Triple, 2회, EP02, #03

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- You're up early. - What are you doing?
- Did you make that? - Yup.
My father told me to feed men well.
- Is Yuil High School far from here? - Yuil High?
About three bus stops away.
- Did you transfer already? - Yes, I even got assigned to a class.
Really? You're the bomb!
Anyway, thanks for the Kimbab.
I'm hungry.
Kimbab! Kimbab!
Did you make this?
Put some clothes on! Sleep in your room from now on.
Here are your lunchboxes, misters.
I'll do all the laundry, cleaning, and cooking.
Can you persuade my brother?
Don't worry. That's how we got to stay here, too.
I'll do it on one condition. Don't call me ‘mister'.
I'm late for school. Bye.
- Do you know how to get to school? - Yes.
- Watch out for cars. - Okay!
Hwal... Are you back from jogging?
Get your stuff. I'll take you to the terminal.
You're sweating.
See you after school.
- Bye! - Laterz.
- School? - Yes, school.
- What school? - Yuil High School.
- What? - She's now attending Yuil High School.
Let her stay. She seems like a nice kid.
She made kimbab and did the laundry.
You're not getting away with this. Send her away.
What's his problem?
- Do you want me to help? - How?
If I sign her up for a rink and get her a coach, he can't do anything.
- A coach? - Yup.
I have a coach in mind.
Are you sure you want to stay at Aunt's house?
Will you nurse me if I stay here instead?
That's fine with me, but I'm afraid it might worsen your condition.
Why did you come home all of a sudden?
I just stopped by.
When are you going back to Toronto? Can you leave the club for that long?
I told them that I'll take a break.
Why? So you can stay for the funeral in case I die?
Don't say that!
You're the reason why I'm sick.
You were a fine skater before you went backpacking at age 19...
...and lived in Canada for 7 years.
Thank goodness I only have one daughter.
You're leaving already? Stay for a cup of tea.
You got married without asking me. And your husband never calls.
What a fine couple you two are.
Mom! Let's leave together in a while.
Coach Choi Su-In?
It's you, right? I recognize your voice!
Your number is so easy to find. This must be fate.
Who's this?
I have a fine athlete. I think you'll be interested in her.
Are you free today?
Sorry, I'm not interested.
This means I have to see her in person.
I have to see her.
Shall I go fishing at the sea? Shall I go fishing at the mountain?
No, I shall go fishing at the skating rink!
Jang Hyeon-Tae! Peace!
You da bomb.
Wow, an ice rink in Seoul!
- What the? - Give me your autograph!
Give me your autograph!
Spread your arms out.
- You're still here? - Yes, I'm staying in Seoul for good.
Is that why you lost weight?
Can I join your team?
- What? - Please?
Hi, Yun Hye-Jin!
- What are you doing here? - I came to Seoul to skate with you.
I heard that you didn't pass the level 6 test.
You're paying a lot of attention to me. Are you scared?
Yo, yo, yo!
Coach Choi, this is Jang Hyeong-Tae.
Hold on.
Hey! Don't cut!
Who did this to you?
This is my seat. Take your car out.
- Coach Choi. - Yes. Yes?
Hello? Hello?
Coach Choi! What a lovely surprise.
- Who...? - I'm Jang Hyeon-Tae.
I don't usually do this, but my motorcycle couldn't go reverse.
I'm sure you'll feel better after seeing my athlete.
She's very pretty, somewhat like her.
Huh? Ha-Ru?
- Hi! - You're already here.
- Coach. - Hi, Su-In.
Coach Choi, this is the girl I was talking about.
She's a famous coach from Canada.
For the third time, I'm Jang Hyeon-Tae.
Nice to meet you.
Excuse me.
It's a Saturday. I'm not going into work.
What? Today's Friday? Hold on.
I have to go, but nice to meet you.
I'm Jang Hyeon-Tae. Bye.
- Yes, coming. - Bye.
I'm glad you're here.
She's a great coach. Get on her good side. Maybe she'll coach you.
Stop it�