Creole Seafood Stew Recipe : Make Roux for Seafood Stew

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi, my name is Karl James, owner of Creolesoul Catering located in Round Rock, TX and on
behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you my creole seafood stew. Now we are going
to make our roux and basically a roux is going to thicken our stew. It's going to be the
equal amounts of vegetable oil to flour and basically once you get that going you want
to keep mixing it. Because this is where a lot of your good flavors are going to come
from in your roux, so if you find yourself burning your roux, well it's time to start
over. Nothing worst than that taste of burnt roux so we'll continue to stir it until we
get the right color that we want. We are going with that kind of tanish color (add a little
more flour to this) now you don't want to get your roux going and walk away from it.
Cause like I said you really have to be attentive to your roux, this is the most frighten part
is doing the roux. But it is really simple all you have to do is stay on top of it. If
it looks like it's browning really fast make sure that your heat is down, you don't want
it to cook real fast. Just keep mixing until you get it to the right color, like I said
with us we are going for a medium tan color in for our roux. What your roux is going to
do is going to bring those flavors, that flavor that you are looking for as well as served
as a thicken agent for the entire stew dish. We are getting there so we'll continue stirring
our roux here until we get it to the right color and I'll see you back at the next step.