understanding and analyzing the information
they answer the question 'cause we noticed that people waiting right to get
an answer
so we can train and using an example and how to take what in the information
his introductory information to the title verdict he did labels
correlation and we need the restructuring committee
developed at the five that process
at the teaches now train the caved in
when you don't need a visual
unita packed identified upright
secondly it's part of the topic thirdly examine the information
develop predictions
ilike the questions
that are before he even answer the question
now we put that we have to be distracted by minister protection for their until
you know i would like to be sitting on this weapon a figuring out about this
uh... there's nothing on the employees the company going to fill out defaulted
but the point that you should be prevented
when we train the beaches we train them by modeling what they should be doing
with the students
we decided what you know we thought this might be
his weapon predictions might be
let's apply defied step
always apt to apply the five th dept
we asked the collegiate institute i think that
we got the group
gave them a visual
happen go through it
selected tickets a report out and report defining we again reviewed the fourth
the pipette
gave the problem we have been doing it without up
uh... if the pedigree diagram actually until we had to go to that one
and then we got okay where are we going with that one day
whatever you think the department level
we're gonna help the kids go through this and i hope is that we improve
student achievement undefined fantastical at science and math and cap
and then of course we have a good lesson you ought to be closer
we didn't think it here on reading visuals
how do you call describe how the festering visuals will help yeltsin to
prove their reading and reading skills that was pretty cool
so you can see from that we can look at the workshop and all kinds of areas
ordinary coupons writing to bonnie's reading
question outfit
summarizing previewing attacked using visual to preview attack
what do you think that i collapsible cabin constantcontact problem-solving
thinking routine going on on on you can see him on the screen
over the years
we got different ones and the focus
is really based on what we see in the data but we are no way to keep reviewing
because this is a good practice everyday supporting a literacy initiative
turned out
became started in the school
it's going to have a meeting with student athlete is responsible for the
end caps which is what used to be people used to keep those critical of the day
well thank god i don't think that subject
direct everybody need to be responsible for every kid
and i'd love that week you don't we divide because i feel comfortable and i
laugh all the time because we always quote of the people that we divided two
quota south africa
total berkeley add up and i believe that
making changes school is not about brilliant it's not about it's about
we cannot going at it tackling addict indignant about
and so on that note that sort of a wrap it up to where we are
and what we did
and i'll put it back over to general six a_m_
go to go from here and whatever questions people have
horses thanks so much time
we're gonna before we open it up to a halt moscow time to ask you a couple
questions that that uh...
at their kind of burning questions that i had about about his work cut him so
your presentation first one being project
take a moment to explain how the activities deeper year-by-year
uh... in terms of the professional dominant a workshop that are offered and
the activities that uh... than men like dick the schedule of implementation but
how do they give her over the course of but three or four years tend to do
on positive come together and have a different so for example
there's always a focused on reading and writing and analyzing reading because i
think active reading because that spent every day
but sometimes the proper thing what workshop for example using the reading
visual as an example
you've got to do and the region we started talking to you know that it will
get better looking out over data and playing
we need to provide the computers with two pool
to help the kids in the capital
so that dot pockets dot com
from what the data card
and uh... and not a fantastic idea that we do it on
right we do our own that the party and we have pretty reports
so when we come something that we need to poke upon that we try to develop a
workshop on it
so then taking it from the perspective of the students
over the course of the four years that i would be a problem
at the student what would i feed differently in terms of what i do think
in terms of the four different areas that you focus on of with really would
appear redundant in some cases or is their new stuff happening all the time
throughout my four years
dot actually poking you've got independently
because the redundancy i don't hear the negative it's reminding to provoke good
reading and writing and clicking and reading practice
geographically right there will be in contact with the each year for example
the president coming in now
wheelabrator rampant population to live together in and out all the time to
always having to get productive speed
uh... entirely clear that the people we have new teachers
anto on
weeks do you do out president introductory letter to unit around
what it means that bracket high reading writing completing and returning
so it is very different that they get day instead of getting the beginning
by the time to commit that have moved by the time to kill you
that much lower into the complex city of all of a
we have a higher level inferential analytical
obliterated guelph
come of them are great idea still do coverage
before getting a lot in english
that might be are kind of treatment that that um... please read all different
but it is appropriate that we have that every year they are still getting all
four of those details
but i would tell you that the activity they're doing
i'm not regarded in that heat
the content of provide the context
code that may be riding in a different format
but they're writing about all different things learning about all kinds of
things painting with what what what focusing on this year
we're about to take off a all workshop on darned vacation analysis because
the chronicler
has adept the massachusetts framework
and take you to have mostly a literary basingstoke
it was definitely a poetry all that stuff that's fine
but the kind of course much more heavily
non-stick data
they had gone through with it
really try to help the kids how to spell non-fiction stuff that we're working on
that now
so that you mentioned uh... student mobility
but you also have talked about the importance of investing that time and
energy in the teachers and their professional development and adult
learning but we also know that there is also a turnover of teachers to out
especially at school this type of product and where you've mentioned
there's over three hundred faculty members i'm sure there's a significant
turnover every year right bob so how do you addressed that issue of of providing
the investing in this professional development uh... and yet dealing with
the potential for teacher turnover and some people coming in
uh... somewhere in the middle of a a cycle of the instruction that's going on
like and we have to because if you could help us to get to know what it's just a
minute so i don't know
well plead guilty people along for the first couple weeks of high school we are
still welcome twenty three people to do this year as a matter of fact
and and in fact i love about photographed with a black eye which is
arbitrate uh... we hope we will start getting next week acually
trading dictators who are new unique liturgy bookshop now unfortunately
because we have
such a strong contracting union
we can't happen today after school
we can't asked them to do extra time
for the way we have to do that but i don't like doing that
but we have to our teachers um...
are required by contact with you
and administrative beauty period every day like a monetary glaunchprofile
carter does with a great big huge complex
but what we have to do we cannot continue to attack i needed to do get
factory d today
that we can do that
i've even though you might think that uh... but
not contractually dot at the time
so that we have to do it all depends on the part of the ability to carry it
and then do the trading for them
so it difficult to do it because um... week instead of putting
but then i think that it will be able to put it all together and at one time
unfortunately we have to work at around different periods of the day so it gets
difficult that we do it because
it's essential that they learned
they have been politically workshops now
okay great so i have a question for brandy who wants to
who was responsible for developing the professional development lessons for
the report for tonight
if all packed up by the restructuring committee
and what happened is weak dot as opposed to that he will take
we really need to focus on
really big deal
of about hired
of the restructuring committee
will ban the dot com date
with focused on developing this craft and then bring it back to the full
so how does the restructuring committee kato that extra time at the at the same
requirements in terms of union contracts and their ability
but i'm going to be down to get together to do this work we're going to have a
decade ago
the restructuring committee is
opportunity committee
anchor in the early on i could be used at the federal development money
uh... if it's ok committee artist and i do think that would go up in a personal
development fund to help at a message that you get to the people
you know you totally dollars letting other people number two to have
and co what we do is on our template identified a pot of money
instead of doing it all back to the schools and carpets balanced which means
and that iron are restructuring committee and we need on saturday
that every time they could not contain
button atleast once a month but sometimes more toward the middle of
doing something
and we really work through
occupant identity a contract for hourly rate event
on if we need to do before we you don't have to be during the week but we
probably don't like to do the after school buildings at the heart
everybody not to tell how to get people together after school people that i have
to pick up my kid i thought that i have to go here to bring to the protest
and the family mornings
at work well because people come to relax we have three we always bring good
even dated stuff
and i can probably get out of work m_t_v_ for nato to help
anatoly toronto once a month sometimes more
so i have a series of questions by ballerina i heard that i'm going to ask
a couple it and then i'll ask him where that's the first place
how could you please provide him with how you can pick up on the lieutenant
thinking around the hotel we think we could be done by about four thirty if
that danielle
it might be job because i dont
and try to call me at all
uh... that would be awesome because and the only reason we have a clear the open
house tonight so they're trying to make sure the fire alarm dot com contract i
certainly don't want to get nowhere fire mark
weapons that we move anyway because it is a difficult time so i i i don't have
a control that
what career was wondering about issues focus what what what what are the
demographics of your teachers
our demographic that i think about that we do not represent the demographic that
i have to do
i think that i have only alright
uh... degraded eight from com you know from people like the fact
had to have bred to dating got it right out of college twenty one years old
so if i didn't have to buy would pay per view that we maybe have uh...
unorthodox thirty-five about three hundred probably twenty-five years of
on i wanted to talk about it is that uni
thirty to forty trained him a lot of people we
we probably have more than half of our people that are young right the next
and i would not be paid by the way we started
uh... when we started all this on dividends
uh... not a lot of hiring a point of impact that uh... it was one of the most
difficult things because we had mostly a very veteran staff pool
we're counting days sometimes to retirement
sold at d_-day or what background in any of them have been working with the first
populations are that they receive all of that as all other experience
come from their work a product
you know it's really lucky to have to go on
we can't we do try to use the everywhere and i think there's a lot of colleges
around and we do track doesn't have a good education pet programs
trouble we've taken blockaded readme dot hyperbole about thirty miles outside of
brockton it's far more desirable if we don't want to study it because it's been
pretty they want to be a dad bought the company that significantly
we often lucidity
uh... meaning that you don't want the riveted on cable up into the right of
the city of boston so we struggle without and done
you know entire i would like most people
for example i think i would have that i've got a good education program a
number of them to put you know it's if i tried to get people to come here
so what did you do in terms of talking about race particular issue encountered
negative perceptions about student ability and success
probably going to forget
uh... apple i think the only way i i don't think cockroaches frankly
i think we've got to work
you know i think you can talk to you a couple about bob
what coupled expecting dot
but i think the only way people really believe before they can see the results
hello we actually do it at attack rate as uh...
as the issue
uh... that we have at least rhetorically
interestingly would like to think that the pic attached
that bill clinton to people when we got the huge improvement in jakarta
by focusing on at first the writing and reading
uh... alitalia people occupants moderately right
when you wake up i didn't go to complete waited for about a week after the
you know if i can get the people killed eight proving to be it
rock i did not take a closer look at it like twelve eighty sounded like a
negative but that is not a threat that has allowed us to a little bit of work
but i'll do it
and then
theory self-help and i can tell you
very directly when we got gatien if that proves you know we have done the writing
of the people were clapping about it i mean it was not a happy appalachia and
we kept our head try to keep a happy little faith on
at the end of the year who actually we didn't get the political
tough at the following opening at school
and we wouldn't have it on the restructuring committee could we have no
idea photobook or not
we probably won't accommodate we weren't sure
anto until we got the court's and what we got the closer we got a call from the
commissioner of education thanks
you are the most improved school havoc on the wild and i'm coming to the
article to tell your
the other students and faculty
that's what we had died and now that the height of the rate issue because
most of us to do that students of color
and we have almost totally closed at the racial achievement gap here
antenna here's what i mean i i would refer anybody that doubts that
to go to the achievement gap existed at harvard
and look at the reports that run for different
a professor ronald berglund
who were put up a little back what he did on article
because um...
between the eighth grade
when we get the kids to the tenth grade when they take the past week almost
totally close the racial gap committed to protecting not mine
where i think i need to keep
so question from abridging stubblefield recovery period during her school day
we have a aren't andrea daily up on sixty recovery period habitats
i'd get on a plane school schedule by phone is just a little bit
uh... one of those period is
almost two hours long because it includes a large eternity four thousand
two hundred papers like the challenge of the federico
within that block of private includes lunch period that
sensory back-to-back sixty six minutes long
so those are the written questions that we've received so far that we do want to
take a moment to open up
doubled up
to see if anybody has a particular question
you'd like to ask directly to see work you have any comments in order to do
you need to correct the starting at the actors the and then item number seven
and that should open your product so let's take a moment now to see if there
questions from
anywhere began talking about
the presentation right now
well either eat the very positive benefit
it would probably imagine but i think what days yet again as we experience
better are meeting in chicago you've got everybody speechless
contracting probably
tried to deliver what happened was that i would look into it but that's okay
things for those of you the me i think it might be the next line for your
information is on kerr
plans are yet another
okay so upgraded another question
uh... based on your flights a day
credits to your students need to graduate
i tried to explain that the democratic pro internal
uh... we have a very traditional required to destroy the easiest way for
the reply to that
unique rather than the other email you back right after that i could make a
defense attorney i tell you how much each quote as well
totally deflated planet particularly for the investigate the matter you decide to
leave the country
you don't do that well that's power but you don't go it's going to take telecom
equally requirement for websphere might have happened out of court about a
secret as well as that
you by ibm perhaps no exceptions on that no exception broadcasting and ca
and i think we can uh... if yuo
for anybody who wants to answer any questions correctly
uh... way we've got another question
at a black telerik why don't you want your farm in uh... and ask your
follow-up question
than ever
wondering uh...
you perspective
had a lot of that futures right
look at what point did detriment mister
he and because like that came to the e
and filled
at the had lied about it and i think about it or not
so many things what i would have loved it you know intensive
done at the academic and have a right at the flag
though i do recall spectacular reading the culture of the school i really
believe that i think that i think you can talk to you couple a couple now time
for people to be carried out many feel good they know that there were
consecutive department
but i would think that
arguably com i would think they do about a dozen graphical early last and we have
income will we don't believe i think they're not good behind closed doors
there wasn't enough computations went into effect
i'm meeting with mister i'm a fan interest
it would have no you're not you're at the high school biology teacher and
you've got to do that so we have to have a battle behind closed doors as you can
imagine but i wanted to make the most people most people worked out
on our top opera than there were more confident
uh... i would pay the bulk of the people left because the accurate let's get to
the with high-tech rewarded with a different kind of a today
uh... debacle
uh... i don't think it was really dot com editor i'd think that the people
that worked here
state here and made it happen
and even the negative ones
okay so
brand and brandy
really stopped at the white carl restaurant
uh... pressed are seven
okay brainy may not have access to elaborate
okay great
sporting kinhdoanh
he used
ability right
at and credibility but i
out we were wondering if u track your eating anyway egbert abilities i thank
you got my telecom kick what you do have a con we do have on democrat and uh...
i'd like to take classes at the honors level
but not good enough evidence about pat
with directly don't have any doubt about it i would tell you
that what i look at it
we had very clear tax and peter could actually tell you cargo bradley is not
really an attempt to keep the part of the hosted i think it's really offended
level she was not a basic level it
it was are likely to be loose track hardly and it was about five years ago
ob dot we also eliminated tax but we weren't ready to do that at the
beginning week i think
i think a good laugh and provide feedback like that
and don't try to do too much at one time focus focus focus we intend to level
four we were ready
and that we do it
there was no
i think about it and voted yet i think you tickets ready for college and we
have a everyday we asked everybody to dictate every class everyday
you go to college
and not likely to get in and that's not a lot of the gulf coast not but most of
them do
grapes are there any other follow-up questions any new questions that anybody
would like to ask
uh... i do i think that that one of the beautiful things about still remembers
your working
arbitrary barber
are equips you well the
implementation calendars outbid them
but workshops that you did
did you just focus on
one of the workshops into it and all of the courses
four-year-old you may be
africa packs
the first got we only get one
pentagon is that because
people without
the iran contra bill
they're like i've never done that before and weak the first year we are only good
writing writing writing writing right
here we get writing with breeding strategy does well in vocabulary
now because it is the content of the school
we do a lot of different things at different times but i think what's up
until about the question you asked is yeah i would tell you if you are
starting something dual tube that was one thing
because our lives i do believe that will be needed
ito people at least it wouldn't happen to them about the cause of that that at
the bottom line truth of the matter is we could figure it out on top
we've got to his writing
and after we get gas writing that first year
cookie acting
every year right away
exactly constantly build on the previous when i was referring back to the other
one too
okay any other questions
okay thank you very much
beautiful things about sewage
she's always running ninety miles an hour as you can imagine that if it
and frequently characterized rejected a football game or on the finally with
but she does return the e-mail borrowed
they'd come extremes ourselves sorry to any of you that have specific on her
i've been heard any of you that have specific questions adair follow up to
these presentation of the presentation today
or at your reviewing the material
uh... her her contact information i would recommend email
contract are great
so uh... if you have some questions she will respond directly although i also
want to take a moment to
to remind everybody that
be information that she she attended the workshop that she's talked about
not only are the slides invaded in this position up in our own
uh... powerpoint presentation
but the original power point training slides or on our website they're located
at w_w_w_
that our high schools dot org slash webinar that's the place where we
put everything from the previous work uh... presentation that also the place
where we will be placing this presentation
and the audio portion and the for the record portion of that as well
we also one to voted to go ahead and that
turn this microscope lighting up
another aspect
so that the information at the bottom of the screen
also wanted to remind everybody of two things first of all
for those of you that registered online using at the the software
uh... we will be of we will be sending to you shortly sometime tomorrow
an evaluation of the workshop and then secondly
we will also be sharing with you
an interest surveys that we'd like to know if you want to continue to have
these kind of conversations
i would try to get you back but um... if we want if you are interested in
considered continuing conversations of around literacy uh... at the high school
um... then we'd be glad to continue and possibly develop a community of practice
uh... around that topic area
i'm sure stupid recommend to it some of the other
assistant principal talia in her school is well
ideal also for those that are curious about faculty reactions would encourage
you to look at it
the videos that are on the
website i mentioned a minute ago
uh... one i want it done by p_b_s_ one done by a local
uh... television station
they include comments from some of the teachers and very frank comments about
some of them saying that they were great singers and not believers
till they start the transformation that's sooo as described so eloquently
there is that we recognize that there are a group of you that may have may
have chosen not to our may have had difficulties
uh... signing onto the work of art crude oil through the website it had
uh... therefore may have just use the copy
and follow the law and uh...
using just listening on the conference call
for those of you get it done that we acted to stand up and email
that uh... ah contact us at the bottom bar up alot
help or
better heist at better high schools dot org
so that we can have your gmail address on file and we can send you the
i do want to encourage you to fill of both the evaluation
and the interest survey
because that's how we uh...
justified to the department of education who will provide the funding for these
offer the high school center the continuation of these types of
activities so you can help us make the case for doing more of this kind of of
uh... webinars and professional learning community activities budget by providing
your email address and by filling out
the survey indicating that you thought that this was a worthwhile activities
before we close for the day i just want again ah... have declined to
frequently yet
remind both of you that also want to follow us apart where or check out our
blog or face book those are the contact information
all of this information is imbedded enough and uh...
pbf filed that you received as part of your information
there's also an ad an article that you
at the author followed or publication by except pete hope
uh... that you may want to look at his well uh... again before we sign off
completely i do want out of power to anybody
uh... had any
final questions or comments too soon
began commuter pond by pressing star seven if you want to speak
okay so for the national high school center and all the participants in this
so i want again thank you i know it uh... you as many of our high school
are actively uh... involved and i know it's back to school night tonight but
open outstation and everything that's going on and it's a very busy time a
year for you and yet you did take the time and we certainly appreciate it
and uh...
uh... hope to be able to engage you again in the future and and more of
these kinds of activities
thank-you to all of our participants who reviewed also took the time to
participate in
freaked out your colleague about
presentation about the audio
portion of the presentation so that they can
uh... take advantage of change some of lessons with them
as well
uh... again thank you and we look forward to seeing you on
future presentations
nothing we can stay beyond you get another albright my point of impact and
i i haven't got off right now though if i can go out and profound i think
and and everybody and we look forward to talking to get your answer picture