Justin Bieber in Spain (subtitles in English) Part three

Uploaded by IrY29 on 24.04.2011

something strange can happen, and we want
Are you going to undress?
If you do want to take your clothes out, you can, the girls will be really happy
May be There is a girl in the world who knows more about you than yourself
And we want to do a sociological experiment
In a very big folly that we call "Do You know more about Justin Bieber than Justin Bieber?"
Of all the girls in the scenario we have selected a girl, Cristina. Where is Cristina?
She is a fan who has followed you around the world, she has made montages with your music, she did a montage with 400 girls from around the world to congratulate you on the anniversary of your first CD
And I want to come here, Cristina. And we'll see who know more about Justin Bieber
Ant: Faggot
Do you know more about Justin Bieber Than Justin Bieber?
Cristina, are you ok?Put your microphone right
Ok,Cristina, would you say something before?
Well, I'll say the question, and who knows the answer has to press the horn
Are you ready?
Who know more about Justin Bieber? Cristina or Justin Bieber?
I will say the question slowly
First question: What date Justin sang under the Eiffel tower?
Second question:... I will count to three
What Sentence begins in the trailer for the film Never Say Never?
Now i'm with you, is unfair
I love it when the girls are nervous and do this
Third question!...and try to don't guess our thoughts, Justin and me...
The serie "South Park" have made a parody of Justin, who was killed by a monster while he was giving a concert
What part of his body touches before being caught by the monster?
you know everything before we finish, Justin is fair
I don't know what to do...
Bieber, you decide!
Ohhh he is a gentleman!
the dick
this is difficult. Until I count three, can not be answered
This month Justin had a lession knee while singing on stage. Where was it?
Both know a lot about Justin Bieber
This question has been canceled
What color was the sweatshirt that had Justin Bieber on his first interview in a USA program, which he appeared with his mother?
Thank you Cristina, one kiss
let me introduce you to one of the best magicians in the earth