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Episode 8
It's been a long time
You bastards... came long way, didn't you?
I've never imagined you being down here at Jeju Island
So there's a real work here for a junkman such as you?
Got some time to spare?
Let's go to some place else and talk
I have nothing to discuss about
No need to panic
It won't do you any harm so let's just talk
What do you do here?
I'm one of the security agents in this casino
and this fellow... is a pit boss
Pit boss? What kind of work does that do?
to explain what that is... you need to know little basic about casino
anyway... it's one of the management position
So, you're not an ordinary guy are you, In-Ha Kim...
You! You should help me with something
You know...
I really need your gift...
Are you referring to Korean playing cards?
You and Jong-Ku...
for exactly one game only!
If that is what you wish, you've come to the wrong place
I don't do that
If you do... it'll benefit you in many ways
Of course, I don't want to force someone to do a work for me
But I'm not in a place to back off
Do it!
I don't like to threat others but...
I see you're settling in and getting on pretty well...
I can make that all disappear
That is how much I need your help, right now
So that's why you came down to see In-Ha?
I do too know about Korean playing cards
Give me a break!
You listen to me carefully...
I'm sure you already know that
I'm helping Chairman Do-Hwan, Choi for undertaking
Sea World Hotel Casino's quota
But some how... it keeps me thinking
that I'm only doing good for him
I did receive few night club and a slot machine bards but...
It's nothing compared to what Chairman Choi will be having
It's like a quarter for the telephone
You know about casino?
I've became aware about it because of this job...
and casino... sure is something
It's not the kind of business that I'd do good for others
with this opportunity...
I want to be part of Sea World casino shareholders
Why would you need In-Ha
If you're securing your quota?
You'll see
Isn't it funny...
Gather up!
- Yes, sir - Yes, sir
With company's management rationalization policy
We'll be selecting one of the most talented dealer
among all of you
For an arrangement at foreign sales promotion
Our Jungmun Hotel Casino has selected the following people
Jeong-Hee Che, Min-Young Lee and Soo-Yeon Min
So bear with me
What are the criteria on the candidates?
We can understand for the promotion of Jeong-Hee Che and
Min-Young Lee because of their experience and ability
But Soo-Yeon Min is only new here
Sales promotion department is responsible for marketing international customers
therefore their ability in foreign language is a must
I have not seen anyone who is good as Soo-Yeon, Min
While I was a lecturer at dealer education team
Do you want any other explanation?
These 3 people are only a potential candidates
Only 1 person will be selected after getting an interview
At the headquarter
Let's get back to work
Hey, Soo-Yeon, Min!
You're so damn lucky aren't you?
If you work at Sales promotion
You get to travel a lot places like Japan and Hong Kong
You're so lucky
Damn lucky...
- What do we do... - What do we do now?
Jong-Ku, Yoo!
- Hello - Hello
Get out, just moment
Wasn't it Sang-Du that you met in the lobby?
Sang-Du the boss of Soo-Seong, am I right?
You know him?
I know most of scamps that are pretty famous
Anyway, everything OK?
Why are you guys seeing him?
Nothing, it's just...
You've gotta be kidding me you bastards
You fuck...
the reason I hired you even though you had criminal records
Was because I believe that you've liquidated all of your pasts
And... you're still seeing people like that?
You... go and tell In-Ha, Kim as well
If something one single ugly thing happens
You'll be out of your jobs
I hear you came to Jeju Island so you can get away from Dae-Soo, Yim
If you do this once for me I'll clear out your unfortunate relation to him
Dae-Soo... from now on do not chase after In-Ha
You got me?
I got you
Isn't that enough?
Listen to our boss
If you don't... your friend Tae-Joon will not be safe
What do you mean?
I have something on detective Park
You know, these days
Detective Park is doing everything I tell him to do
because if I come out of closet
he'll be out of job
What are you going to do?
Director Han knows about us meeting Sang-Du
He was barking at us for seeing scamp like him
He went mad
If I don't give him what he wants...
Sang-Du, he might do something terrible
For me, I'm ok to get off at that security agent job
But you're different
You have a life time opportunity
You're not going to throw that away, are you?
I'm sorry... did you wait for me long?
Gathering went longer than expected but here I am
Is my face all red? they gave me drinks...
You look pretty...
One should have something unpleasant about them...
And all I have is perfect pretty things?
Let's go
Let's skip it today...
Why? Something wrong?
No, just...
Fine, I'll be generous
Then let's go to a bar or something to get a drink
You told me you drank
So now I see that you're a drinker?
Let's go
Let's drink
That's good
Are you ok?
I'm perfectly fine
I... have something to brag about
What is it?
I might... get promoted to work at the Sales doing international marketing
It was my goal to be in that position... since I came here to work
I'm happy for you
It hasn't been settled yet
But the real reason that I'm this happy is...
You, getting recognized as a pit boss
You know... to tell the truth seeing a person doing so many fights
In the age of late 20's... got me worried
As if seeing a kid playing by himself at the waterside... always anxious
I felt like that...
I thought about when I would expect
That house of yours...
I feel as though I don't have to worry about it anymore
Then you'll come and live with me?
I'll come by now and then
You're being very expensive
Are you sure?
I'm sure
You know...
When you came into my life again...
And even remembering me...
Couldn't believe my luck
Because I'm usually damn unfortunate
Seeing you...
Meeting you again...
You'll have no idea... what that means to me
How long, I've thought of you...
How much I was fond of you
and how much I loved you...
You'd never know...
I don't know if I can really do this
It keeps coming back
I feel as if this isn't reality
When I wake up...
I was afraid that this all might be a dream
I don't know if I'm supposed to be this happy
Me, the unfortunate brat like myself
So I'm too afraid...
You know... to tell the truth seeing a person doing so many fights
In the age of late 20's... got me worried
As if seeing a kid playing by himself at the waterside... always anxious
I felt like that...
I thought about when I would expect
that house of yours...
I feel as though I don't have to worry about it anymore
I don't like to threat others but...
I see you're settling in and getting on pretty well...
I can make that all disappear
Is it true...?
That... when you say you love me...
Is it really true?
We'll begin the interview
As you will all know
Interview will be held in foreign languages
If interviewer asks you in English you answer in English
And if they ask you in either Japanese or Chinese, you answer respectively
If you're not confident with your answer
simply tell your interviewer the truth
Dong-Joon Han and Seon-Jin Lee
- Yes! - Yes!
Please go in
Dong-Joon Han
What's your specialty?
Soo-Yeon Min Bo-Ra Han
Soo-Yeon Min!
What do you think your strong points are?
My strongest point is... delivering and pursuing my opinion, well
I believe this can be used effectively in international marketing area
In the file you're noted highly profile in English...
Do you have special reason for that?
I was brought up in an orphanage that was run by sisters of Catholic church
I learnt English from the American sisters
Soo-Yeon Min!
Are you leaving now?
I'd have to buy you lunch...
In-Ha will be very disappointed at me
So? How are you handling your job?
I'm not sure yet
There ought to be frictions if you only have desire
the very important thing about being manager is
comprehending your inferior
Come in!
Yes, sir
I believe this is your first time seeing her!
This is management director of Jungmun Hotel Casino
And this... is a fellow working at the planning department
after his graduation on hotel management and casino at the States
You guys should communicate well to do your work properly
So get to know each other, ok?
This is the result for the interview today
Can you please tell the advertising chief that I'm running late
I'll do that
Can we talk?
I thought about telling my dad...
that you and I knew each other
I thought it'd be better
if my dad recognizes your ability objectively
and... the biggest reason is...
I haven't figured out...
the feeling that I'm having... for you
At the Las Vegas...
At dawn...
Remember you told me that you would wipe out my shameful memory?
It didn't go away... even with your lips
Maybe you and I are able to erase that memory...
But there's this lake that parts us
What... do you mean?
You'll... know, someday
I should go I'm late for the meeting
Do you know Soo-Yeon, Min?
I saw you... together at the lobby
We knew each other from the past
Mr... would you like to drink this?
Oh... Thank you!
Let's play Korean playing cards
- What? - Just one game, please...
I don't know how...
What? There's no one who can't play Korean playing cards
Let's play!
You, you, you, bitches!
Why don't you just go to the zoo and put your head in the tiger cage?
I bet tigers won't even eat you
How much are you betting on?
1,000? That's big
Of course, this is a gamble
Well... I would if it's betting rate is around 100
Come on...
We're no school kids?
Let's play a game, please
- I'm really no good - One game
So, it's 1,000, ok?
Let's go
Three go!
What the hell...
You slut... What's wrong with you?
I didn't do it on purpose!
Oh no...
Four go!
Mr. stop it...
Let's go
What? What are you...
Hurry and do it!
Let me see...
21 blanks... is 12 points
And Hong-dan, Gu-sa is 6 points making it 18 points
And sash itself is 4 points that makes it 22 points
And 4 points for Mung-dda making it 26 points and 4 Gwangs?
Exactly 30 points
I've called for 4 times Go
that makes it double-double points
So that makes it 60 points then 120 points
you both are Pi-bak making it 240 points
Oh, my goodness Ae-Ja is Gwang-bak!
You'll be 480 points!
And you're Mung-tta so you're 480 and you're 960 points
- Hey, you shook, remember? - Oh, yeah...
Hey! Hey!
I was about to say that!
You become 1,920 points and you 960 points
so, we're betting for 1,000, right?
You, 960,000 won You, 1,920,000 won
Pay me!
What is this? I don't believe this!
It doesn't make sense!
Hey, come and look at this game!
This should not happen and it doesn't make sense!
Hey, Hey!
Hurry up and pay me!
I don't have it now... I'll pay you back later
Me too...
What are you talking about?
In the gambling house... no buying on credits!
Do you have no money with you?
Then cut me your fingers all of them!
Your fingers... fingers...
Hey! Bring me a knife!
Huh? Ok!
Mr... Mr... Please, forgive me, please
Mr... just this once
I'll forgive you this once
But never play Korean playing cards in the waiting room, ok?
If you do
I'll get that money out of your pocket, trust me!
You... your fingers!
Mr! Someone's looking for you
This is it
Who is it?
People who have ruined both themselves
and their families while hanging around at the houses
What? What are they doing here?
You... You're not planning on teaching them a technique, are you?
Are you crazy? Doing that again?
It's not that
To those of people who've ruined their life
because of me, the trickster
As a way of forgiveness...
I'm trying to help them out and make them a real people
I'm not teaching them a technique
but I'm trying to teach them how terrible and horrible
the gambling really is
What do you know?
They say you become wise when you get senile and he is
Now, like these Korean playing cards...
Tricking opponent with this indicated Korean playing card
Is called "Check-il" between our tricksters
Now, let's try one at a time
This is... Whe-gga-ri Mok!
You stick little bit of manicure into this top bit
of the end of card
You don't see it, right?
The second one is...
This is called Needle-mok
You pick it with needle, slightly...
See? You don't notice anything You only know by your touch
Now, the next one is the popular one
This is called the factory-mok
You make cheating card from the factory
And supply it to every single store
Even if you buy a card with your own hand
Despite your wisdom of not getting cheated
Tricksters already know everything
It'll be bbing-tteng and yuk-tteng
Please, have some coffee...
I'd have to say... there'll be hundreds of tricks that I do while playing Korean playing cards
So what I'm trying to say is...
Even if you go to a different houses
there will be a trickster dying to cheat you over
Lose every battle!
If you do earn some money for a change
It's the plan that the trickster is playing on
Sort of like a bait to catch a bigger fish
So do you all understand what I'm saying?
- Yes! - Yes!
Is this a coffee or a soup?
Head down!
Head down!
Hey, do it right
You bastards...
Hey, hey... treat them more gently their parents will ache for them
It's not the kind of thing to be gentle about
You bastards!
When I was doing assistant to waiting
My feet were never on the ground!
Do you know what that means?
I flew around!
But you? No!
When a customer tried to order
Not one single asshole turned around to take it!
What the hell are you guys doing, huh?
Yes, sir!
You... couldn't took your eyes off the dancers in the stage
You like it that much? Why don't you take her to your home?
You were dribbling all over like the dog
Talking about dribbling? You also had a competition
There's this rumor saying that
Many customers slipped on the floor
Because of his dribbling while he was assisting
Hey, Mr... I'm trying to teach them something...
What the... It's funny? Huh?
You assholes... Head down!
Head down!
Hey, just stop it their head must hurt
Come on, Mr...
In-Ha! You...
What the... are you out of your mind?
I told you that you and I no longer know each other!
Why are you here?
Hey, hey, hey... Get out of here, quickly
Dae-Soo Yim is the business director here! He may be here any time soon!
It's ok...
Ok...? Shit man!
Come on, listen to me!
Mr. help me! Help me taking In-Ha out of here
Do you really want to see me suffer?
In-Ha, Kim!
You came?
Hey... you get out I'll take care of here! Go now!
- Just go! - Yong-Tae!
I'm fine
Where's Sang-Du?
Sang-Du? Learn some manners He's no friends of yours
It's your manner to care about not mine
He went down to Kwangjoo
He'll be here tomorrow
So... made up your mind?
I'll talk when Sang-Du gets here
Let's go...
That bastard...
Boss, are you going to let him get away?
Leave him!
What is all this?
Is this really for me?
Oh, my...
Getting a present from In-Ha?
It's nothing...
It really is nothing
What do you mean nothing... This is triple thermo knitwear
Huh? This is TTK?
This... I don't get it
I love this color too
In-Ha... Thank you... so much!
When you were in prison...
I always thought of you to send out some
Quilted clothes in winter... but then...
7 years just passed like that...
I have no right to deserve this...
Thank you... so much!
You woman...
It's nothing what are you weeping about?
Hey, can you get in touch with others?
Yes, they'll be here soon
- Cheers! - Cheers!
At the station in the old days...
Other than the money cheated off...
Other than the money earned from the prostitute quarters
This is my first time... to buy a drink with honest money
Let's drink until we die!
I earn pretty good, you know...
You bastard... bragging about getting some money...
Hey! Let's drink until the end drop of this store's drink
Hey, drink up!
Come on!
Go, go!
No business today, no business!
- Cheers! - Cheers!
You alright?
Do you have something on Dae-Soo, Yim?
Do you?
How did you know that?
Hey! It's nothing!
He's... threatening me
With some money that I earned from horse racing
To put me out of job... but hey! Let him! I don't mind
I thought about it
But I'm willing to stand on my feet until I get him into the jail
You don't have to worry about anything
Do you have banana gas on you or something? Why are you laughing?
- Take a look at this... - What is it?
Do you know what this is?
Isn't it a business card?
Indeed, and it's In-Ha's
In-Ha has his own business card!
Section chief In-Ha, Kim!
in my family, getting to be section chief is the most successful thing
Oasis... Group... Jungmun... Casino?
Casino? Isn't casino a gambling place?
Is he into gambling?
You fools...
You think the casino is an ordinary house?
Casino and house... is different even from their roots
Casino is very legal business
That is considered to be great
And our In-Ha is section chief at the casino!
Well... it is still gambling, isn't it?
You dumb fool
I told you Casino and house is different even from their roots!
Have you ever seen a fellow having business card who goes to the house?
It's nothing...
He's... threatening me
With some money that I earned from horse racing
To put me out of job... but hey! Let him! I don't mind
I thought about it
But I'm willing to stand on my feet until I get him into the jail
You don't have to worry about anything
Is Mr. Chairman in?
What is it?
Mr. Chairman was right
Chairman Do-Hwan Choi was involved in
Sea World Hotel Casino
How much did he secure?
The most updated information reads as 42%
Then Chairman Sang-Chun Yu has passed his quota to Do-Hwan Choi?
Call Do-Hwan Choi and tell him I want to see him
Yes, sir!
What is it?
It's natural food
Leave it there
Have it now
Come on!
Dr. Hwang made it for you specially
Your stomach will be much more comfortable
You should have some pleasure of taking food... This isn't one
It's good to have some pleasure but you seem particularly distinct with food
They say you live long if you only do vegetable diet
What good is living if you aren't able to eat properly?
Director Son from Oasis called in
So, finally it's begun
Chairman Seung-Don Suh would like to see you
In-Ha Kim is here
Get him in here!
So, you came?
I knew you'd come
You're here alone? Where's Jong-Ku?
He'll be here soon
Come and sit
In-Ha is meeting the president?
What for?
That I don't know
If we do this...
How can we truly believe that this really is the last time?
The reason that I've come this far...
Is not in the use of this fist
It's the loyalty and trust
I keep word that is coming out of my mouth
What's the plan?
Like I was saying before you and Jong-Ku just play one game only
Who's the opponent?
You wouldn't know even if I tell you who he is
His name is Myung-Jin Han...
He's the president of department store in Kangnam
He'll be about 40 something
This guy's father...
Were one of the richest man in Korea
All of the land in Kangnam was theirs...
But this Myeong-Jin fellow...
Had it all
Going around Las Vegas, Macao...
He did some international gambling tour
And became an issue for playing on a bet for 10 millions of wons
At Jeju Island recently
In another word he's crazy about gambling
Eventually... his skill is almost like a trickster's
And even own best tricksters in this country
the reason that I came down to Jeju Island to find you is because
You're unknown in this field
You've been rotten in jail for 7 years
So no one can know your existence
I've seen your skill with my eyes...
So if this thing goes well
I'll pay back that much
What is the betting rate?
Betting rate?
It's quite huge...
Mr. Chairman Do-Hwan Choi is here to see you
Bring him in
I apologize for not visiting in so often
How have you been?
Let's take a seat...
You've... been playing some batting behind my back
What do you mean...
You really don't know what I'm talking about?
You know...
I believe I've given you enough that you deserve
But... isn't it?
With your help... I've come this far
Then... you should've stayed with it
Why are you sniffing into my dish?
The Sea World Hotel Casino...
I hear you've been playing around with it
Quit it... at this instant!
Mr. Chairman
Casino has always been my dream
I'll never get greedier than this
Please, consider handing the Sea World Casino to me
You're saying you won't quit?
You may leave
Who is in there?
Director Son is here
Anyone else?
Someone came with Director Son...
But I don't recognize his face
That document... pass it over to Director Son
Put it through prosecution after selecting the document
Yes, sir!
How did it go?
Chairman Do-Hwan Choi is over now
What do you mean by over?
What do you mean?
The guy...
Who you saw at the secretary office... do you know who that was?
No, I don't
He's the personal information team chief that Mr. Chairman owns
It's formed with members of former NIS
They say that the information from that line
Is more accurate than the present NIS or the office of National Tax Administration
Mr. Chairman is very detailed person
Do you know what this is?
For the past decade...
This is the file that has every information about Do-Hwan Choi
Tax dodging, bribe... you name it
I'm going to select few from this and had it over to the prosecutor
Chairman Do-Hwan Choi is over now
May I see that?
I'm sorry...
It's not that I don't trust you... but no!
This contains not only the information on Do-Hwan Choi
But also for our Mr. Chairman
Did I ever tell you that Mr. Chairman and Do-Hwan Choi
Used to be on the same side?
Selection means I've got to sort out one's for Mr. Chairman
I'm going to select few from this and had it over to the prosecutor
Chairman Do-Hwan Choi is over now
He ruined me
I've fed him and gave him place to stay for over 10 years
And with a small hint of blind spot
He became traitor
That's what the life is all about
When you're down
And if you can't get up by yourself
You're done
If you reach out for help
There will be no one to pity you
And if there is someone who is willing to help
Suspect him first
You are the only one
Who can defend yourself
It's me... send Jeong-Joon to me now
What is it?
I don't think it's good idea for you to know
Don't tell father
Mr. Chairman...
I think... I'm the spit of my father
I'm sorry
Aren't you supposed to be working now?
I just wanted to see you little bit...
I'm going to Seoul tomorrow morning...
But you just came back from Seoul
That was for the business
I need to go... and
take care of something
What is it?
well... it's really nothing
It's something I must do to get rid of my dark past
I don't know what that is...
But I'm glad if you can
What is it?
Take a look!
Remember this?
My music box...
I felt little empty after giving that to you...
It's getting cold... go
Ring me from Seoul
You're funny...
You asleep?
I can't sleep... this is driving me crazy...
I gotta use Tan...
Are you out of your mind?
We won't be dealing with beginners, how are we going to use Tan?
I don't know about that Myung-Jin Han
But the people inspecting the game are the real tricksters
There's no way that we could use Tan!
I'll buy some time...
We must make Tan then!
We have to get one... there's no other way...