How to Make Fish Stew : Sweating Vegetables for Fish Stew

Uploaded by expertvillage on 07.02.2008

BRANDON SARKIS: Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going
to show you how to make Manhattan-style fish chowder or Manhattan-style fish soup. Okay,
so our eight minutes is up. So we're just going to take our lid and open it away from
ourselves. What's going to happen is all the moisture from here is going to fall into your
oil and it's going to sizzle. And now, you can see inside here, I've got little [SOUNDS
LIKE] crispyty chunks of bacon, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm just going to give it a
good stir; make sure every thing is nicely broken up, which it is. And now, I'm going
to throw in that olive oil I had from earlier. You should pour that right in, and I'm going to take my vegetables--the garlic,
the shallots, the carrot and the onion--and toss that in there as well. Now using a towel
to hold the edge here, I'm going to give this is a nice, big stir. Now, the important thing
here is you want to make sure you break everything up, try to get the shallots to break up and
get everything nicely spread around.
Something else I like to do at this point, go and give it its first round of seasoning.
You should let it really work its way into the vegetables. And by seasoning, all I'm
talking about here are the classics--salt and pepper. So now what we're going to do,
I'm going to turn the heat down to about five. I'm going to throw the lid on this. I'm going
to let this sweat for about four minutes. Set our timer here. And what's going to happen
is this is going to cause the carrots and the celery to really soften up and kind of
let loose a little bit, also it's going to extract some of the flavor out of the shallots
and the garlic this way. So I'll see you in four.