How to Assemble a Model Car : Get Tips on Buying Model Cars

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi I'm Greg B from Expert Village. Today we're going to talk about model cars. OK, buying
model cars, it can be a difficult thing. There's so many model cars out on the market. When
you go in a hobby store, yeah we want them all, but usually with our wives we can only
come out with a few. What I like to do when I go into a store, I like to make sure the
box is sealed. You've got a lot of kids out there building models they'll remove the plastic
covering that's on the model and you can bet there's going to be some missing parts in
there. But you get yourself a model car that's sealed. Roughly they're around anywhere from
ten to fifteen dollars in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, some of your hobby stores. I've seen them
in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can find them almost anywhere. Supermarkets, you'll find
them from time to time. Like I said, there's many models out there it's just a matter what's
your preference. You want to build a street rod, a muscle car, an original car, they're
all out there for you. Chevelles, to your Camarros, to your bubble top '62 Belaires,
'64 Chevys, '55 Chevys, whatever you want you can find. There's a couple of magazines
that are out on the market. You got Car Modeling magazine and you have Scale Auto. They're
both published by the same publishing company. In these magazines you can find model cars,
trucks, events, websites, cars that people are looking for that they no longer manufacture,
die cast models, all kinds of parts, how-to-dos. These are some of the better magazines. Shell
coverage, painting, this is the bible of the hobby. Scale Auto, same thing. Many how to
dos, where you can buy cars, car shows with just model cars in them. Just everything is
in here that you would want to buy, just whatever you want to do as far as model cars. The after
market parts, just stuff you never would know about unless you had this magazine.