Neil Grayston Extended Interview from Settlers of Catan TableTop Ep 2

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 20, 2012


My name's Neil Grayston, and I guess most people know me as
Fargo on Eureka.

Eureka has been canceled now, but we do have an entire fifth
season that's going to be airing next year, or this
year, depending on when this airs.
I just did a movie for the SyFy network called End of the
World with Greg Grunberg, where we play two video store
clerks trying to avert the end of the world with our
encyclopedic knowledge of disaster movies.
It's a little bit more tongue-in-cheek than the
normal ones.
And other than that, just seeing where stuff goes.
I would consider myself a fair-weather gamer.
I prefer, actually, most of the time
watching them being played.
Because I get too tense when I play video games.
I start sort of being like that, and I realize I've been
sweating, and it's been like six hours,
and I haven't moved.
I find the stories now are so fantastic, and
there is skill involved.
And it's almost like it's like sports for me.
Because I don't really like sports, but I like watching
video games.
We play a game called Celebrities, where everyone
writes down a celebrity's name, be it a fictional
character or whatever, and we put it in a hat, and then it's
sort of like a mixture of charades and Pictionary and a
whole bunch of other things.
So that's kind of our most frequently played game.
But when I was a teenager, my friends and I used to played
Dungeons & Dragons every Friday, and every Saturday,
and often every Sunday.
We played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons in high school, and
that was really fun.
We had a particularly brutal dungeon master, who would--
our characters would die a lot.
Playing Dungeons & Dragons in my youth was a big factor into
me becoming a professional actor.
We were all kind of the drama kids at school who played it,
so it was just a bunch of creative kids sitting around
telling stories and just having fun.
Because that's essentially what Dungeons & Dragons is,
it's just a bunch of people telling the same story.
And I think that really sort of shaped who I was.
Gaming is a vast wilderness of possibilities in fun, and
possibilities of fun.