Holiday Gift GUIDE 2011! - Meine Top Geschenke-Tipps (Kaufempfehlungen)

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Last minute Holiday Gift Guide 2011
Hey guys and welcome to the last minute Holiday Gift Guide 2011.
A video you've been waiting for a long time
and I've put everything into this video so that you can go shopping for Christmas as fast as you can.
The gift ideas have different price ranges but I won't go further than 60 Dollars in this video,
because I know that Ive got many young viewers with not a high budget.
So thumbs up for cheap but great gift ideas!
So enjoy the video and let me know your biggest christmas wish is in the comments below,
if you got a wish that exceeds everything you could wish for Christmas.
Feel free to write a comment, I wanna know that,
would it be an own isle or a car? Let me know that
and enjoy the video - hope you don't buy your presents up to the last minute, like i do :P
One of my favorite stores is "Lush" as you may know.
Above all they have cool stuff for Christmas.
"Lush" is a natural cosmetics brands like soap, bath bombs especially for Christmas,
I've written that in my msn column.
It's really relaxing, so if you have a bath and your girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, mother or cat...
well, not the cat, likes to relax and you wanna give them a relaxing gift,
then I suggest to you going to "Lush" because they have really cheap & expensive sets like this.
I really like the packaging and the prize is about $15.
It's a cool idea to give away,
because for example here is the Snow Fairy packaging, awesome.
Or this one for boys called "Out of this world" with a space girl bath bomb,
sounds funny if that's for a boy=)
Well, it is...
Am I focused already?!
"Lush" really got huge assortment.
Here I have bought other things for friends & for you!
Don't know what to raffle,
but you should know that Lush is amazing for buying wellness gifts.
Let's get to all of you "technique freaks" =D...
let's say "Smartphone junkies", "Touchscreen junkies" like i am
I mean "Smart Touch Gloves"
and they got...
... you know that it's hard to touch with an iPhone etc. in winter when you have gloves on
and that doesn't work 'cause it just reacts when you use your fingers.
These gloves are made for using them with a smartphone in winter.
They really look normal, black and keep your fingers warm.
Really good idea, especially for guys,
I'd be glad about that
because I'm freezing whenever I'm twittering on the go
"Oh no, my hands are freezing!"
That's not good so check it out if you have a friend or dad who may like it.
I guess everybody could use that.
I've already been dreaming of it and made so many raffles with that.
I really like them, these small speakers with an awesome sound quality.
They're that small and it has a perfect Christmas look.
Audio sample!
Just listen =D
Guess the sound speaks for itself, I would be glad about that because that's cool!
2011 has been the year of fragrances!
As you know I've been to "Duftstars" (the biggest prize in the fragrance industry)
and I've got so many fragrances and bought so many of them.
You know I love Armani Code for women but I've been checking out many fragrances,
to discover the best fragrance fitting perfectly for women and girls
and what even boys, including me, like.
That's on the one hand for women the "Guess Seductive".
It's a really nice fragrance borrowed from my sister Lamiyah so that I can show you.
A very nice, decent and sweet fragrance perfect for winter,
especially for the time after September and smells awesome,
so if you wear it on a meet&greet I could hug you and never let you go =D
Most of the Belieberss and especially the female Beliebers will say:
"Ooh, I wanna have that!"
A fragrance for women,
"Someday" by Justin Bieber.
This is his fragrance, produced for charity,
so all the income goes to charity organizations,
so it's a super cool idea, available at I guess,
and if you order it express it should arrive 4 days later.
You could still get it if you wish it from your parents,
express is profitable!
For men I can suggest these two fragrances.
Still packaged.
They smell very good,
on the one hand "Boss Bottled" and "Boss Bottled Night",
so the fragrance by night and a fragrance by day.
Both of them smell very good with a manly scent but not too strong, more harsh/sweet...
I'm very bad in describing fragrances =D!
And knowing that boys don't use to spend so much money for fragrances,
a fragrance tip - I buy that every year!
Guess that's already my third bottle this year.
Called "QS" by S.Oliver, 30ml for $10-15
so perfect for everyone with low budget who wants to have a great fragrance.
I love it <3
Shouldn't have done that!
Let's get to the part for all creative ones
and that's something that I'm gonna use in a do-it-yourself video soon.
I mean such frames.
No, I'm joking =D
I mean these ones with words like "Love" or "Trust" on it,
according to which slogan you have
and I just nearly excelled my eye.
I've bought this one in a "Müller" drugstore.
I guess they're still available.
The idea is very simple because you can make it personal.
You can write words on it which mean a lot for you.
Words that remind you of somebody,
Loyality, fidelity, pleasure...
That's a cool idea for a gift, especially for doing alone,
so let me know if you'd like to have such a DIY video =)
And because we can't be creative enought - her's another tip
I am a cappy fan.
This is just an example of a cappy I've just bought.
Looks that way, doesn't fit but there's a cool slogan,
totally fits to me =D
What makes this cappy creative is that you can embroider it.
You can do that on your own if you have a sewing machine
or you can do it at the store where you buy it.
It finally looks like this...
Even when you don't know what to give to your boyfriend and maybe he likes cappies,
then a cappy where you can write on it something.
So be creative and it's a cool present idea
and I'd be glad if my girlfriend gives this to me.
Let's get to something going to the girls.
I am creative when I want to make my best girlfriend a present.
Then I'm like buying a cool bag,
like these ones available at H&M and different no-name stores.
Simply such a nice bag to fill with something personal.
What girls really are strung out on are OPI enamels.
There are different types like crackle enamels which are really in.
This one is in silver and one's in golden and that's like meteorite-golden-black
and you can buy these, even some sets with mini versions.
There are no limits to your fantasy at all!
Maybe with two lip glosses and two enamels and they can even be from cheaper brands,
for all the boys, who don't know the brand MNY
They got really cool colors.
Just ask your girlfriend or best girlfriends which color they're really into
and just fill it with chocolate...
My stomach rumbled...
Hope you didn't hear it!
I'm hungry.
That's cool as a present idea.
Last but not least something for every bookworm.
That's a bestseller in the USA and even in Germany!
And the book is called "Skinny bi***".
That's a very interesting novel,
written by a nutritionist and a model from a famous agency - forgot the name...
and it's about all the dietary lies.
For all guys going to adjust their own diet it's a cool book
and it's definitely very interesting so check out the book and the blurb.
Finally I'm gonna finish my gift tips video.
Hope you enjoyed the video and the tips.
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I'm talking too much.
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