The Apple MacBook Air : MacBook Air Remote Disc Installation

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.04.2008

BRANDON KARON: The MacBook Air introduced another really cool technology called Remote
Disc. Now, since it doesn't--this computer doesn't have optical drive and I wanted to--
let's say I wanted to install Final Cut Studio on my MacBook Air. You can buy this guy which
is the SuperDrive which plugs into the USB port and you can read discs locally. Now let's
say you're at home and you have a computer a PC or Mac, you can install a piece of software
that comes with the MacBook Air called remote disc. Install into the Mac or the PC, it doesn't
matter. And so what will happen is the computer is on the same network, you could take your
CD; put the CD right into your other machine like so--wait for it to spin and then what
I'm going to do is I want to double click on my Macintosh hard drive and under devices
right here, I'm going to click on 'Remote Disc'. Now I see studios--this is our studio's
iMac right now which is this guy. I can double click on it. I see the CD has shown up here
and here it is. I see Final Cut Studio is connected, so let me double click on that,
give it a second, and it should pop up right here on the desktop which it did and then
here, I can install Final Cut Studio just like here and I can install it right on this
machine. Remote Disc is really cool for someone who doesn't have that external SuperDrive
and there you go that's how you use remote disc.