Gönülçelen )) Episode 9 - Part 1/9 [English Subtitles]

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I gave up on the bet I gave the composition to Levent a long time ago
That issue is closed
why did you?
I just did
Just like that.. suddenly
yes, suddenly ..
why not?
well if it was me ok
In a split decision I would maybe give up. But you can't
So you know me so well
You know what I'm capable of doing and what not?
Just because I can't pronounce words correctly did you think I was blind and dumb?
We've been together for a while. I know you
You won't give split second decisions without thinking of the consequenses
You can't. It’s not in your nature
I see your pronunciation is getting better too
My answer is
Levent and I bet on nearly everything since we have known each other. It's like a game
We sometimes even forget the bet itself and what we're supposed to win
So we sometimes bet on stupid stuff
so you're saying it was a stupid BET and that is why you gave up on it
yes this is what I am saying. Ok?
No. It is not
then you probably don't know me well enough
In order to know people you have to see their behavior in different situations
For example I don't think I know you very well
I know one thing though: you're with me because you wanna go on that stage
your goal is to sing perfectly on that stage then you'll just leave
and our relation will come to an end
who told you this?
you did
You even said I wish I could keep my mouth shut about the bet..
too bad for all my plans and schemes I wish I had held my tongue
He's going to make me famous
These are your words not mine
but it’s true
It's not!
Yes maybe I've thought like this for a little bit..
but my real thoughts aren't these
what are they?
Ok. I'll explain.. but wait a minute..
These heels are good at first you feel like an elegant princess
but after an hour you feel like your feet don't belong to you
Shall we walk? I want to feel the soil under my feet
what did you tell them?
I said we’ve got Nakiye bring Hasret and we'll give her back to you
what did they say?
nothing I closed the phone
so we have to wait for a call from them?
how the hell do I know? I don’t kidnap people everyday
stop screaming
should we call the cops
I thought we should but it'll be a scandal Maybe we should wait t'ill the morning?
No words from Murat
should we call Levent?
Levent? why?
Maybe he can get a hold of Murat
You're right
I brought herbal tea
I can't drink anything at the moment
Hello Levent?
First of all.. I love to sing
while singing I feel like I'm crying, laughing singing a lullaby all at once
like there is a storm inside and it is bursting out. I don’t know how to explain it.
you're explaining it perfectly
Oh! you can use my words if you ever need them
maybe in another sponsor's meeting or something
are you turning this speech around to compliment yourself?
yes, I'm going to compliment but not myself
To be on stage would be totally different
Take what I just said and place them on a cloud. Maybe a feeling like this!
So it's very important to sing on stage. Right?
It's not about getting famous Murat sir.. not about money
Now I feel different feelings. Stronger.. You have given me these feelings.
Nice but maybe someone else could make you feel like this
You're the one who's CREATING THE STORM INSIDE ME No one else could!
Yes. There are times I get mad at you.
I say to myself when this concert is over I will leave.
But actually. You know, I will NOT GO ANYWHERE. I CAN’T GO NOW.
So this is the real truth. You asked and I explained
what turn?
It was because of you
because of me, how?
I gave up on the bet because of you
Your candor, determination to learn, forthcoming attitude, frankness...
yes, sometimes you overdo the being frank and bold and you make me angry..
to make a story short to me it wasn't right for you to be part of a bet
so you gave up for me
Look an advice from a teacher to his student
It's dangerous to push boundaries. It’s time for bed.. even past bed time
I was asking myself.. not outloud.. why are we going inside even though the weather is so nice?
That’s good you only said it to yourself, so that the teacher doesn't hear it. Lets walk back in.
Do you want anything to drink? Soda, water?
I don't even feel like drinking water
that’s good then. You won’t be eating knick knacks in bed
I don’t feel like eating
Something happened to me..
I usually get hungry by this time
Is it the same for you?
what is the same?
like.. do you have something wrong with your tummy?
A feeling.. like a pain.. but not pain..
as if something is being pulled up and then it knots up my throat making it hard to breathe
Do you feel like this too?
I must go to bed
Good night
Good night
where are we going? Where are we going to hide this woman?
we can't take her to the coffee shop... Can we take her to your place?
no way.. Everyone will be gossiping about me
Is Mr. Burhan home?
no they're gone
oh no.. So I won’t be able to see him?
I thought he was there that’s why I was a bit comfortable about being kidnapped
They're in ‘Kirklareli’ But they'll come back tomorrow
oh, now I feel better. If he wasn't going to come I wouldn't go to that neighborhood
let’s go to Burhan’s place and you'll see him tomorrow
oh that’s good then and it'll be a nice surprise for him too
yes. But there's another guest in the house.. Mrs. Berrin and you shouldn't see each other
which Berrin?
the singer Berrin Derin
What? What is she doing there?
oh, please wait a minute
what’s going on?
all clear we can go
what does that mean? We did not rob a bank..why are we sneaking out?
It is a tradition Kids through mud at you when you come out of the bath
oh.. that’s funny. Did the bath owner make this up.. you get dirty and go back in again
There is a new woman among them She's annoying.. her voice is too loud..
we are going to throw the mud and run.. ok?
OK.. Where are they.. shhhh.
Here goes the mud..