Husbands: Behind the Scenes EP 3

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What are you doing in here?
Prepping. For The Straightening.
What is it in the Hunger Games when they call everybody up?
- The Reaping. - The Reaping.
So give that though for "The Straightening." The idea of like, "It's The Reaping."
What are you doing in here?
For The Straightening.
Often times one of us will take the first pass through,
then the other one goes through and re-writes it and it bounces back and forth.
Every now and then, there will be a big chunk
where one writer writes it and the other writer doesn't touch it.
In season one, the long run about
"Good. Now I'm texting it, now I'm Tweeting it."
That that was you and I never touched it.
Select... "Married"...
Thanks, babe. I really do think...
Hang on, I'm updating my status.
"Home with hubby...
Smiley face."
Oh, that's sweet. I...
Hang on, I'm Tweeting.
"Hashtag K-I-S my H-UB."
- I get what... - I'm e-mailing it.
- Tagging. Tumbling. Aaaand Digg. - Hey, Cheeks, will you...
And in this season it was the "putting in my retainer scene."
that Cheeks wrote and I don't think I touched a word of it.
The scene that we shot today was a la Lysistrata.
Cheeks withholding sex in an attempt to get what he wants.
It's making a point that gays aren't allowed to be sexy...
but they're being sexy.
Thanks for the reminder. Keeps my teeth nice and straightacting.
So they're making the point that they can't be sexy by being really sexy.
And it's funny. It's double entendre. It's classic.
It's so clear what the two points of view are.
Maybe there's something else we can do before we go to sleep?
I think you really enjoy watching Cheeks with a plan.
What is this?
Me. Less gay.
The least gay.
Our gaffer, Justin...
said to me at the end of the day, he was like,
"Man, that scene was so funny."
And Justin is a very dude's dude.
He's like, y'know... kind of a...
Surfer dude kinda guy.
And he said "You know, that was really funny" and I said,
"Did it weird you out at all?"
Like "We're in our underwear. We're about to get it on.
And it's kinda like you had to be, you know, really...
Paying attention to that all day. How was that for you?"
And he was like, "That didn't even occur to me. What occurred to me was
how many times I've been in that situation with a girl, man.
That is so what girls do!"
I've spent so much time in this bedroom that I feel like it's my bedroom
and it's weird having all these people walking around my personal space.
Today is Alessandra Torresani's day.
We're so grateful she somehow found her way back to us.
I assume you used a trail of bread crumbs that led her to us.
That led from London to here. Soggy, soggy bread crumbs.
Hi. I'm Alessandra Torresani and I am playing Haley,
Cheek's best friend
and Brady's...
forced new
Maybe we could say it like that? That's me.
Alessandra turn around and do your think one moment, yes.
- Oh, hey Cheeks. - Oh hi, Mark.
I just saw Mekhi Phifer deliver words I wrote.
We shot some really cool scenes here for 'Husbands'.
Some really comedic stuff, some fun stuff.
You know, pushes things to the edge a little bit.
- I will take the stand and will testify! - That's it!
- Preach that sexy gay love! - Yeah!
Mekhi's a cool guy. Really, really cool guy.
Really professional. Really... just great to work with.
Kelly's my best friend. We're part of the...
Los Angeles Dodgers. We're on the same baseball team.
And we're best friends.
he's gay.
And I don't care.
I'd like to keep playing baseball.
Same here, but that doesn't stop me from kissing my wife in public.
You know, him and his husband are...
about to...
give, like, an exclusive interview at their home...
he's in here trying to...
clean up the house to make it "less gay".
Star-spangled hammer?
It's reading... It's reading ironic, right?"
And I'm telling him, "don't discriminate yourself."
And I equate the discrimination to the Civil Rights Movement and Rosa Parks.
He can wait. And keep his mouth shut.
At the back of the bus.
Basically I'm just trying to convince him, "just be yourself.
You don't have to be in the closet or worry about what people say. Just...
do what you do."
That right!
- Preach that sexy gay love! - Yeah! We shall overcome!
See, now... that's too far, dude.
I try to get him to...
Cheeks, you know, and be open about it,
and so me and my wife make a little bet.
I say he would and she says he wouldn't.
Get ready to pay up, Jess. My boy Kelly is going for it.
What? Not a chance. He'll choke and play it straight. Always does.
I am here today to play the role of Jessie.
Basically, I'm just gonna watch...
Cheeks on TV try to...

- O... - O...
- M... G. - M... G.
So obviously, I win.
We had Jon Cryer on the set.
And he was awesome!
Today we shot an interview scene where...
Brady and Cheeks are being interviewed
live, on television...
in an effort at damage control from... from Cheeks' rampant Twittering.
That was inappropriate, apparently.
And what's been fun for me is I've...
gotten to play a very Ryan Seacrest-ian...
television host.
Remember fellas, controversy had a baby and called it 'Ratings', so go for it.
I look at it as an opportunity to wear a really nice suit.
Mahalo! I'm Vic Del Ray and welcome to 'Hi America! Live'
He's so friggin' cool. He's totally down to Earth and...
everybody's pal.
Okay, take a deep breath when you smile. Okay.
One, two, three.
Yes, darling, yes.
I just love my new hat.
Send The Trend is a retail website with really cute accessories,
handbags and fashion.
And they sent a box of really great stuff.
- Christmas. I wanna open the other one. - I was just gonna say that!
We both jumped on the highly original "it's like Christmas!" meme.
So we're gonna feature them in the show.
Y'know, Haley wears a few of the accessories and...
The little yellow flower necklace.
Yeah, and the green necklace that I'm wearing in the kitchen were donated by them.
Oh, it's super cute!
And so those will actually be available on their website
for people to buy, which I think is really cool.
I'm immediately disappointed in Christmas...
because I know what everything is. And I'm still not happy.
Your family didn't do Christmas right.
My family had a thing where I opened one present every hour, on the hour
Oh wow. Your family's all about the Christmas foreplay.
How did two people who are clearly so different...
even get together?
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