Power Rangers Turbo Modified Blue Senturion Review

Uploaded by MMPRtoys on 10.10.2010

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» BRUNO: This is my Blue Senturion from Power Rangers Turbo.
Alright, go away.
I had won him in an eBay lot.
I already have him, so I decided to take my double, and I put these little LEDs—
It’s just LED lights for a model railroad and a 9-volt battery.
It’s really easy to do. I can do it, so… ‹anybody› can do it.
I think that’s pretty cool.
It’s more for a display piece, just for, like, on a shelf.
I thought that was pretty cool, so I thought I would share.
This, I believe, is the first release of the Blue Senturion.
It’s the, uh, key-action line.
This is where the little key thingy went.
Um, which, what did it do?
It made his arm go up? Is that right?
Yeah, I think I took the spring out when I put the LEDs in.
I think the LEDs are better than the spring, actually. That’s my opinion.
You can get any of these bulbs flashing or non-flashing.
The red and the blue that I had happened to flash, and the yellow didn’t,
but you can do it either way.
If anybody’s interested, I can probably find the website where I got these lights from.
Alright, alright!
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