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Someone's here.
Hello, my little internet trolls.
I'm Daily Grace, and welcome to My Damn Channel LIVE.
Yesterday's show was quite a doozy.
And if you missed it because maybe you're narcoleptic--
for which we're sorry--
here is a clip.
Talking like this, and it sounds more annoying.
BETH HOYT: Oh, I know.
DAVID CROSS: That's more annoying.
BETH HOYT: I know.
And that-- that's kind of annoying.
Sometimes things get so annoying that they go full
circle and you love them.
That is David Cross.
He's amazing.
Now let's start of today's show with MFCFLTS, My Favorite
Comment From Last Thursday's Show.
It comes from iLoveYoobies, which is now my new
favorite user name.
And they write, "Cinco De Mayo isn't Mexico's Independence
Day, just learned that."
Yeah, see I misinformed all of you last week.
I told you that Cinco De Mayo was Mexico's Independence Day,
and it's not.
The truth is it is Mayo's Independence Day.
Mayonnaise has finally been liberated from all the other
It had been oppressed for hundreds of years.
And then through suffrage, it finally became free.
And we celebrate it once a year on May 5 by drinking
Guys, speaking of holidays, Mother's Day is this Sunday.
Ah, we all forgot!
But it's OK.
You still have time to get that woman a gift, which is
the least you can do for the woman who pushed an
eight-pound sack of [DING]
out of her vagina.
Now, what do moms love as gifts?
Let's go through this.
They love things that, one, they don't have to put any
effort into themselves.
They love gifts that have a handmade,
homemade touch to them.
And they love eating and drinking.
So I'm going to combine all of those things.
And I'm going to teach you how to make your mother the
perfect breakfast in bed.
And it gets better.
I have a very special guest here to help me out.
Please welcome, from My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Hart.
DAILY GRACE: That girl.
DAILY GRACE: Freak out.
Freak out.
HANNAH HART: This is great.
DAILY GRACE: Thank you for being here, Hannah.
HANNAH HART: Thanks for having me, Grace.
DAILY GRACE: That's so kind of you to join us
in my kitchen place.
HANNAH HART: It's not a kitchen.
Do not lie to me.
DAILY GRACE: No, it's not.
It's an Urban Outfitters.
My apologies.
Well, Hannah makes amazingly hilarious YouTube videos.
Maybe give them a little knowledge on what exactly you
do on the YouTubes.
HANNAH HART: Well, they're not that hilarious, Grace.
But they're pretty hilarious.
DAILY GRACE: She's also a master of humble-arity.
HANNAH HART: Humble-arity.
I do a show online called My Drunk Kitchen.
In case you don't know about it, hopefully now
you know about it.
Um, yeah, and I'm just a huge, huge fan of Daily Grace.
HANNAH HART: She's so cute.
DAILY GRACE: Sugar to the core.
HANNAH HART: Number one.
DAILY GRACE: Sugar to the core.
Well, today, I thank you for being here so that you can
help me make a meal for Mother's Day.
Today we're going to make pancakes and mimosa.
Or as I like to call them, "mom-osas" and "pamcakes"
because everyone's mom should be named Pam.
Is your mom named Pam?
That is rough.
That is some rough joking right there.
DAILY GRACE: It works for me.
My mom's not named Pam either.
Her name's Theresa.
But that doesn't work in the pun, Mom.
Why don't you rethink that.
HANNAH HART: We can't actually drink liquor on today's show,
but we're going to make the "mi-most" of it.
HANNAH HART: Thank you.
Goodbye, everybody.
DAILY GRACE: This is why she flew in from LA, just to make
that joke there.
No, Hannah's a master of alcoholic beverages and I
would be so honored if you would make the
"mom-osas" for us.
HANNAH HART: Yeah, fo' sho.
I'll just take care of this.
So tell me, Grace.
Let's have a little talk.
Tell me about your mother.
DAILY GRACE: Oh, my mother.
She's been on some Daily Grace episodes.
She's a sweet woman.
Um, she takes very good care of her skin.
Um, she's a teacher, and she's very nice,
and she's super British.
And she's--
HANNAH HART: She's British?
DAILY GRACE: Well, she's--
HANNAH HART: You're a half-breed.
DAILY GRACE: Her mother, my grandmother, is from England.
And, um, I'm going to meanwhile get our pancake mix,
which has already been pre-mixed.
Whoa, this is like a real cooking show.
HANNAH HART: What you guys don't know is that we're like
on a super time limit, and this is stressful.
It's not stressful.
Stress is a choice.
That's what we're learning today.
And so is making pancakes the right way.
We used Aunt Jemima's pancake mix, and we're going
to put it in there.
You know what?
While we're doing all this, we asked you guys for Twitter and
YouTube questions.
So I think let's mix it up.
And while we cook--
HANNAH HART: We're going to mix it up.
We're going to answer some of your Twitter and YouTube
questions while we make these delicious pancakes.
Oh, which speaking of-- diddle liddle lee, lee, lee-- product
placement from a company we're not sponsored by.
HANNAH HART: Watch out, guys.
You just might learn something here today.
HANNAH HART: Am I right?
DAILY GRACE: Watch this.
You got to do that first.
But, um, now let's take-- do you see that smoke?
HANNAH HART: Yeah, it's beautiful.
DAILY GRACE: It's like really cooking.
HANNAH HART: This is real cooking.
DAILY GRACE: Now let's take a Twitter question.
Who do we have a question from?
This is from ocularnervosa.
Question, if you have-- if you had a time machine and could
witness any historical event, what snack would you bring?"
Oh, what snack would you bring to any historical event?
HANNAH HART: The key to making good pancakes is not being
inhibited by shapes.
HANNAH HART: You just have to go with what you know.
I, for instance, am making a tiny alien creature.
Yes, I love my children.
Oh, or tiny alien creatures.
You know the funny thing about sentences?
Sometimes they take a twist at the end.
DAILY GRACE: Sometimes they go to a place you didn't expect
them to go.
HANNAH HART: Now I know how.
DAILY GRACE: Now, Hannah, if you had to travel back in
time, what food would you bring with you
for that time travel?
HANNAH HART: I would bring--
if I had to travel back in time and I--
I wouldn't be concerned with what food I was
eating back in time.
DAILY GRACE: Oh, I'd be really concerned.
No, man.
Old-timey food's the best, like flapjacks and cured hams
and whatnot.
DAILY GRACE: I would bring Gushers just to
freak everyone out.
HANNAH HART: They would probably burn you as a witch.
HANNAH HART: Just be prepared for that.
DAILY GRACE: But that would be cool to be
like, you know what--
HANNAH HART: It would cool to be burned as a witch?
Man, we got to talk.
DAILY GRACE: For having Gushers.
For having Gushers.
HANNAH HART: We got to talk.
DAILY GRACE: You can't explain it.
Oh, I just added chocolate chips by the way.
HANNAH HART: Think I'll add some to my alien as well.
HANNAH HART: Can you guys see this?
Now, just put them where the eyeballs would be.
But since it's an alien, there's like four.
HANNAH HART: Your mom's going to love this.
DAILY GRACE: This is how she sees you.
Uh, let's take another Twitter question.
We have from justinferguson9, "When are you coming to ATX
this summer?"
Oh, what a question.
ATX is short for Austin?
I think so.
And yeah, Hannah and I are both going to Austin for RTX,
which is the Rooster Teeth--
HANNAH HART: Convention-rooni.
DAILY GRACE: Convention-rooni.
HANNAH HART: Yeah, it's going to be super dope.
We're going to be doing a panel.
Um, people are going to be listening to us talk, much
like now, except with less cooking.
Bananas are great in pancakes.
DAILY GRACE: You know what I've realized?
I have a hard time doing more than one thing at once.
HANNAH HART: I realized that about you, too, Grace.
DAILY GRACE: Sometimes I lose myself mid-sentence because
I'm concerned with making my pancake awesome.
oh, and also we'll be there July 6, 7, 8, 9 in that range.
There's a website where you can find out all the exact
information about it.
Let's take a comment from YouTube, shall we?
This is firm JackariousLights.
"Grace, do you like scary movies?
No, I don't.
HANNAH HART: Me neither.
DAILY GRACE: Do you really not like scary movies?
HANNAH HART: I really don't.
I get scared so--
oh my god, these pancakes are so much--
HANNAH HART: --not better than the first couple times we made
them accidentally.
DAILY GRACE: We've done some practice, and they were bad.
DAILY GRACE: Real, real bad.
HANNAH HART: They weren't edible, fit for human
DAILY GRACE: I understand why Iron Chef is the only live
cooking show on television.
Is it even live?
I don't even think so.
HANNAH HART: Do you know Iron Chef is a Japanese chef?
You know that, right?
And the guy ate a pepper in the beginning of that show,
and then they switched it to an apple for
the American version.
HANNAH HART: Because America's weird.
DAILY GRACE: They're insane.
Well, while these cook, let's take a little look at an
episode of The John Friedman Internet Program.
Shall we?

It's The John Friedman Internet Program on
your World Wide Web.
-No, no, no, please.
Call me Jeff.
Mr. Potato Head is my father.
It's The John Friedman Internet Program on
your World Wide Web.
-Oh, sorry.

DAILY GRACE: Wow, that was great.
And through the magic of live internet television, our
pancakes, I think, are done.
HANNAH HART: I don't think that's true, but let's feed
them to someone.
DAILY GRACE: Let's do it.
And no good chef eats their own pancakes, so I wish that
someone was here that could maybe taste our
pancakes for us.
BETH HOYT: Oh, hey, guys.
BETH HOYT: Oh, my god.
What are you doing?
DAILY GRACE: What great timing.
BETH HOYT: Is this an alien baby pancake?
HANNAH HART: Yeah, it's not fully cooked.
BETH HOYT: I'll try it anyway.
DAILY GRACE: But in cooking, you round up.
If it's mostly cooked, that means it's probably all
cooked-ish, something like that.
BETH HOYT: Listen, it came from that box?
DAILY GRACE: And you have a "mom-osa" already?
That's so perfect.
BETH HOYT: I'm into it.
Look at this.
HANNAH HART: OK, I'm scared for when Grace is on my show.
BETH HOYT: This is like a cowboy on top
of a rock with legs.
DAILY GRACE: That's the great thing about pancakes.
They're like tiny Rorschach tests.
It can be anything you want it to be.
HANNAH HART: That's exactly what it is.
DAILY GRACE: It's pretty amazing.
BETH HOYT: I'm going to eat the cowboy.
HANNAH HART: Tell us how the cowboy tastes.
We worked really long and hard on this.

BETH HOYT: I'm going to eat you , cowboy.
I'm just going to do it.
Oh my god.
Is this homemade?
BETH HOYT: It's not.
BETH HOYT: It's not.
It tastes not homemade.
DAILY GRACE: We had a friend aunt that gave us.
BETH HOYT: It's like gum kind of.
It's sticking to my teeth like gum.
It's like chewy.
DAILY GRACE: That's the greatest thing.
While Beth digests her gum pancake--
It's never digesting.
DAILY GRACE: Let's take a quick question--
HANNAH HART: That will sit like a rock in your soul.
DAILY GRACE: --from YouTube.
Let's look at a YouTube comment from breannastrevig.
"What inspired you both to be YouTubers?" Hm.
HANNAH HART: Well, I know for-- let me actually answer
for you, Grace.
DAILY GRACE: OK, and then I'll answer for you.
HANNAH HART: Pure, unabashed narcissism.
DAILY GRACE: Oh, yeah.
HANNAH HART: Every day, a little bit more of Grace.
DAILY GRACE: Yeah, that's exactly why I did it.
A mirror wasn't enough.
BETH HOYT: Let's just put this back.
HANNAH HART: When she was-- yeah, I told
you, not fully cooked.
BETH HOYT: This is my tip.
Cook it.
DAILY GRACE: Beth has a little bit more
experience in making pancakes.
I just pulled this off.
Maybe I should put this back this way.
BETH HOYT: I should just eat this.
HANNAH HART: No, no, yours took more time.
BETH HOYT: This is basically what I just ate.
DAILY GRACE: That will be fun in 20 minutes.
Um, and Hannah joined YouTube because--
Let's see if you practiced your active listening.
DAILY GRACE: Hannah joined YouTube because she was a
copywriter for a long period of time, and then she made a
video for a friend, put it on their Facebook wall, and
somehow it got picked up by a lot of big news places.
And then she decided to keep going with that.
She was going to go to graduate school in England for
screenwriting, but then--
HANNAH HART: Dude, you are a good listener.
BETH HOYT: And she's a translator.
BETH HOYT: And her pants are from Urban Outfitters today.
HANNAH HART: OK, stalkers.
Wow, it's not fun.
Now it's scary.
DAILY GRACE: Yeah, we learned a lot about each other today.
Let's take another comment from YouTube, shall we?
This is from iziksquirrel.
"Grace, I had a breakup recently.
I need a good suggestion for booze." There's a really good
brand of booze called--
BETH HOYT: That was probably permanent.
DAILY GRACE: There's a great brand of booze called "all of
it," which is--
HANNAH HART: There's a great brand of booze called
"whatever's closest to your face."
DAILY GRACE: Whatever's cheapest.
And don't feel bad if it comes in a plastic
bottle, that just means--
BETH HOYT: You know what cocktail's called "all of it"?
The Long Island Ice Tea.
That's what it is.
DAILY GRACE: It's a cocktail that I feel like I've never
had it in my actual life.
BETH HOYT: Just don't.
BETH HOYT: Well, maybe you should try it.
DAILY GRACE: I feel like I need to experience it at least
once in my life.
Because it just has everything I want, which is everything.
BETH HOYT: And a dash of Diet Coke.
DAILY GRACE: It's a girl's dream, really.
Why is it--
people from Long Island are geniuses in their own ways.
No offense Nicole, sorry.
She brought in this griddle today.
How nice.
Well, guys, time moves so fast here on My Damn Channel LIVE.
That's it for the show today.
I'm, uh--
don't forget to subscribe to Hannah on YouTube at
And remember you can check me out every other day of the
week on mydamnchannel.com/dailygrace.
And Beth is here every other day hosting My Damn Channel
LIVE at 4:00 PM Eastern.
Until next Thursday, guys, live long and proper.