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Episode 5, part 2
The phone is turned off, you will be
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Could it be . . .
Is he still at the playground?
Drive safely.
Kang Hwi?
I love you too.
Why did you come now?
Kang Hwi, Kang Hwi!
My head...
Where is this?
What happened yesterday?
Cell phone!
I am really disappointed!
Why on earth did you go to a place like that? Leaving all the nice places aside?
Ah, I don't know, I don't know.
I just opened my eyes and a water bed
was lapping underneath me …
Aish! I don’t even want to think about it!
How much alcohol did you drink?
That you even blacked out?
But did something happen, hyung-nim?
Perhaps, were you with a girl I don’t know about?
That's not it! Don't you know me?
In that extremely degraded place!
Ah! I don’t know. I feel leery! I feel leery!
Hey! Doesn’t my body smell? Huh?
Hey, Baek Go Dong!
Try to smell it.
Ah, hyung-nim!
Speed up! I have to go quickly and wash it off.
Sauna! Sauna!
You can’t go home right now.
Tae Ik hyung-nim
left for the practice room.
He kept saying he won't let you go if you are late.
I said speed up!
Anyway, the one that came out best…
I think is this one.
What do you want?
I don’t expect anything big.
The commercial that Won Kang Kwi is shooting again.
If you hand it over to me,
I’ll keep my mouth shut.
Just for a commercial you go through all this trouble?
At a cheap motel, with a guy partner…
Isn’t the combination extreme for a Hallyu star like Won Kang Hwi?
Won Kang Hwi was not a Hallyu star from the beginning.
Do you think people will believe this?
No matter who looks at it, it is obvious that it is fake.
It is not fake! I took it personally!
You went to Playground (Bar) yesterday.
Manager Kang said...
that you left with Kang Hwi.
Still, if these photos are revealed, the blow will be severe.
You know, don't you? I am close to Reporter Choi in Sports A.
Don’t you remember who introduced you to Reporter Choi?
Jae Hee... no Jong Chul!
This business is not such an easy arena.
I don't expect anything big.
The commercial that Won Kang Hwi is shooting again.
If you hand it over to me, I’ll keep my mouth shut.
You should have chosen your opponent well.
Leave the originals behind and get out immediately!
Do you know that Won Kang Hwi has a sponsor?
I mean it.
This was filmed yesterday at JY Hotel.
Check it out.
She lodged in the suite room.
That’s enough.
Star Entertainment!
Star Entertainment, on the condition that he brings Lee Tae Ik,
proposed a huge contract fee to Won Kang Hwi. Did you know that?
I also heard that personally.
I heard that you were dating a member of a girl group.
If you don’t want to be no. 1 on the internet hit list,
leave the originals here and get out immediately!
Why don’t you trust what I say?
President. you will suffer a blow like that.
I... trust my kids!
They aren’t like you.
Wasn't that Jae Hee?
Who, hyung?
Why did that guy come here?
Now, you even sleep out?
Ah! Baek Go Dong, are all the guys here?
I detest waiting!
I think the guys are here.
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What is this?
Uh, did you come?
Who said you can use our practice room without permission?
So what?
Man Ok, keep doing it. This... this is totally cool!
Aren’t you practicing?
All right, I’m leaving now. Practice.
Go ahead and start.
Where are you going?
Go to the toilet.
Why didn’t you come yesterday? I kept waiting.
That is… something came up.
But I went there at 11 p.m.
Huh? I was at Playground (Bar) at that time.
That’s strange.
I waited till midnight just in case.
On the swings at the playground.
Were there swings there?
You said you are going to the toilet,
what are you doing?
I was going now.
Man Ok, let’s eat together later.
Aren’t you going in?
Where did you go?
You neglected a person dying with pain alone.
Wow! What, neglect?
I left after seeing that you had fallen asleep.
Never mind!
If I catch a cold, it is all your fault, Stylist Jang.
What? I even poked his finger for him.
My bag!
Let's resume after a break.
Everyone, be quiet! Be quiet! Be quiet!
Yes, Grandpa.
What would I be doing? We’re in training.
At one, shout. At two, action. Start.
- One! - Ay!
- One! - Ay!
- Two! - Ay!
- One! - Ay! - Two! - Ay! - One! - Ay!
You heard, didn't you? Everyone is working hard.
Yes, don't worry.
- One! - Ay! - Two! - Ay! - One! - Ay! - Two! - Ay!
It was absolutely fun!
It’s a relief that your grandfather’s phone isn’t a video-telephone, isn’t it?
But I really feel bad. I am always scared that grandfather will find out.
It’s alright. It’s better for grandfather not to know.
What is it?
Why are you staring?
Whatever, your personality is bad.
You couldn’t do that one thing?
Ay! Ay!
All you needed to do was open your mouth.
I can’t lie.
Smart ass!
What should we eat?
Uh... How about ribs? I like rib patties.
That is slightly…
Then do you want to have sushi?
I know a great place.
Their fried fish is also good.
And, they also have Yeongdeok snow crab.
Even that… for the time being, no…
Then what do you want to eat?
What about pizza? Pizza?
We haven’t had it lately.
Oh, Pizza sounds great.
Really? Then where should we go?
How about Marco’s? Their pizza is good!
That place is expensive.
Let’s go where we always go.
Ah! The pizzeria at the crossroad?
Hey! There is no place to sit there.
Baek Go Dong, let’s go somewhere else. Somewhere else!
Forget it. Go there!
If we take it to go, they give 30% discount.
Hey! Lee Tae Ik!
Are you trying to stingily save money?
No, no! It’s because it is good.
I like that pizza best.
This and...
give us this.
We purposely came all the way here.
Please give us a lot of topping.
Also give us a lot of hot sauce and pickles.
Whatever, give as much as possible!
We are regulars.
Also, give us garlic sauce.
Anyway... just to get 30% discount,
we went all the way there?
Hallyu star, Take One?
Hey! Baek Go Dong, don’t just eat.
You must never tell about this to anyone.
It’s such an embarrassment.
I also think so.
So what? It’s good to save money.
What is he doing?
The pizza will turn cold.
It's almost ready.
Hurry and come, hyung! It's so good, looks like we will finish it all.
Leave mine!
Put on the TV.
I met with world-famous star, Jin Se Ryeong.
I see.
Let's go to that scene!
As the first Korean to do so,
you won the prestigious supporting actress award in the States.
How do you feel?
I’m happy.
I see.
Sometime back, you even got a love call from world-famous director, James Wang.
Please tell us of your upcoming plans.
Why? We were watching it well.
It’s not interesting.
Shall we play a game while eating? King Game?
Give it to me. Jin Se Ryeong’s interview isn’t over yet.
I plan on getting back to basics.
The place that made me the Jin Se Ryeong of today,
shouldn't that be my next destination?

You refused to listen to me!
And you just eat!
What is it?
♪ When I look into your eyes, I can't sleep.
♪ When I feel your breath, I am thrilled.
♪ You're the girl I am so stuck on. I need to stare at you.
♪ I want to hold you gently. the girl for whom everything is so sweet.
♪ I don't stop all night. I want to sleep holding you in my arms.
♪ I want to hold you as your moist lips whisper in my ears.
♪ You can touch! Be my girl!
♪ You can fly! Let me Love! Give all. You can fly!
♪ You can touch! Be my girl!
♪ You can fly. Let me Love! Love you tonight!

The kids aren’t giving you any more trouble now, are they?
I heard that there was an accident during the broadcast earlier.
Ah, yes. You needn’t worry about it.
It is extremely bothersome to deal with kids that powder their faces. Aigo!
Is the preparation for going public on the KOSDAQ going well?
Yes, it is going according to plan.
Nowadays, as soon as you put up a board (sign),
you start making preparations to go public or go overseas...
We are a little late.
It is the most important time now!
Make sure not to harm the company’s image and make thorough preparations.
Yes. I will bear that in mind, Chairman.
Ah! What happened about scouting that kid I mentioned earlier?
It’s me.
Did you think about what I said last time?
I want to know first why you put forth those conditions?
I thought you told me to tell you what I wanted.
If you interfere in my private life, I can’t work with you.
Are you calculating which of the two will be more profitable?
I have to leave as I have an appointment. I will call you back.
Fine, do that. But I can’t wait long.
As you know, there are many places that want me.
Call me soon.
What is it?
Doctor Cho called several times.
It’s Kang Hwi’s examination results. He asked me to give them to you directly.
Alright, you may leave.
What do you mean blind?
His eye...
Are you saying that he is going to become blind?
Depending on the degree of damage to his optical nerves, he may be able to maintain a very slight vision.
However, even that is hard to guarantee.
What about the treatment method?
If the optical nerves become damaged, it is impossible to recover.
There is no special treatment as of now.
In the case of Kang Hwi, the rate of progress is very fast.
Probably it is because of the characteristics of the work.
Fatigue and stress are problems, but strong lights are also fatal.
President, only you will suffer like this.
I can’t wait long.
It is an important time now!
Make sure not to harm the company’s image and make thorough preparations.
There is no treatment.
Look for a plane ticket, the quickest one.
President, the ticket is ready.
Call Kang Hwi immediately!
He is in the practice room now.
Did you see, President? That is called Hapki Dance, isn’t it good?
Sit down.
Ah, yes.
As I was sleeping yesterday, I suddenly had an inspiration!
So, I came early because I wanted to complete the choreography.
I could make it big like this as a choreographer.
What is this?
Go and rest for a few days.
Why suddenly?
Did we get a schedule?
Ah! Did we get a commercial?
What is all this?!
That is what I want to ask you!
Hey! What is all this?
Why would I with this greasy guy?
What? You don't think that I really did this, do you?
President, don’t you know me?
I know. You would never do something like this.
What is this?
It’s that place!
You know?
I know, but…
No, I don’t. I don't know.
What are you saying?
I… I can’t remember. I drank and blacked out.
That is why I told you to be careful, didn’t I?
There are always eyes everywhere.
Who the heck did something like this?
President, who brought these photos? I will immediately just!
There is no need for that.
I already took care of it.
Still, we can’t be relieved.
We don’t know when other photos will circulate.
That can't happen. All my female fans will disappear.
These photos are completely embarrassing.
So, go abroad for awhile and take a rest.
It is easier to take care of it when you aren’t around.
What about the schedules?
Do you know the saying, “penny-wise and pound-foolish?”
We can’t incur a great loss by pursuing a small profit.
Go Dong will be waiting for you downstairs.
Over here!
What is this? It’s this car again?
The President said to be careful so that we aren’t seen by others.
Get in, Hyung.
Hey! Do something about this bag…
I packed, but I’m not sure.
Take a look, hyung-nim.
That’s alright. I will be back real soon.
I will buy the things that I need.
By the way, what is going on? Why suddenly..?
I don't know. Get going.
The phone is turned off, you will be linked to voice mail after the beep.
Her phone is turned off.
Man Ok. Stylist Jang.
Today, she went with Tae Ik for a scheduled radio broadcast.
Why does the stylist have to go along for radio?
Today is a live-broadcast radio.
Last time, Tae Ik went dressed in anything and around fifty thousand malicious comments were posted.
"A Date in the Middle of the Day". Today’s guest is the cool guy from Take One, Lee Tae Ik.
We will shortly come to you with live radio. Commercial!
Your style is fabulous today, Tae Ik.
Am I okay?
Good. [In Korean]. Good [In English]
5 seconds before we air. Stand by.
The chic guy who has captured the hearts of women, he is more charming every time you see him,
The most popular among the popular! We have Take 1's Lee Tae Ik. Welcome!
Hello. I am Take 1's Lee Tae Ik.
Lee Tae Ik, please wave your hands for the listeners of live radio.
Hello, everyone.
Fighting! Fighting!
Indeed, Lee Tae Ik, the best!
When did he learn the drums?
The outfit you're wearing today is also completely fabulous!
Give it to me.
Hyung-nim! Take care... Come back safely!
Be quiet! I will get caught because of you.
It’s the first time you are leaving alone, so I am full of worries.
Hey! Get off me quickly Am I emigrating?
Thank you.
Come back, hyung-nim!
Yes, President.
Hyung-nim just went in.
All right.
Proceed immediately as planned.
Yes, President.
Isn’t there anything we can fish (reel in)?
Not yet.
Reporter Han, search the portals more.
Reporter Song! Reporter Song, check if anything has come up in the gallery.
Yes [ in French ]
Did you understand?
If I don’t give orders at the office,
nothing works here.
Excuse me. This is a non-smoking section.
What? What? What!!!
Why? Why?
What is this? Take 1's Won Kang Hwi is Gay...
What to do, Ga Ryeong?
No, he isn't here. I'm sorry.
The phone is turned off, you will be linked to voice mail after the beep.
What's this?
Is the broadcast still not over?
It looks like I have to leave even without saying bye.
What time is the flight?
Boarding Korean Air TK009, which was scheduled to leave at 13:50,
will be delayed due to sudden problems with the plane.
What? Why problems with the plane?
Omo! Omo! What is this about Won Kang Hwi?
What's wrong? What's the matter?
Look here!
What's this? Is this true?
I knew it. I knew he was like that.
What is this?
His fan club must be in havoc.
The response today was really good. All the messages were full of compliments.
Of course!
They complimented that the style was good.
As the model is good.
But, when did you learn the drums? You were really good.
Did you see Won Kang Hwi's photo? It's no joke!
That's right. I felt he was gay.
Yes. What is this? What is this?
But, did the two of them really do it?
All the things mentioned so far are the private affairs of our singer.
U Entertainment has done our best to protect the privacy of Won Kang Hwi.
However, judging that it could arouse social criticism,
U Entertainment has decided that Won Kang Hwi of Take One...
We have decided to throw him out .
U Entertainment has decided to throw out Won Kang Hwi of Take One.
has decided to throw him out.
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Man Ok! Over here! Over here!
Kang Hwi!
What on earth are you up to?!
That's him.
I told you that you are my puppets.
Let's go, Man Ok!
Where do we go?
If we want to catch the enemy commander, we have to enter the enemy's base.
What is it?
I think I left clothes here.
Knowing his personality, you don't know what trouble he will cause.
Find him quickly before something happens.