Price discusses White House's inconsistency in responding to Egypt and Iran on Fox & Friends Sunday

Uploaded by RepTomPrice on 14.02.2011

Fox: Iran will be holding protests tomorrow in support of Egypt and are going to push
for democratic changes of their own. Our next guest says that the White House has been handling
what is going on in Iran in an inconsistent way. Georgia republican Congressman Tom Price
joins us this morning. Congressman Price thanks for joining us.
Price: Good morning, thanks so much.
Fox: Hey, you blasted the president in ’09 for the handling of the green movement there
in Iran, noticeably absent, I think most people were shocked that they didn’t hear anything
from the White House for a number of days, I think like ten days. Do you have a reason
to believe that these new rounds of protests set for Iran; that there will be a different
response from the White House this time?
Price: Well I sure hope so. I’ll tell you, I think what troubles people most is the lack
of consistency or the lack of principle frankly. On the domestic front it has a significant
effects on the economy, and internationally I think it weakens us as a country. So, in
June of 2009 during the election in Iran and you had the protesters out in the street,
what you had was the White House said they didn’t want to “meddle” their word,
they didn’t want to be meddling in the affairs of another country. And then, this past two
weeks in Egypt, the president was very engaged after they decided what to do. So there’s
a lack of consistency and I think that harms us as a country, we need to be supporting
those freedom fighters around the world.
Fox: If there’s a tone setter of where the administration is going, I think it is this,
from our Vice President, Joe Biden.
Biden: Iran is trying to take advantage of this situation in Europe and expose the bankruptcy
of their system. I say to our Iranian friends, let your people march. Let your people speak.
Release your people from jail, let them have a voice.
Fox: Pretty clear message to Ahmadinejad. Are you satisfied with that approach?
Price: Well, we welcome the President and the Vice President to the fray right now.
But where were they in June of 2009. So where are they going to be next week, and that’s
the problem, this inconsistency. Look, we need to be shouting from the mountain-tops
about how Iran ought to let their citizens protest in the streets just as they championed
what was going on in Egypt.
Fox: Let me ask you this Congressman earlier on the show we had George Freeman on the show.
What he said was the louder we get the less leverage we provide for Iran. That is to say
that Ahmadinejad will say. Look at the West again flapping their gums, this is what the
West wants, and that will in fact hinder democracy in Iran.
Price: Well sometimes you have to do it openly, and sometimes you have to do it behind closed
doors, there’s no doubt about it, behind the scenes. What I’m concerned about is
this lack of consistency from the administration, so nobody knows what they’re going to say
next week. The fact of the matter is that the citizens of Iran ought to have the opportunity
and should have been encouraged in what they were doing in June of 2009. We encourage them
right now in what they are doing now to make sure that they have a government that represents
Fox: Ya clearly they are finding their voice on stability in the region. While I’ve got
you here I have to ask you about the President’s budget proposal that is tomorrow, he is not
talking about 2011, as are house Republicans like yourself. Are you satisfies with the
cuts that he is proposing as we move forward for 2012?
Price: On the top lines that I have seen, his budget proposal does not get us to a balanced
budget. We need to get on a path to a balanced budget, that’s what the House Republicans
will do beginning this week and will continue the hard work throughout the budget cycle.
Fox: Alright, Congressman Tom Price, thanks for joining us this morning on Fox and Friends.