How to style curly hair lesson by Art Director Figaro Salon

Uploaded by figarosalon on 16.11.2007

The magic of beauty
If you have long, tangled, curly hair, Today's episode is for you. I'l tell you the secrets of styling long hair and making them your pride.
I'm happy to have you back at our hair salon, please, tell us how you take care of your beautifull curly hair?
I don't really do anything in particular with them, I just wash them with a shampoo and a conditioner, Sometimes i do a hair treatment
Let's find out how to correctly take care of curly hair, the problem with curly hair is that, because of their shape, nature, and structure, the ends of the hair are always very dry. Because of that you have to know how to correctly take care of them. First of all, I recommend washing with shampoo made specially for curly hair, I will show you several types of shampoo, I don't want to stick to a specific company, it's just that when you chose the shampoo you have to remember that you have curly hair.
As a rule, Inside shampoo's for curly hair there are special enrichers, special oils, that help moisturuze you hair. it is very important for the tips of your hair that you use special shampoo.
First you should moisten the hair with water, not exceeding the temperature of your body, because if you use hot water you will be drying your hair even more. Put the shampoo on your hands, and with gentle strokes put the shampoo on everywhere.
Pay attention, i do not to a rough massage while washing the hair, a gentle one is more than enough. I don't recommend it that you use hair conditioner on your scalp. Hair conditioner wasn't made to be on skin, so please, only use it in the hair. All products first have to be rubbed around in the palms, under no condition should your pour hair products straigth on the head.
After the application of a conditioner or a hair mask i suggest that you comb through to make sure that the product spreads evenly around the hair and cuticles close properly.
What should you do the create beautifull curls at home? First off all you should place a treatment for the tips of your hair. There exit special products that will help you keep the form of you curly hair, these can be gels, mouses, or sprays. How should you chose which one of these to use? In the instructions it should say that this product is intended to be used with curly hair. If you don't chose the rigth product you won't get the effect that you want.
For this client we decided to use a mouse, Once the mouse is invisible, it means that we can continue to work on the hair, Because this hair is curly, brushing after applying the product is unnecesary, Instead we should use our hands to crunch up the hair.
At home you can use a hair product for curly hair, Let it dry, but don't forget to periodicaly crunch up the hair using the same motions that i am showing you.
If you have a fuser at home, it can facilitate everything. What is a fuser A fuser is a special blow dryer end that help you dry you hair without puffing up your curls. You put the hair very carefully inside the fuser and the hair will dry fully almost instantly.
This is what we got, if you want your hair to have a straigther shape, in this case you should spray them with a hair spray, Look carefully at how i hold the hair while spraying, i fixate a position with my hands, once again we have to dry this form with a fuser.
to give the hair a natural look and seperate them a bit from the roots we put the hands into the hair and shake. I don't recommend it that you use a fixation spray after all we did because it is not necesary.
Curly hair should be a punishment, but a pride. The specialist at Figaro hair salon can help you turn it into a masterpiece.