Introduction to Experiential Learning at Purdue University Calumet

Uploaded by purcal on 22.06.2009

[Man] Hey Gwen, how's it going? [Woman] Great! Just headin' off to study.
I was talkin' to my new friend here, who is lookin' at Purdue Calumet for college.
I was sayin' how amazing this place is. They really get what it takes to make it in the real world.
And, they've set up some new programs to prove it.
[Woman] He's right. You really get to experience the real world here.
A lot of colleges talk about it. But here you get actual hands-on experience in a lot of different fields.
For at least two semesters, you can travel, work for a corporation, conduct research
or even work to make the community a better place.
[Man] Very true! With these new 'Experiential Learning' programs, I can see if I made the right choices
and get a head start on my career!
And there are some very cool opportunities nearby in Chicago, where
you can make some real connections to people who can help you after graduation.
[ Woman ] Yep. At Purdue Calumet, the real world *is* our classroom!
I'm gaining the skills and knowledge that I'll need to succeed after college.
[Man] Right now, I am co-opting at U G N, applying engineering theories to a new product development.
I'm learning about automobile acoustic systems from a firm recognized by Honda and Toyota.
[Woman] One of my roommates is interning at Telemundo in Chicago,
getting some amazing experience in communications
that will be a major benefit on her resume, not to mention an awesome experience.
[Man] My roommate went to England for a semester last summer to experience Europe
and study at Cambridge. You should see the pictures!
Plus, one of my friends is working on matter and anti-matter experiments
which just made huge world news in Geneva, Switzerland.
He said Purdue Calumet students were the largest contributors to the - one of the major parts used in that experiment.
It's crazy how many great opportunities you have to choose from here.
[Woman] Absolutely! Your experiences tie in with your class work and your professors.
Professors and employers who are mentors are there from beginning to end.
It gives me direction.
These 'Experiential Learning' courses replace boredom with excitement
taking the college experience to a whole new level.
[Man] My professors and employers keep me focused on the process
so I can get the most in and out of the classroom.
[Woman] I know what to expect from my career and how I fit in.
[Man] I've already begun to build my resume,
and I have the confidence to promote myself because of the experiences I've gotten here.
[Woman] Purdue Calumet is real education.
And there are many types of programs that would fit your interests!
We can show you some great programs you might like.