The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 5 'Buried Alive'

Uploaded by gamespot on 18.11.2011

Our goal today is to win the physical challenge and spectate, hopefully until elimination
I hate everything about these barracks.
The last couple of days I've been noticing the physical challenges are different, like
different aspects with different people. I'm really anxious to see what's going on with
this physical challenge.
As far as pressure goes going into these challenges, I'm not worried about the physical part but
we could work alot going into the gaming part.
Pros! Noobies! Come on over here! Hello my friends, this is the Controller: Battlefield
3. Welcome back. Today's challenge is all about fear and trust. It's gnarly.
I know you guys have been together as a team now and you get along, I've see Violence yell
at Sev a little bit, but that was only on one occasion. This one is going to bring one
of you to the edge, for sure. Here's how it works.
Alright, what?
Each noobie will have a grave dug for them. That's right, I said, a grave.
Each noobie will be blindfolded, put in a wooden coffin, and buried alive.
Inside each noobie's grave there will only be a walkie-talkie, a headlamp, and a map
which they can use to communicate their location.
Each teammate will be equipped with a walkie-talkie, and a compass as their only life-line. Gnarly.
You'll have twenty minutes to find your teammate. The team that completes this challenge in
the fastest time, wins.
Alright, the winner of today's challenge gets to pick which team they'd like to send into
the Battlezone to compete with the last place from today's challenge. Alright I forgot to
mention, today is an elimination day.
So get your game faces on because this could be your last day. Good luck.
I think Ayiiia and Mr. X are the sleeper team here. They're the team that at any moment
can just come out and take the tournament.
I'm kind of scared being down here, but I've got to give the best direction I can so he
can find me.
Alright teams, go!
Sev where you at? Talk to me.
Alright, where are you Alex? It's me.
What's up, can you hear me?
Yeah, this is going to be very easy. I'm south from the helicopter. Go down that road, jog
it, and past the Battlezone.
Where you at? Where you at?
I'm down past the Battlezone, just keep going.
You know where you are on the map yet?
You're going to go down to Afghanistan...
I'm down there right now.
Go to the Afghanistan village. You see the big fat bush right in front of you?
Alright I'm going there right now.
Just keep going up the hill.
This is a weird map. The compass here is different.
You're following the hook road.
I'm going to the hook right now.
You see the road going up?
I passed the AMD war room on the right, the cars are to the west, and the little mountains
are on the east.
Dude, I think you're going too far, I need you back by the Battlezone. You need to follow
the dirt road.
I did follow the dirt road by the Battlezone.
I'm more north, north east.
I'm just by bushes.
A bush? What do you mean by a bush, bro. What does that mean?
I'm looking at the Afghan village to my left.
Perfect. Keep moving east.
Just keep going up the hill.
I could've hung out there for a little bit, you know. I just had to pee really bad. Now,
I finally did.
You going to have to go a little south east, or west.
Come on dude, south east or south west.
I don't know how to explain this, just keep going, I'm all the way to the end.
I'm running around for 15 minutes, and I still can't find this guy. Where is he?
Under a shovel? What does that mean?
I was a little nervous the entire time, I always take everything one step at a time.
I don't see a dirt road.
So there's that the right road?
Have you seen the bushes?
Red team, again, this is Johnny, this is your one-minute warning. Do you copy?
It's crazy man. This was far. Not as easy as we thought.
Almost expiring the time limit in 19:37, Red Team, Edgar, T-squared. You guys are definitely
going to the Battlezone. In third place, Dark Blue, in 10 minutes 35 seconds.
We heard you climbing up the hill, what was the problem. You don't do much cardio?
I don't run up hills for a living, my bad.
In second place, just missed the lead by three minutes, the first team out of the gate, Purple.
Ayiiia, you won't even look at me. Won't even look at me. Well, good job.
And in first place, man. Two minutes, thirty seconds. Very quick. Well done. The Light
Blue team.
So for winning, finding your team in the quickest amount of time, you guys get access to the
AMD war room where your pro can school you on some tips and tricks on Battlefield 3,
and also, you get to pick one of these teams that you want to go in to the Battlezone and
compete against the last place team from today, the Red Team.
Why don't you guys take a second, talk about it, then come up here.
She's really taking this one hard.
Second place, dude, always.
Better than fourth.
Light Blue team, who do you want to send in to the Battlezone.
We really don't want to choose anybody.
Just say it.
Purple Team.
You guys are headed in to the Battlezone. Ayiiia's got skills on Battlefield 3 though,
we have seen, and so does Edgar. It ought to be a heated battle. Alright, Team Purple,
Team Red, let's go to the Battlezone. Light Blue team, you guys are headed to the AMD
war room for a little practice, go ahead.
Stress is off, we feel like we got it now.
I don't like the Light Blue team at all, think they're being douchbaggish.
Everyone thought the Red Team was probably the strongest, but after the first physical
challenges and they see how well me and her get along together that got everybody kind
of scared.
I just hate this whole like "We don't want to do it but, sorry guys." Just man up and
say it.
The rest of you, follow me to the Battlezone.
Back in here, let's do it.
How you liking the PC. What do you prefer?
Well, I think that I like the PC, because I can get around easier with the mouse.
This is my first time ever playing PC. I started on Xbox, then moved to PS3.
So what's the keys again?
Move forward, left, right, down, move backwards, jump, sprint.
I like how you can see to your left.
They should invent a rear-view, see what's behind you. That'd be some epic stuff.
Alright people, well it's that time again, to prove yourself in the Battlezone. Last
time we were in here the Red Team owned the competition and walked out of here with 2000
This time things are different though, this is an elimination round, so someone will be
sent home.
We are going to play a new game on Battlefield 3 today, a new map, and a new mode. Welcome
to Deathmatch, where the most kills wins, and the loser gets sent home.
Purple Team.
Red Team.
Get in your stations.
I'm going to be rooting for Red.
I'm not rooting for anyone.
Let's get started.
Right there, right there.
Move to your right. Move to your right.
Straight through that doorway.
To your right Edgar, right there. Right there!
You got him in your sights. You hit him.
He's right up in the building, you see him?
Reload, he's right in front of you.
Check score, check score, check score. Alright, we're up by three.
Reload, turn left when you get out of here.
I want to play!
Right in front of you, reload.
We got fifty points there, good job.
Going down to the wire right now.
Don't zoom on this guy, kill him.
Yeah, lets go.
Oh my god.
I have no idea what the score is. Oh my god.
8 to 6?
That last match was crazy, I can't believe how good the Purple Team played. I was really
impressed with how Ayiiia's screen looked and her Battlefield skills.
If you're going to take this too personal, I don't really want you here either.
I was so close, again.
I'm really disappointed that I only had three kills to get to win, that I think that is
what hurt me the most, is that I was so close, and I just couldn't pull through. I ran out
of time.
Well, it was another heated, epic, battle in the Battlezone but congratulations to the
Red Team, you had eight kills, you will remain on the Controller.
Purple Team you guys did not fare as well, you only had six kills, and you will be shipped
out as soon as possible from the Controller. Ayiiia, Mr. X, you want to come up here.
You have anything you want to say before you leave?
To who?
To the crew.
Good luck, Red Team, I hope you guys win it all.
Watch out for Blue Team.
Eventually they're going to have to go up against Red, they can't hide forever, so they're
going to lose.
They're playing cowardly.
It was really close.
Two kills close.
Alright well, it was great having you guys, but I'm sorry, game over.
I'm pissed.
Yeah, I'm pissed too. She came back really hard. Edgar was checking the score every two
minutes because he was so nervous. Another minute or two we would've taken them down.
Alright well, you guys are the last three standing, good job. It's getting heated. We're
getting down to the end here. Alright that's it. Head back to your barracks and wait for
your next objective.
I feel like we're definitely still going to have a target on our backs, so we're going
to have to watch out for the next couple of days.