The Vault - Episode 1

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HENRY: Come on!
HENRY: Hello? GIRL: Hi.
HENRY: Hi... GIRL: Who is this?
HENRY: Henry...
GIRL: Are you with the TV people... or...?
HENRY: Oh, no, no. I'm a player... contestant, I mean... or whatever we're called.
GIRL: Oh, ok. Me too... I'm Amy.
HENRY: Amy. Nice to meet you, Amy. AMY: You, too.
AMY: So this is the Vault.
HENRY: I... Guess so. AMY: Ok... So what do we do?
HENRY: Um... I'm not sure, really. I think we're supposed to figure that out.
AMY: Right... Do you know what the fish are for?
AMY: All the fish... in the bowls?
HENRY: I don't have any fish in my room...
AMY: ...Oh.
HENRY: So you have fish... What kind of fish?
AMY: Goldfish? I'm not sure.
HENRY: Ok... And you said that there were many?
AMY: Yeah.
HENRY: Uh... What kind of bowls?
AMY: Just little round bowls. They all have different colored tags at the bottom.
AMY: Wait. There's some fish food... Should I feed them?
HENRY: Uh... I don't know.
AMY: I think they've made a mistake.
HENRY: What? What's wrong?
AMY: There's barely any food left...
HENRY: Oh. Well, fish don't eat much, right?
HENRY: I'm sure they gave you enough...
AMY: We're supposed to live here for a week, right? HENRY: Right.
AMY: Well, this isn't enough food for a week... Not for this many fish.
HENRY: Ok, let's figure it out then. How many fish are there?
AMY: I don't know... a hundred?
HENRY: OK... And how much food is left? AMY: A pinch.
AMY: Hello?? HENRY: Yeah... Sorry, I'm thinking.
HENRY: Maybe it's a puzzle... like in the qualifying rounds, remember? AMY: Yeah...?
HENRY: So your puzzle is: "How do you feed 100 fish for a week... with only a day's worth of fish food."
AMY: That's impossible. HENRY: No, I'm sure there's a way. You just have to figure it out.
AMY: Well, what if I don't figure it out? I just let them starve to death??
HENRY: Hey, it's OK. They're only fish, right?
HENRY: OK Amy, let me get back to you. I'm gonna try and see if I can find some more people.
AMY: OK, sure. HENRY: Alright, I'll talk to you later.
AMY: Bye.
HENRY: Hello?
HENRY: ...Hello??
GUY'S VOICE: One second.
GUY: Alright, go ahead.
HENRY: This is Henry, who's this?
GUY: Omar.
HENRY: ...What is that noise?
OMAR: Clocks...
OMAR: A lot of clocks.
HENRY: OK... Well... what time is it?
OMAR: I have no idea.
HENRY: Well, what do the clocks say?
OMAR: 12:37, 2:25, 9:02, 6:59... They're all different.
OMAR: I think... One of them is correct... And I'm supposed to figure out which one.
OMAR: I'm looking for a pattern but so far no luck.
HENRY: Alright... Well, maybe I could help you...?
OMAR: No no no, I'm really good with numbers, it's just... When I start adding everything up, the clocks change.
OMAR: If I had something to... write it down with I'd be able to do it.
OMAR: You have anything to write with? HENRY: No, I don't actually... But maybe someone else does. OMAR: OK.
OMAR: Hey, they're filming, right? HENRY: Yep.
OMAR: Yeah, it must be really exciting television... Watching me look at clocks all day... Huge ratings.
HENRY: Right. OK Omar, I think I'm going to go check with some of the others.
OMAR: OK, you go do that. Hey, how many of us are there in here?
HENRY: Uh... Looks like... Nine. Well, ten, including me.
OMAR: Really? How do you know that?
HENRY: Well, I have these buttons on my wall and it seems like each button connects me to a different room with a different person. Kind of like an intercom system or something...
HENRY: And there's nine buttons so... nine people. Plus me, that makes ten... Makes sense, anyway.
OMAR: Yeah... Ten. That is not a bad number at all. HENRY: I guess not.
OMAR: You think we... uh... split the prize at the end or...
HENRY: Oh, I have no idea. Guess we should... Uh...
HENRY: Let's beat this thing and figure it out, right?
OMAR: Yeah, definitely.
HENRY: OK, Omar, I've gotta go. I'll talk to you later. OMAR: Later!
HENRY: Hello? This is Henry...
BIKE GUY: What's up? HENRY: Well, I don't know. You called me.
BIKE GUY: I called you? HENRY: I think so.
BIKE GUY: Oh. The button. Sorry.
HENRY: No, that's good. I think you're supposed to do that BIKE GUY: OK... Why?
HENRY: I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to help you figure things out.
BIKE GUY: OK. I've been riding on this exercise bike... But I don't think it's working.
HENRY: OK... Why is that?
BIKE GUY: Well, the number on the display isn't changing. It's stuck on 999.
HENRY: OK well, what else do you see?
BIKE GUY: Let's see...There's some wires. They go into the wall.
HENRY: Like a power supply? BIKE GUY: It's 3 wires so I'm not sure.
[BEEP] BIKE GUY: Wait, it just changed.
BIKE GUY: It says 998 now.
HENRY: OK, so, it' a countdown. Miles to go maybe?
BIKE GUY: 998 Miles? Oh hell no.
HENRY: You can do it, just take it one day at a time. There's 7 days... 1000 miles. That's about... 150 miles a day?
HENRY: And divide that by, say... 8 hours and you've got... 20 miles an hour.
BIKE GUY: Listen man, I can't ride this thing for 8 hours straight. For a week? No way. I'm not exactly in the best shape.
HENRY: Well they wouldn't have put you in there if they didn't think you could handle it, right?
BIKE GUY: Whatever. What do the other rooms have? A treadmill? Pilates ball?
HENRY: Not exactly. I've only spoken to two other people and one had a bunch of clocks... the other... had goldfish.
BIKE GUY: This game is weird.
BIKE GUY: Oh, come on!
HENRY: What? What happened?
BIKE GUY: Did your lights just go off? HENRY: What? No, why? Did yours? [PEDALING RESUMES]
BIKE GUY: Wait. They're back on again. HENRY: What did you do?
BIKE GUY: Took a break. Guess I can't do that. Great.
HENRY: Yeah, well, maybe it's just the-
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