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I don't wish to fight an election nor has any doctor prescribed it.
But I have to!
For my right and for the rights of the public.
Those who think, that the public can be bought, are mistaken.
Public will not be bought. Its hunger will not be bought!
It will not do such a cheap deal. Its rights will not be bought.
Their rights are not for sale!
"Long live Chandersen"
I'm neither sorry, nor am I complaining...
as to why has Aartidevi set up free-food stalls in her office.
Why is she feeding the poor free?
In fact I'm glad they're eating.
I've nothing against her being rich.
Nor ashamed of being poor myself.
All I ask is, where was she earlier?
Where were all these grain sacks bought in "black" hidden,
when a fist-full of grain was unavailable?
Now since there're elections, the shops're full!
Had I believed...
...this would continue later on too,
I'd have been first to vote for her!
But no! I know it's a farce. A hoax!
An excuse to procure your vote.
These birds belong to nobody... they will belong to nobody.
They'll fly off taking your food and vote with them...
and sit in a chair in the capital and leave you starving for ever!
Have the opposition burnt our offices?
Yes. It's Chandrasen's trick.
How so?
All his workers ate here and worked for him!
Actually that started it all. We didn't let them barge in...
...they complained to him, and he in turn lectured all over the city.
- And you know how well he talks! - Yes, I do.
You also orate well, but you're here. Had you been there...
...then we'd have silenced him!
I'm just hearing one man's name; not of the whole constituency.
The biggest factor he has, is money.
He's backed by all the businessmen.
Where there's no money to spend, one must have brains to use!
Agarwals have a hold in Bhopal, and Chandrasen is an old follower.
They own factories dealing in millions.
Chandrasen gets money from there.
Lalloolal sent information that
Agarwal is contesting the elections too.
It's a problem to control Chandrasen and Gulsher Khan anyway.
The businessmen are for the former and the Muslims, with the latter.
We had hoped for laborers' votes, but may loose those too.
If their mill-owner contests, they'll vote for him, who else?
What's wrong with your brains?
Don't people know and understand?
- Isn't there a newspaper there? - Just one. "Vatan".
With some Gyani as its editor.
Till the elections get over,
print all our party news on the front page.
- Then do you want me to stop? - No... you're misunderstanding me.
Do, by all means, but why give Front Page to what you don't believe in?
Put it on the 3rd or 4th page, or anywhere else for that matter.
This is a design for a new poster. Some hand-bills, and...
...and ad release for "Vatan". - You can go now.
This is why you're here. 25,000 posters. A hundred thousand hand-bills.
This is your order, and this is your advance check.
From now on we'll give all our work to you, okay?
- Not a bribe, is it? - Nonsense! This is being practical.
We're doing so much for you... Favor us too.
Okay, I will.
Favor us before the elections. And we'll return them later on.
Quit drinking rum, and try brandy.
Chandrasen has won this round.
Forget it! I'm helpless, else I'd have made it hell for him.
Why are you helpless?
I'd have retaliated very strongly, but Aartidevi's a Gandhian.
Can't lift a finger, let alone a hand.
Look at this. Chandrasen makes headlines in the "Vatan"!
He's taking over the whole press.
You talk of the press?
He has taken over the whole set up.
One, he has money on his side.
And two, all the businessmen are with him, on the other side...
...Gulsher Khan has Muslim votes! What can we do?
I think we should call her over.
She'll stay here and attend meetings.
And form the atmosphere.
I know that, but... who'll listen to her advice?
Don't do this and that... walk a straight and honest path.
How will she win like this?
But why tell her all this?
She'll stay here and all will be fine.
But where will she stay?
May I suggest?
Since offices are burnt down, why not a hotel?
Where's the manager?
He should be in the garden now.
- Does he take a walk by the clock? - No, he's getting some work done.
Then call him please.
Do you wish to book a room?
Not a room, but rooms! Just call the manager will you?
He'll be in the garden outside. Please go there.
What's his name?
He's addressed as "J.K."
- He's the manager, right? - Yes, and the M.D. too!
Are you the Manager here?
Yes, I am. Well?
Wash your hands, then we'll talk.
Tell me what you want at least.
Room, but lots of them!
Vacate the South wing.
How many rooms in all?
Why do you want to know all the details? Look...
No amount of space is enough for leaders.
You know how it is.
They travel with their offices. They stay on top, and work below.
- From when do you want it? - Today itself.
They'll all be here tomorrow.
- Who's coming, by the way? - Aartidevi.
- Aarti. - Yes
She'll be staying here?
She's the leader of the public, isn't she?
Any objections?
No. Why should I have any?
In fact you'll gain a lot! From the glamour point of view.
Isn't she the one with a "Bird" as her symbol?
Who else will dare to go where the eagles dare?
- Greetings. - Greetings.
"Long live Aartidevi"
I noticed many in English.
- What this? No beds here? - I had them shifted.
- Why? - Well because...
there's a personal room for you.
Sandal-wood joysticks?
- Who put them here? - Not me. Must be the hotel-staff.
They're nice. I like them too.
A water decanter?
Someone really knows my taste!
This instead of a flask... something scarce even at home.
May I go? You better rest.
I'll sound the man about your schedule.
Yes, Sir?
Look here, make her understand.
If this goes on, we've had it!
- What happened? - What can happen?
To win, one must endure hardships.
She refuses the slightest discomfort.
Just think, many people will come and go, and talk outside life.
What a simple life... casual dress, no comfy beds.
This is how it starts.
- Where is she? - Lying on the bed!
Tell her, what I say is right.
Don't tell her right from wrong. She knows better.
I asked her to use a train once. But she said she'd fly.
"I spend my own money... And I can't afford to waste time!"
Her father is rich - who else will spend his money if not her?
So be it. What have I to lose?
You seem unwell.
You worked passed midnight too.
Go to the cottage and rest. I'll call you if need be.
Okay. But what is it now?
Lalloobabu is here.
From the South wing.
He wishes to put up Aartidevi's posters.
Very good and...
Don't allow him.
No political comment on the hotel.
Whatever propaganda is to be done, should be outside the Hotel.
May I coming, sir?
Got them, have you? Take these personally to her room.
Whose, sir?
That lady...
This is for her only.
Yes sir.
Give me.
Sign, will you sir?
That it make it more personal.
No, don't say from the manager.
Just say it's from hotel Ashiyana.
Good morning, madam. - Morning.
- Who from? - On behalf of the Hotel.
Somebody really knows my choice.
- Please keep it there. - Yes.
- What is it? - Porridge.
How come today all of a sudden?
Madam reminded me of it. She used to love it.
- Madam? - I mean daughter-in-law.
What's the matter with you? You always called me "Sonny"
Over the years, much has changed and much has been lost.
Do years break bonds?
In a way it has broken, hasn't it?
Can't say from where it's broken and from where it's still joined.
Did you meet her?
Why not?
- I hadn't asked you, and... - What's there to ask?
You've more right than even me.
You've fed her as a child.
Brought her up.
And then, you ask me?
Today I saw my girl after ages!
From afar however,
I did feel like calling out... But...
She has grown now.
Why not give this to the one it was specially made for?
There'll be many people with her. Nobody will let me go even.
Why ever not?
Do one thing. There's a dinner in the garden.
Ask any waiter, he'll take you.
If she's among some top brass or talking with somebody,
don't interrupt.
Send it with someone.
Excuse me...
Go and get some medicines for kidneys in this.
For kidneys...
Yes. Go across and get some rum in it.
I see.
Yeah, go.
- Where is Aartidevi seated? - She is still upstairs.
- In her room? - Yes talking with some V.I. Ps.
Binda uncle!
No, my dear. Bless you.
How are you?
I'm fine.
But how come you're here?
I'm staying here with the master.
He's the Manager here.
Since 4 years now.
That's why I wondered, who could know me so closely here?
Didn't he meet you?
- He's here? - Yes.
Behind the hotel he has a bungalow as quarters.
Just gave him his dinner.
I had made this porridge for you.
I've brought it along.
- Listen, keep this in my room. - Right, Madam.
I'll have it later.
Okay then, I'll go now.
Do come and meet me. I'm here for a few days.
I will.
"They all pass this turning..."
"They all pass this turning..."
"some slow sauntering paths... and some fast ones"
"They all pass this turning..."
"some slow sauntering paths... and some fast ones"
"To old stone-mansions, or modern glass nests...
"or to ones made of grass, they all pass this turning...
"Yes, they all pass this turning"
"One path flies up like a gust of gale"
"One path flies up like a gust of gale"
"Yet another descends with shy steps"
"Among these silken paths there must be one at least...
"...which reaches you"
"And passes this turning"
"They all pass this turning..."
"One comes from very far away...
"and then suddenly turns back having come here"
"One comes from very far away...
"and then suddenly turns back having come here"
"While one lonely path, neither stops nor moves on...
"I always think, that there must be one path at least...
"which comes straight to you"
"They all pass this turning"
"They all pass this turning..."
"Some slow sauntering kind others, fast walkers...
"To old stone-mansions, or to modern glass nests...
"or to simple grass dwellings..."
"they all pass this turning"
"Yes. They all pass this turning"
You're exactly as you were. You haven't changed one bit.
I have, become a bit weak.
No. I'm the one who's weak.
You were never that.
- You've just become a little thin. - Thin?
I've become old.
Got "silver" in my hair now.
Must be happy.
Because, even then, you used to "gray" it deliberately!
- You remember it all? - You haven't forgotten either.
After seeing the water-decanter, I did remember... but...
...I didn't think you'd be here.
When Binda came...
won't you ask me to come in?
Yes... do.
Since when have you grown moustaches?
A few years now.
You never liked them, did you?
- Is that why you've kept them? - No.
Who keeps this place so clean?
Isn't Manu here?
She's in Simla.
In a hostel.
Shall we go in the garden?
All right.
Will you have some tea or coffee?
But coffee disturbs you at night...
Not anymore.
Coming, sir.
You've come, my dear?
- Will you make some coffee? - Sure.
- But it's... - Not good for him!
I knew it.
Make ginger-tea instead. Which you always made.
That'll be fine. See, sir.
She hasn't forgotten. I'll just get it.
Binda's very happy today.
How many years have passed!
I've met you after so many years!
About 9, I think.
It has been 9 years, hasn't it?
I had come back home once, but you had left.
I was late in coming.
I went even to the hotel.
But you had left that too.
Where you were an assistant manager.
I keep reading about you.
I think you had a tonsillectomy some time back.
my life is an open book.
For everyone to see and know.
Nothing remains private in this life.
Aren't you happy with it?
You're pretty successful.
You've come a long way.
I didn't hear much about you though.
I've remained miles behind.
I'll pour it.
Don't you write anymore?
Very little, and sometimes.
- Is it hot? - Yes, it is.
Is it sweet enough?
What a way to be awaken!
Not "awaken", but "check sugar".
I've awakened you twice already.
What else can I do?
I've many time told you.
- Put this radio on, to awaken me. - That's in films, not in homes!
What's this?
Let's see.
- Where? - Let's see...
- Oh no, no. - Let's see.
What happened?
Is the sugar right?
Yes, it is.
- Remember the times when I woke you? - Yes, I do.
And the table had fallen on your foot.
It was your fault, but you blamed me for it.
I'm very fond of pouring boiling water on my foot!
So? It's just water.
Then go get some embers to put on my foot!
I'll do it to you some day! See how it burns then...
You always said "freedom-fighter" could walk on embers.
So what now?
It's not done without a cause!
I was just 12, when I got a bullet.
Then why are you anti-party now?
It was an anti-Raj party then!
We fought for independence!
We're still fighting for it.
Strikes! Non-co-operation! Does one get "self-rule" like that?
We have till now.
Now don't argue with me.
Just because you've a degree in politics.
Let go of my foot.
Took your time in pulling it out!
See! That's politics.
See? That's politics. That's why I hate it.
Where loyalty is not practiced, I'm not interested.
Hurry and get ready. I've to go out.
Where to, today?
To my father...
More of council work?
An odd job of father's. I'll finish it off and come.
You should get a son! Then let's see which council is bigger.
The father's... or the son's!
Get going now.
I was just thinking...
suppose we get a daughter instead?
Hurry up please. Father must be awaiting me.
I'll tell you a funny incident when I was 12 years old...
You'll remain 12, all your life! Come along now...
It's comedy.
You're late yet again. Forgot about the meeting?
He had to go to office.
How does it affect your coming?
I'll give him breakfast, else he'll eat at the hotel again.
Why? Isn't Binda at home?
Yes, but I've to do it myself.
You've got to spoon-feed him? Is he still a child?
No. But he's very child-like.
Kicks up a racket in the house.
I tried hard and sincerely too, but I still can't manage.
Please you do it.
Oh dear! A mere tape is troubling you.
Once you used ropes to scale hills.
Now you can't put a tape in pajamas.
Listen, those are two very different things.
I can score a goal, but not thread a needle.
- That doesn't mean... - You can't do anything.
Give me the pajamas.
Don't say I can't do anything.
I can pen such poetry that you'll remarry me in sheer ecstasy!
- Want to hear? - No. I've other things to do.
Such as? What could be more interesting than my poetry?
This! Putting tape in your pajamas.
Dear God!
What a comparison! You spoilt my total image!
- Binda kaka... - What is it?
- Go and make a wire. - On whose name?
Your Master's, at his hotel.
He'll get it within 2 hours.
He's sitting in his room here. Why send him a wire?
He'll hear us. It's secret.
Hurry up please.
- Hello good morning. - Good morning.
What is this?
A telegram for you.
Oh no!
What is it?
What does it say?
My wife has got a classic sense of humor.
- I'll be a father soon. - Really? Congratulations.
But what's this "sense of humor"?
She could've told me this at home. But she sent a wire!
You also sent one for me. Congratulate her first.
Then inform that I'll be home by 9:30 P.M. Keep the son ready.
Will he arrive today itself? It takes 9 months!
You don't know my wife.
She's a very fast worker!
She is do just like...
Thought of a name as yet for our daughter?
It reminds me of that fatso!
I didn't like it.
We won't call her by her full name. We'll shorten it.
- That's too short a name. - So we'll repeat it.
Mann, Mann.
Sounds like a door-chime!
Then we'll call her "Manu"
Go on, dear, Mummy's calling you.
This house just can't function without me!
What a line you've passed.
Thank you.
- Aarti - Yes.
Listen to the poem I've penned.
So you're penning a poem!
What's so funny in that?
You look just like a toothpaste tube!
He's pressing from top...
And the poems are coming out from the front!
- Binda uncle! - Yes.
You better go!
Marred my image!
- Let's hear it. - No!
- I'm not in a mood now. - Okay, I'll read it myself.
Very romantic.
When I was 12 years old, I was just as romantic.
Aren't you going to order a birthday cake for me?
Birthdays are not needed to eat a cake.
I'll get it later.
- No! Just now. - No dear. I'm busy now.
No! Right now!
If you become obstinate, I'll send you to hostel!
When did you send Manu to the hostel?
3 years now.
Pens very fine childish letters too.
- She must be 10 years old now. - Yes.
Will be eleven in December.
Has it gone cold? Shall I get some more?
I'll go now.
Don't bother, I'll go on my own.
I'll reach you till there.
It's better you don't.
I'd rather nobody know about us.
I too thought the same. That's why I didn't meet you.
But... okay then.
Has any declaration been given to print our paper?
- See, the block's ready too.
Nice name "Zamana." (Times).
I've spoken to Mr. Gyani.
But he can't be trusted.
These newspaper editors lack brains.
Thinking doesn't come to them.
If Gyani messes it up, we'll start our own paper.
- We'll need lots of funds for that.
I'll talk to Mr. Agarwal about it.
If we get paper at a cheaper rate, no problem I suppose.
Not at all.
Who supplies paper to Gyani?
I think Agarwal mills.
If that's the case, Gyani will not mess things. Don't worry.
Let's see who makes the front page. Aarti, or me.
I think you shouldn't go without some police protection.
Scared, are you?
No... but there could be riots and things.
- Who'll do the riots? - The public won't, for sure.
But one can't ignore trouble makers.
The opposition doesn't want you here.
- I just hope, you... - Don't worry about me.
The opposition comprises of gentlemen too!
Come here, guys... clear the road.
This road's blocked. There'll be many more ahead.
Never mind. We'll walk.
It's essential that we attend it.
"Aarti, the adamant, why won't she listen?"
"The school's declared a holiday..."
"why doesn't she pack her bag and go away"
"Pay your respects, the great ones have come"
"Pay your respects, the great ones have come"
"They've come to square the account for their 5 years in power"
"Pay your respects, the great ones have come"
"They've come to square the account for their 5 years in power"
"So pay your respects. Great people are here"
"So pay your respects."
"So pay your respects. Great people are here"
"They'll buy our votes by giving us food"
"They cover our bodies by giving us shrouds"
"They're all magicians and do work in a jiffy"
"And they can talk and sideline hunger and thirst"
"On our pitiable conditions..."
"On our pitiable conditions..."
"they've come to write books"
"On our pitiable conditions..."
"they've come to write books"
"That's why I say... pay your respects..."
"The great ones have come"
"Pay your respects... The great ones have come"
"They've come to square the accounts of the last 5 years"
"Pay your respects... The great ones have come"
"They've come to square the accounts of the last 5 years"
"Pay your respects... The great ones have come"
"Our life is our own, not yours"
"It's life full of poverty, not sin"
"We'll give votes all right, but not just like that"
"- Let the elections come. - we'll deal with you"
"First let's see..."
"First let's see, what freedom they've got for us"
"First let's see, what freedom they've got for us"
"So, they brought "freedom,' is it?"
"Pay your respects... The great ones have come..."
"Pay your respects... The great ones have come..."
"They're here to square the accounts of the last 5 years..."
"So pay your respects. The great ones are here"
"So pay your respects."
"So pay your respects."
"So pay your respects. The great ones are here"
"They're here to square the accounts of the last 5 years..."
Get the car! - It was ruined by the mob.
So get another!
Call a doctor quickly.
Let the press get here first.
If someone has to be called, call a photographer...
Hey, come here.
Ask the staff to send a doctor.
Let the news take wings.
Since there's fire, fan it, let it roar...
why flick water on it, create smoke and get it into one's own eyes?
- Sir. - Yes.
Aartidevi is injured.
Chandrasen pelted at her. - Chandrasen?
I mean, his supporters. She had gone to attend a meeting.
And the opposition pelted stones.
I hear she's hurt pretty badly.
- Where is she new? - In her room.
Get Dr. Gokhale quickly. ...take my car. - Yes, sir.
Yes sir.
- Listen. - Yes.
There's a press conference in progress. Nobody is to go in.
I want to see Aartidevi.
Where have you come from?
I'm the manager of this hotel.
See her later, she's with the press.
- Just for a minute... - Don't disturb her.
Why does the public need to throw stones at me, or any other candidate?
Only those pelt stones, who are afraid of the opponent's power.
Who are cowards, not self-confident.
Why should the public pelt stones?
The public is armed with the mighty power of voting.
They can easily oust anyone they don't like.
Who do you think is responsible? Chandrasen? Or Gulsher Khan?
Hate is responsible.
Pettiness is. Nothing else.
Can't this hate be of the people?
If they truly hated me...
a hundred thousand people wouldn't have bear the heat
to attend my meeting.
Where, after 4 hours of a long wait...
they had to return sad, and disappointed.
They need not seek my permission to remove me, if they hate me.
They know both, work, and duty.
And both will have to be understood...
by these who shun democracy and also free-franchise.
Those who fight elections with bricks and stones.
It's voilence not part of politics.
It is part of bad politic.
Why is the opposition against you?
Because they're against me, they're in the opposition!
Oh I see.
They ask what has the Government done for the public?
Can't they see that today's farmers are not laborers but landowners?
For our defense, we make our own airplanes.
Every village has schools, hospitals and electricity, unlike earlier.
Who did all this?
It was not got out of a magic lamp, overnight.
Just ask these leaders, ...ask them just once.
How many of them honestly file their I.T. returns to the Govt?
They strike!
Encourage the police and the army to do mutiny?
They say, all's fair in love and war.
Sure. Absolutely true.
I'd like to ask by opposition, are we fighting elections or a war?
If a war, then why use out-dated weapons like catapults and stones?
Why not use a gun on a woman?
And if it's not a war, but love...
...then convey my thanks to them for this token of love!
Don't strain yourself too much.
The doctor's here to dress the wound.
Oh Excuse me.
Excuse me.
One more Questions please.
Whom do you blame for this unfortunate incident?
One can't blame one's luck nor the stones...
...which were lying on the road and suddenly rained on my head.
Certainly some hands lifted them, and some arced to chuck them.
But to stop them, to hold them off...
or even to cut them, is not my job.
It's the public's!
Read. Aarti blems opposition.
My foot.
As if we're to blame!
And Gyani has her photo on the front page again!
I suggest you too call the press and clear your name.
Call a press conference?
To get my name cleared?
Meaning, invite trouble for myself?
But people will blame us then.
That's what she wants to prove.
That she's the sole peace-loving leader.
The rest of us are gangsters.
Only she knows democracy. We're rustic!
But how did this happen?
The public must have done it.
It never does anything without instigation!
Then it must be Gulsher Khan.
Yes. They rope in such idiots...
...and we face the music!
I'll see to Gyani myself.
Prints her photo on the front page!
- Hello! - Aarti?
Hold on please.
Fix my schedule with Gurusaran.
When he returns, I'll ask him. - Okay.
I tried my best to meet you yesterday, but you were very busy.
Yes I was.
How are you now?
Nothing serious.
Just a small wound.
It'll disappear by evening.
But the papers are full of it.
Don't go by that. It's blown up a bit.
I know what you mean.
I came to know you had come but were not allowed in.
They don't know you.
You're in this afternoon, I hope.
Binda has prepared "saag" for you.
You relish it, don't you?
I won't be in at that time. But keep some for me.
May I dine with you tonight?
Of course. Why not?
Will you come home?
Where else will I eat?
A long as I'm here, tell Binda I shall be eating at home.
Good evening.
Hello madam how are you?
Oh I'm fine. Thank you.
How's the head.
I mean the injury on the head.
Don't worry.
Oh I am sorry.
It struck you near the ear?
No, on the head.
It just scraped my ear.
Even then, you shouldn't have gone.
Can't help it, work demands it.
I know.
Coming home to dine, aren't you?
If I come early, I'll even cook.
Really? Can you still cook?
What do you think?
Right, we'll see tonight.
I'm sorry.
I had put it there.
When did you take to lemonade?
- Shall I send a Coca-Cola? - Which kind?
The same you were having when we first met.
Do you still remember?
Does anyone forget first encounter?
Can I get a room here.
At have single room or double.
I want a room...
Give me.
- Give me the... - Room
Oh yes.
You want a room... why break your hand for it?
Do you know who she is?
Who is?
Mr. Bose's daughter.
You mean Mr. K. Bose?
How do you know?
I've seen her with him many times at meetings, functions etc.
I'll... can I go home like this.
- Where's my car? - Whose car?
- My fiat. - It must be down there.
- Bring it up! - Bring the car up? How?
On a tray of course.
Common sense.
Common sense.
I forget all about it.
The air-conditioner in 302 is faulty. Get it checked, please.
- Which room have you given her? - 212.
Shall we inform her father?
Forget it. Why get her in trouble?
Suppose he finds out. Rich people...
In their own homes.
Customer is guest.
- Sir! Room 212... - What?
Water's flowing out of it.
We rang the bell, but no response.
You go.
Shall I come too? - No, I'll manage.
Just see if there's a punctured fiat outside.
Good morning.
Your clothes were removed and... - Who took them off?
Did you ask something?
- Who removed the clothes? - From?
You didn't ask how you got here? Who carried you?
- From where? - From where did you bring me?
From the bathroom.
In the same condition you are in, this moment.
- No! - Yes.
You were a bit "high" last night. And you came to book a room.
After coming here you must've gone to cool off in the bathroom.
There, after opening the raps fully, you sort off "Went off."
Yes. It's not sleep.
It's what is known as "going out like a light"!
A clerk told me who your father was. That's why I...
...didn't inform him.
It could be bad for you.
Now change your clothes... I mean wear some clothes!
And henceforth keep an extra set with you!
I'm sorry.
I don't really drink.
Somebody played mischief with me last night.
- He laced my Coca-Cola with it. - Listen, come here.
- Whom are you taking it for? - Aarti, eh?
I'll set her straight.
She has too much of that!
If you take it again, seek my permission.
I took about 4-5 cokes.
When I felt the effect...
...I got out of the place.
But in the car, I realized...
...I was in no condition to go home.
I didn't known where to go.
I wanted to hide out of fear. So I came here.
I can remember parking my car...
You call that parking?
One wheel on the curb. The other in a flower-pot.
One of the 2 on the road was punctured!
Oh no!
Anyway, it's all ready now.
When you come down, take a look.
Here is your car... And there, lies our flower pot.
Poor thing!
Here are your car-keys.
I'm very very thankful to you.
I'll send you the bill.
I see. I'll... - Never mind. Send it across.
And keep some money, in future. It comes handy.
I'll never do this again.
Really I mean it.
Oh yes.
Here's my address. Do come over some day.
I sincerely hope you do.
Excuse me, I gave you a wrong card.
May I have it back?
Don't tear it.
Wait till I go, else I can see it in the mirror.
"Come, let me lift you high... My naughty lips having kissed you"
"For you to kiss the moon's head You haven't noticed, I think...
"how, bending forward on its elbows,
the moon has come so close tonight!"
Beautiful. Wonderful.
- Good, eh? - Very Good.
When you say good, I feel real good!
Without poetry, you'd be so ordinary!
I was just 12, when I first recited poetry in public!
Did you do everything when you were 12?
Yes! except marriage.
- Why not that? - We hadn't met!
Else I'd have done that too!
You are saved.
"Now that you've come in my life..."
"there's light all around"
"Now that you've come, there's light in my life"
"Else, the wick in the lamp was flickering out"
"I've a reason to live now because of you"
"Else, life was passing by without any meaning"
"Now that you've come in my life, there's light all around"
"I didn't know where I was going and where to; but..."
"wherever, any road lead to, I knew I'd find you"
"I didn't know where I was going and where to; but..."
"wherever, any road lead to, I knew I'd find you"
"And that your prayers were reaching out to me"
"Now that you've come there's light in my life"
"Else the lamp was flickering and going out"
"Now that you've come there's light in my life"
"The day's not set, nor the night. I wonder how life will pass..."
"with dreams in my eyes I'm coming there"
"The day's not set, nor the night. I wonder how life will pass..."
"with dreams in my eyes I'm coming there"
"From where I could sense your presence"
"Now, with you in my life, there's light all around"
"Else, the lamp was flickering and going out"
"I've got a reason to live because of you"
"Else, life was passing me by without any meaning"
"Now that you're here... - There's light in life"
Want to get married
What's the hurry?
What difference will it make?
Tell me. Convince me.
As far as I know, 38,000 weddings are solemnized per day.
One of them will be yours.
So? What then?
What about the future?
Our maid servant has married, and has kids too.
You'll also have kids.
But then what? What next?
Is this your goal in life?
Are these your sole ambitions?
I had such high hopes about you.
I wanted you to reach the Zenith.
But, with you in a hurry...
No, I'm in no hurry.
I've waited till now, I can wait a couple of years too.
But what about you?
I'm in a hurry.
Then what? Get married.
And what about your leadership?
You do that.
And what will you do?
Not that you're stuck with me, I'll sniffle when cutting onions!
What else?
I'll bore you.
That's obvious.
I'll have your blood!
- And? - I'll do everything.
I'll sew; I'll knead the dough. Even cook food!
If you wanted this, then why did you spend 5 years at Oxford?
She's my ideal.
I may not become like her.
But I can try to walk her path.
I want you in politics.
Attain some position.
So that my business will gain something too.
You don't follow.
If you grow in status, so will my business.
Nowadays, without politics, nothing...
Don't turn my life into business!
If I had political ambitions, it was to serve the nation.
Not to promote your business.
And I'm leaving it, to settle down!
You had said, when you'd come home, you'd cook for us...
But by now Binda must've cooked.
I was late in getting here.
When was the last time you cooked?
When I was 12 years old...
What are you doing, dear? Leave it to me.
Now solve some national problems. Leave all this.
In fact, you must have lost the habit to do all this.
I've lost so much!
My home. We've lost each other too!
What nonsense!
Relations are not severed just because we don't meet.
Relations are not severed even when one dies!
Now go and call the master, while I set food on the table.
Haven't you gone yet?
Go call him. What are you thinking about?
- How do I call him? - What?
How do you call him?
I call him "Master", but you'll hardly call him that.
Well, what do people call him?
"Mr.J.K.", but you're not people!
- Shall I call him, for you? - No!
As if I can't call him!
I'll call him.
Dinner's ready.
Come on, then.
What are you looking at?
Our old album.
Manu looks very fat in this.
Takes after her father!
When was this taken.
Last year.
There are ruins near by here, it was taken there. Manu's favorite.
- Is it good? - Very good.
I'll take you there if you want.
How can I go there?
If not during the day, then at night.
Tonight, after our dinner.
- Will you really take me? - Yes.
- Promise. - Promise.
It's been years since I've strolled like this.
Seems centuries ago, in fact.
Must be during those days, when these citadels hadn't become ruins.
Seems in some previous birth to me.
As long as you're here, you'll be dining with me anyway.
So how about a stroll after dinner?
At least, these ruins shall come to life for a few days.
Where's your shawl?
I forgot to bring it.
You'll never change Here, take it.
"I've nothing to complain about in life, except you"
"But then life is no life without you too"
"Except for you, I've no complaint in life"
"I wish I could take the path your feet have taken..."
"and go somewhere, far away"
"I wish I could take the path your feet have taken..."
"and go somewhere, far away"
"For if you're with me, there'll be no dearth of destinations"
"I've really no complaints against life, except you"
see these creepers of flowers...
actually they are not that, but written in Arabic.
They should be seen in day light, when they are seen very clearly.
This all is full of water then.
- During the day when this... - Why talk of that time?
When will I ever come at day time?
This moon here...
See it at night. It never rises during the day.
It must be rising every day.
But with a "new-moon" in between.
Actually it lasts just for 15 days but this time,
it lasted for too long.
For 9 years, right?
"How I wish I could cuddle up to you and cry my eyes out"
"How I wish I could cuddle up to you and cry my eyes out"
"But then your eyes are not wet with tears either"
"I've no other complaint in life except you..."
"but life, has no meaning without you, either"
"If you say so, the moon shall not set tonight..."
"ask the night to go on"
"If you say so, the moon shall not set tonight..."
"ask the night to go on"
"Between you and me, we have hardly any time left now"
"I've no other complaint in life except you"
"For life, without you has no meaning either"
"I've no complaint in life... except for you"
There's one way we can disable Chandrasen, and that is...
...to put up Agarwal against him! - What will we gain?
These 10 candidates here... how many votes needed for them to win?
Suppose I divide them 5 here and 5 there?
Six votes.
A good idea, but what if she finds out?
That's why I'm telling you!
So that she doesn't get to know. keep everything hushed up.
But how?
You tell me, if I contest, whom will my family vote for?
Me, naturally.
And you're like a God to the workers.
They needn't even think about other candidates!
These votes will be in your pocket. - True.
And in the other pocket... all the business class!
There are my colleagues. - It's obvious...
...everything rests on you.
So why not you contest the election?
I never thought about it.
Don't bother. Leave that to us.
- What medicine is that? - For my kidneys else they don't work!
I was saying, you give that man money and votes too, right?
Must have cost you about 150,000. - More, in fact.
- If he wins, it'll double! - Sure.
But suppose he doesn't?
You're a businessman.
Why bother? You shouldn't lose your money.
And suppose you stake this money on yourself?
No fear of losing it, nor any worry to get it!
You don't lose either way.
You're very correct.
Of course! Now stand for elections.
He's mad! Lost his senses!
Who misguided him like this?
Must be that Lalloo. This "Bottle" is his sign.
Why should he do that?
They'll get Agarwal to join us.
Not stand against us.
What of the workers' votes then?
He'll get them naturally.
They all work for him.
But there's a strike over there.
What for?
- They've some demands. - I see.
If the workers fall out on him,
what strength does he possess?
Keep adding fuel to the fire,
and let there be no compromise!
"Fulfill our demands"
Everything's fine.
We'll go to the women's meeting first.
Come on.
Here, take this.
And take this, 2-3 times a day.
The cold is getting worse.
I noticed last night, that she has a cold. So...
Please keep this.
- Are you seeing what I am? - What?
- Something funny in the air... - Will it rain?
There'll be a storm, man.
If the opposition gets to know, or even smells it... we'll have it!
- What have you there? - Some photographs.
That's great work.
I told you.
I had seen her at his house, and last night they went for a walk.
They may not believe you, but they can hardly deny these snaps!
They'll have to believe them.
Here take these. A great cartoon for our paper.
Get cracking.
Agarwal will be taken care of in the strike.
And she, in the Hotel!
Hell! What has this woman done!
It's Chandrasen's mischief!
Mischief? He may be untrue but these are true enough.
She can't face the public now. Everything's lost.
I tell you from my experience,
even God himself can't save her now.
- You don't know the public! - Big deal!
It's her private life.
One can't carry the Gita and fight.
God himself didn't, let alone her!
You don't understand, sir.
- Opposition has erred here. - How?
A woman can bear any sorrow,
but sling mud on her character, and...
Shall I start preparing to return?
Let's extend it by 2 days.
We can't leave this mess and go off.
Cancel the 2 meetings scheduled for today.
And I suggest, leave the hotel too! - Shut up!
Will running away save our skins?
I hear they've put posters all over!
Clean it all up! Not like that. With water!
Do one thing. Go get... Hurry up.
How did they get in?
Where were all the watchmen?
"Aartidevi, shame! shame!"
You have your food at least, Sir.
I'm not hungry.
You have your food and sleep. She won't come now.
Get my medicine please.
- All is well, isn't it? - Yes, Sir.
- Has the food been taken up? - She isn't here as yet.
She hasn't come as yet?
Shall I go and see at the hotel?
No need. Just forget she's here even!
- Whom are you calling out to? - Nobody. I'm saying "Smile"!
This is Autophotography.
You in the foreground and background.
A Khadi sari!
Where are you going?
To another meeting with your father?
Yes, I'm going out with him.
And who'll be with your daughter?
Her father.
And who'll attend office?
I'm going out, so you take leave.
Listen Madam...
better sit quietly at home.
I'll not have this farce everyday.
Yesterday, the neighbor was in-charge.
The day before that, Binda was troubled.
Give that here.
I've already explained it to you very calmly, I don't like politics!
Then what does he like and wants to make of you?
I had told you not to marry then. It wasn't the right time.
It was time for efforts, earn a name.
But you were smitten with him then!
My god what a waste of talent.
I made you study Law; you became a barrister. All in vain!
What a bright future you had!
Threw it all away for a bearer!
Why don't you leave this hotel?
Do something else.
Like what?
Daddy can get you a job.
Or start your own business too.
May I ask something?
Whose idea is this?
Yours, or your father's?
Daddy? Why should he interfere?
Then how does it bother you?
Bother? Why should it?
I was thinking of your progress.
I didn't say anything bad.
All the women at the Women's Conference are wives of class officers.
I'm the only one...
who's the wife of a hotel-owner?
- Exactly. - Yes.
Does that lower your status?
It certainly doesn't add to it!
Whose wife would you prefer to be?
Whose wife are you?
Mine, or my profession's? Listen...
I know your father is a rich man.
And that you wished to enter politics.
But I'm a simple man, and I'll always wish to remain so.
I had told you all this before marriage. Right?
If today, it demeans you to be known as my wife...
...then you can go back to your rich father any time.
Just don't make a big deal of it.
Just let me know. I won't stop you!
Master left without having breakfast yet again?
What should I do? Run after him with it?
No, dear.
But this is not good.
Then you go and feed him.
- You should give in to his wishes. - Why?
He's just a husband.
Not my boss.
I'm not a servant in his house...
...for him to sack me if I don't obey him!
Had I been in your shoes...
...I'd have feared this.
I'm also not a servant.
I didn't come to serve here.
Because I brought you up...
...I couldn't stay away from you.
That's why I left your father's house and came with you.
You dare not sack me! You can't fire me.
This house may not run on my terms, but it's still my home.
If I don't like it, I'll leave.
But only when I wish to!
You can't ask me to leave.
When Manu grows up and marries...
I'll go with her, I won't stay in your house then.
Listen... Come here, will you?
Just a moment.
I've some urgent work with you. Come here.
Didn't you hear me? Come here!
You can come here too.
Stand up.
Stand up, I said.
Don't try to be my husband.
You're a wife. Stay as one. Okay?
Come with me.
Sit down.
What's this?
You can read English, can't you?
- How did my name get there? - How do I know?
- Daddy might have. - Might have? You don't know it?
I did.
Then why didn't you tell me. Inform me.
He's made you the President. He hasn't abused you!
Shut up!
Whom did he ask before giving my name?
No need of unnecessary hassles.
Whosoever, however small, I'm happy.
You may be.
In this small well. But I get suffocated.
What did you say?
You feel suffocated here?
In this..."well"?
Then why are you here? Go away!
I would've too. Ages ago.
If daddy's reputation wasn't at stake.
You're here for his sake?
Not for the reputation of this house?
You're not here, for me?
Okay then.
If you can't go away, I'll leave this house.
Then you'd have your full freedom.
And I won't let your shadow fall on my path, nor my child!
I won't even let you know where I am, or where I'm going.
You may not regret it!
What is it?
What's the trouble? Why do you wish to resign?
Nothing specifically.
Just had enough here.
Don't be stupid.
Today you are an assistant manager.
After a few years, you could be a Manager,
if you leave now you'll attain nothing.
What's the matter?
Haven't fought with the wife, have you?
"Tonight, I'll not return home. May be for ever"
"It's your decision. You only told me not to make a show of it"
"So I'm not doing anything, but opening my heart out to you"
"If we can't be the reason of each other's success..."
"...why be the cause of each other's ruin also? You won't like this..."
"but I wish to tell you myself, before you read it in the papers"
"I'm fighting the Municipal Election"
"Tomorrow I file my papers..."
"...which I'd have preferred you to sign, else I'll have to state..."
"...that we're separated forever"
"Whether I come back home, or not... The decision is yours - Aarti"
Mr. Agarwal's name is not new to you.
Which citizen doesn't know him?
He has helped every candidate.
But today, having lost faith in them, having seen their selfishness...
he's forced to contest the elections and take the responsibility.
You're not unfamiliar with those faces, who're either busy romancing...
...or instigating strikes, thus hindering the Nation's progress.
I ask not just the candidates, but you as public too.
- Do you have an egg? - No, I don't.
I have it. Hold on...
Here you are. - What shall I do with it?
Pocket the covering and throw the egg!
Pocket the covering, and let the egg go on the dais.
Listen... Listen, I say! What are you doing? Quiet!
You said the laborers were like my "children"!
But they turned out to be my father!
Today's generation is very restless.
But how to get a hold on them?
By accepting their demands of course.
- Out to bankrupt me, are you? - Then may I suggest another way?
You'll have to meet Aartidevi.
What for?
Because the labor class listens to her.
Are you mad?
She's from the opposition. Why would she help us?
But this is common in politics.
Suppose she asks me to withdraw?
Don't. Go ahead and fight.
Tell me one thing...
Is the news about the manager true?
Can't say.
But there's no smoke without fire!
May I come in?
Come in...
- You look busy. - Not really.
I've come with some vital errand.
Agarwal wishes to meet you.
He's a candidate by mistake.
But now he wishes to withdraw.
- Why, got tired? - No, bored!
He doesn't know the A B C of it.
Then who asked him to contest?
Who knows which fool did!
He can't go back to Chandrasen now.
So he wants to meet you... Just give him the nod.
- Why should I? - Where's the harm in meeting him?
I'll arrange the meeting in the hotel. - Okay.
What of his strike?
After a compromise with you, that will end.
Only thing is...
You're not up to some trick, are you?
Why should I be?
I detest lies!
One can't lie and tell the truth; Ever!
If the public need me, it'll accept me.
If not, it'll throw me out!
Don't deceive the public.
Don't worry.
I haven't even given it a thought. And you talk of doing it!
If I find out that you've cheated, then don't ever show me your face!
I've just got a wire that Mannu's coming.
Really? When?
By the day after.
Do one thing, try and contact the school.
If she hasn't left, ask the Head to stop her. I'll be going.
But if she has left, then ask her where can I meet her en route.
It's better if she doesn't.
All this mud-slinging going on...
I want to run away from it myself.
It'll be even worse on her arrival.
I'll just find out.
Let me know. I'll be in my office.
Why is this Hall decorated? Is anyone giving a party?
Mr. Agarwal is. Drinks and dinner.
Money is no problem. We had spent that last time...
Don't you drink Whisky?
No. I take medicine for kidney.
Is the Manager there?
- No. - Call from Simla.
This is J.K. speaking. When did she leave?
When does the train arrive at Allahabad? Never mind, I'll find out.
This woman still has what it takes! Pretty and attractive.
Why blame the manager? Any man will fall for her.
Look, she'll ask you to withdraw.
I think...
If she's willing to lie down I'm ready to withdraw.
- What did you say? - Mr. Manager, eh? Very nice dish...
Is she your mother...
I know what she's to me!
When someone bold enough asks, I'll deal with it.
You better leave now, else, I'll throw you out!
We'll see!
If anyone is man enough to ask me about us, I'll answer him.
Why ask you, who herself doesn't know and is still in two minds?
Such cheap tactics may be your style but they've no place in my life!
What nonsense!
The whole city knows and tomorrow, the whole country.
Such a big leader and she romances around?
That too with a hotel-manager?
How people gossip!
To hell with the elections!
Today's the last day, and voting starts the day after.
Everything went down the drain. All gone!
- Wasn't that Aartidevi? - Yes. Don't know where she went.
An old habit of hers.
When upset, she drives off by herself.
I know.
And I also know, she'll return involved in an accident!
The same ego, the same anger, and impulsive nature!
You better go and find out, else we'll have a tragedy on our hands!
Sir, just sent a jeep after her and find out her whereabouts.
She's gone back.
What could she have done remaining here?
Nothing left to hide now.
Chandrasen is the lone candidate.
He has won this election!
To hell with Chandrasen.
He wants nothing, not even your vote.
He just wants justice and decision.
That too from you! I ask you, as people...
...whose support did that manager have to physically assault Agarwal?
On whose strength did he dare this?
If I say they've an illicit relation...
...am I lying? Am I wrong?
From this very pandal and stage...
...I had asked her 3 questions.
Answers to which are still not given!
She forgot.
He might have even forgotten the people.
But today, since it's the last day, I'd like to repeat them.
So that, if she wishes, she can answer them.
I'm not asking them, the public is!
It wants to know what is her relation with that hotel manager?
Are they husband and wife? Or is he her lover?
Or is he being sincere to his job,
and looking to every need of his guest?
Those who want to lead people have to set good ideals before them.
They have to do deeds that beget respect and honor from the people.
And those who can't stick to this, should go away from public life.
The ancient Indian culture...
The ancient Indian culture...
Go on...
have your say.
Why did you stop there?
Why don't you say something?
Why has your tongue stopped wagging?
I've come to your court, dear citizens...
not to apologize, but for justice.
Do justice and if I'm guilty, punish me most severely.
You wish to know what that hotel manager is to me.
What is the relation between us.
My opponent has questioned me harshly.
I wonder how he would feel if these questions were put to his wife?
If he was so very interested in my personal life...
...he should've asked me, I'd have introduced him personally.
Said "Meet this man he's my husband."
Yes! I'm saying it from the roof-tops... he is my husband.
If it's a crime to meet one's own husband, then I'm guilty.
But for God's sake, do justice.
Don't throw accusations and insults publicly at me
& blacken my face thus.
I've just committed this sin...
...that I went to my husband's home.
After many years...
...I held my husband's hand and walked a few steps with him.
And for that, you all...
Good that you came here today, and supported me...
...and gave me my strength.
The guilty, the culprits, are standing before you.
Give us justice.
We were married 12 years ago.
We have a daughter, who studies at Simla.
This is but, my small personal life.
Which was not liked by your exalted leader here.
Which they call "illicit", "dirty"!
for which, posters were put up...
...photographs were published!
How could I tell you...
...that I met him after 10 years.
Because for the last 10 years I was with you.
Sharing your troubles, sorrows and joys!
I've paid a great price to be amongst you. To be with you!
My time, on which my family had the right...
my husband and child had the right to... I gave it to you!
I ask you, which woman, seeing her husband after 10 years...
...will not like to meet him? And let him know...
...how a life, meant to spend together, is being spent separately.
I request you, most earnestly,
please don't vote for me.
I don't want to remain in politics.
I am going back home.
Going back to my husband and my daughter.
I want nothing else.
If possible...
...give me your blessings and justice.
And, if you think me guilty... then punish me.
"Long live Aartidevi"
"It is learnt that Agarwal has joined hands with Chandrasen"
"Thus has increased his chances of winning. Mrs. Aartidevi..."
Why did you shut it?
It's good that you're coming back.
But don't return...
...because your losing in the elections.
Your loss can never be my win.
I don't want to see you defeated.
Neither at home, nor outside it.
Do everything with belief and trust.
"Till the afternoon count, the 3 candidates stand like this"
"Gulsher Khan - 1,203 votes till now. Chandrasen - 50,735 votes"
"Mrs. Aartidevi - 55,940 votes. Thus she's leading by over 5,000 votes"
"By the information just received, she's now ahead by 38,020 votes"
"thus confirming her win totally"
If I live, I'll again serve you in the next elections.
I know it's imperative that you go.
Finish whatever you've taken in hand.
I always wish to see you successful.
Mannu's coming tomorrow...
Had I stayed a day longer, I'd have met her and gone.
I'll send her to you.
Before going, she'll stay with you for a while.
You can leave her back yourself.
"They all pass this turning..."
"Some slow sauntering paths... and some fast ones"
"To old stone-mansions, or to modern glass nests..."
"even to single grass of dwellings"
"they all pass this turning"
"they all pass this turning"