Kpop Music Mondays - Xia Junsu "Tarantallegra"

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This week's Music Monday wiㅁll give you the biggest nerd-gasm of your life with
Xia's Tarantallegra
So for you who doesn't know what the song means
Tarantallegra means the happy feet spell
made popular in Harry Potter
which forces you to dancing
Xia definitely a Sytherin
Xia definitely has the magic power with his magic wand
Junsu specialabilites
to make otherwise nerdy reference into something sexy
and making you nerdy fan boys and fan girls squeal in glee
I think Voldamolt will be recruiting for that
What other nerd task tic plans Xia have coming up next
Arrow to the knee
12 sided die
Team Jacob
The cake is a lie
Honey Senpai
Silve parachutes
Tardid Lego Lais
Dothrak Man Warrior
I'll say the right of to that song
Xia, call me
You have my number
We really admire and respect Junsu for making this music video
Seriously, this really breaks the normal K-pop formula
while majority of videos of K-pop groups being
cute or dancing sexing on sets that we have seen over and over again
This video, although it is sexy,
it's more like an artsy sexual erotic rather than just playing sexy
You know what I'm saying
It's not just about getting you interested in the singer
or like choosing your favorite member of the band
it has an artsy feel to this video
that we just don't see it very often
I feel like Junsu's background in musical theater is really shining through in his music video
with a the dramatic posing and like ballet dancing and stuff like that
and the makeup
concepts of androgyny
differences in male and female roles
and back-up dancers body like WHOA!!
really give this video more depth than
ooooh you so sexy~
(Simon)ooooh you so sexy~
so sexy~
The best way that I can explain it to people who haven't seen it yet
is by getting them to imagine Ziggy Star of David Bowie
and Lady Gaga as COMBO BREAKER!
And in Korea
where Lady Gaga's concert was banned to all minors
this video is definitely going to be banned everywhere
if it hasn't already been banned
Hell, it was probably even been pre banned before even Xia
started thinking about the video
I had a premonition of Junsu
Yes, slave
He's making a solo song and a solo music video
We must BAN IT!
Yes I know that it's not out yet
I had a premonition
We must banish everything!
TV Shows, music videos
Send him our of the country
Ban him from his house
Ban it!
Seems like Junsu might had already known about this banishment
before he made the music video
Hey, if you are gonna go out
you might also go out with the bang right?
(Simon) Right!
Junsu, Junsu
Sorry, there is a terrible news
The Ministry of Banishment has
pre, pre, pre, pre , pre, pre banned your music video
What are we going to do?
It's okay
I knew it from the beginning that they couldn't handle my
Do you mean.. sexuality?
Of course not
I meant sassy laity
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry
now that we have the artistic free to do it we wish
We will make the most wonderful, magnificent music video ever
You're the best!
Intern! Take notes
Here's what we'll need
Garden holes
Lots and lots of garden holes
Transparent garden holes
that's very important
Get to me also a lot of foreign dancers
for all shapes and sizes
and lastly, get me pickles and bananas
lots and lots and lots of bananas
oooohhh so many bananas
Get me all the bananas that you can find
They give me bananas everywhere
that poor intern who hasn't brought Junsu pickles and bananas, was fired and
from the K-pop industry
You don't mess with Junsu's grocery list okay?
All and all, we love this music video
customs were great
elaborate makeup
I enjoyed the video editing
and set changes were great
The only part I didn't love
that I didn't like it just I didn't love it was the snowy set
because it reminded me of the combination of
the GG's The Boys meets U-KISS's Neverland
I just felt that snowy set just didn't match up
with the dark feeling of the rest of the video
Chemistry lab was great though
I'm not sure how everyone is dancing so calmly
in a god saking chemistry lab
There's a freaking fire!
Is nobody afraid or dying here?
It's a fire, around chemicals
that's makes it a more painful fire
with like vigor death and more pains
Sexiness can come later
The only dance you should be doing now is
the stop drop and roll
You do all the face arousing raunchy all you want
but make sure you are holding a damp cloth against your mouth
so that you don't breath the smoke and die
Am I the only one who like to watch Junsu's face when he's dancing?
Seriously, he make the most scrunchy, passionate faces
that like I've ever seen in the K-pop industry
Also love his choice of back-up dancers here
Holy smokes!
Have you seen the girl on the left?
Did you see her thighs?
She has thighs like WHATTT??!
I'm not saying this in a bad way
I think she looks amazing
It makes me really happy since
so often K-pop idols and their back-up dancers
are like so thin that if they turn side ways, they would disappear
Things we the body that I can relate to in a K-pop music video
that makes me feel warm and bubbly inside
Now, if someone is nerdy and uncoordinated as me
can make it into a K-pop music video
Thanks Martina, thanks for helping out
oh no problem I love gardening, any time,
see ya!
Oh yeah,
I think I'm gonna send it as my audition tape
(Simon) With love of god, NOOOOOO
What was that?
(Simon) I sneezed
It was very awkward sneeze of yours
But, seriously what was up with the weird hose dance
that was going on in this video?
At first when I saw it, I was like
Oh this is really original artsy addition to this video
But it kinda when on and on and on and on
and on and on and on
and I was like
that's a lot of hose you've got there
You've got a lot of hose in different areas
And you know what? That's all what I'm gonna talk about
It's actually
I think we're done here
I think....
right here
Do you see that?
Do you know that you have a chance to push it like bubble pop
this is the you tube version, right here
oh gosh..
oh boy...
So sorry guys...
I really tried to wrap it up but I didn't do it on time
As for the English for this song we're gonna say
4 out of 5
We got no problem with the rapper's English in this song
It's perfect fine but Xia's English at the beginning of the song
though... it's not fine
Don't even tell that his saying "This Time"
or just mispronouncing it
I went to the professional school of liberating and
I could tell you 100% that he's not saying this time
Look at his mouth
Your lips have to touch
in order to make the m sound
with the mm
your lips have to touch
It is technically impossible to pronounce a m without your lips touching
in any language, in any accents
so don't give me any excuses
Xia here is, talking about his tie
which he's not wearing
technically it's a necklace
As for the fashion ad-mology of this song
I give it a 0 out of 5
Xia, need your fashion terms down pack
Last week we asked you which high maintenance expensive girl you preferred
G.NA in Topgirl
or TTAYS in Twinkle
and the winner by a lot
was Twinkle
I guess everybody preferred the twinkly cuteness
and perhaps was the puppy that win everybody hearts over
Definitely the puppy
For this showdown we ask you
which magical man grouping video you prefer?
Xia from Tarantallegra
or Rain from Rainsim
whooooooh they both are so nasty
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