Best DJ Software for PC (Mixmeister Fusion)

Uploaded by NeoGenTV on 06.03.2010

hey guys It Anthony From Neo Gen TV to day I will be show you a cool program I found.
It call Mixmeister Fusion and it version 7.2.2 so check it out.
Ok first I want to say that this is one of the best DJing softwares I have ever use and
anyone could make a mix using this program
and DJs with more experience will also enjoy this program.
Ok guy when you first open the program a video tutorial should appear I advise you to watch
all the tutorials it teach you how to use the program.
Ok guys I want to show you how to easily create a simple mix using Mixmeister.
Mixmeister have three main section the librarys the playlist and the time line. your library
is all the songs you have imported to Mixmeister
in the library you could choose music by title artist BPM Album Time keys and codekeys. when
I'm mix music I mostly choose BPM and BPM is basically the speed of the song
you wouldn't want fast song with a slow because it would sound awful so what you would want
to do is click on BPM and it should show the sounds from fastest to slowest are slowest
to fastest
Then you would want to drag the songs in to the playlist and it should apper in the time
line. then click play and listen.
and as you could see
that was a very good mix and all I did was drag the song to the playlist.
guys and that why I think this is one of the best DJing softwares out there if you would
like to download it go to the link in the link description
and thats it. if you have any questins about this software comment below are send me a
message. I hope you enjoy this video please comment rate and subscribe
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