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Oh! We meet again.
Your girlfriend?
As if.
Is that so?
Seung Jo, want to go get some coffee and the cafe?
No. I have to go first.
You just got home?
The girl we met this morning.
Yoon Hae Ra?
Her name is Hae Ra?
She is a sunbae?
Does she look like a sunbae?
Although, she is named the goddess of freshman.
Then, she is in the same year as us?
She entered as the second best of Pa Rang University.
You are the top.
She is popular. Why did you come to a school like ours to study huh?
Are you jealous?
No... Why would I be jealous?
Why would you be?
We did kiss before.
Could... Could this be the second kiss?
This is just too good to be seen.
I was picked on again.
That kiss with him meant nothing.
It was just a joke.
He was just playing around with me.
Join us!
Join us...
So what? You're not really dating Seung Jo.
You might as well attack him.
She will be hated more.
Oh... How tough.
Ho, omo... I need to go.
Not eating lunch together?
Well to be honest... I found a job.
The beauty salon in front of Pa Rang High school.
Really?! That's great!
That is great!
I'm not sure if working here is right or wrong.
I will begin at the bottom.
I will work hard to the top.
But can't eat lunch with you guys anymore.
I can eat when there is no customers.
When you guys are free come over okay.
Then I'll go first.
Got to go. Bye!
Good luck!
Now I can't eat lunch with you too.
A sunbae from my majors invited us freshman to eat lunch.
Hmm... Then I'll be eating alone.
Yes. I'm coming over now.
Sorry, sorry.
I'll go.
What is this all the sudden?
I don't want to eat alone.
Seung Jo,
did you eat lunch yet?
Seung Jo...
You perhaps have no one to eat lunch with?
Please get me a chicken cutlets.
Pork cutlets... chicken cutlets... hamburger steak...
You can't think if you say it out loud.
You came?
I actually was going to ask if you wanted to eat together
What do you want to eat? Pork cutlets?
Hamburger steak meal please.
Same here.
Give me a lot of vegetables.
Excuse me, is this a mistake?
Yes? Is there a problem?
You have a problem on how prepare the food out, like that isn't it fair?
Mr. Genius.
Bong Joon Gu?
Ha Ni, long time no see?
Why are you here?
Aren't you working at your father's restaurant.
Yes. I work there evening and here day.
That's how I am earning this much money.
So you can marry me anytime you want.
I prepared everything.
This jerk studying with you.
You think I would do nothing about it.
Baek Seung Jo, what is it?
Your shocked?
Yes. I'm really shocked.
Why do you always follow girls skirt like this?
Follow a girls skirt?
This is love, it's love.
Do you know what love is?
Hey... don't say anymore.
Excuse me, make this again for me.
Why did you only make half of the meal?
Bong Joon Gu, you want to be fired?
Ahjumma, this is more than enough.
Eat up.
Ha Ni, eat a lot okay.
- Sit here. - Seung Jo here.
Ha Ni.
Go first.
I found you, been looking for you everywhere.
Anh Kyung Joo-sunbae, long time no see.
Long time no see?
Hey, since you're the new student here, shouldn't you have been looking for me?
- Sad. - Is that so?
Is that so. This kid acting so gentle.
I'll ask you this question.
Did you join any school clubs?
School clubs?
I haven't thought about it.
Don't need to think about it, just forget about that and join our club.
If you join we can probably enter the nationals.
Nah, been a long time since I played.
Seung Jo, remember those
red sneakers series when you were a sophomore?
Who got them for you?
Don't remember?
When you were a junior, who downloaded those really hot...
I know, I know...
Okay? so you're okay with it?
Thanks Seung Jo, you're a nice boy.
When class is over, come over to the club room ok?
You have to come.
I'll see you there, all right?
Student clubs?
You're not going to class?
Your still following me?
Umm, which club are you joining?
Not telling you.
So you can follow me too?
Who said I will join with you?...
{\a6}[Super Strength Club]
Is something wrong?
- Hello. - Hi.
Everyone is here?
This is the list of the new members.
Why aren't you coming in?
She even followed here too.
What is it, come sit down.
Oh, we meet again.
Oh, if i didn't come then there would have been big trouble.
You know how to play tennis?
I don't know.
Ah, I know a bit.
But never played.
Never played then don't join.
Don't think that this club is easy.
Not at all.
He said, don't know how to play is okay.
Just if I believe in myself.
He did?
Don't worry about her.
She won't listen to others.
Ok, I see...
Now, everyone listen here.
Ah... we shall begin.
Today not everyone know one another.
So introduce yourselves a bit.
Our first group practice will be on Thursday.
Till then, everyone...
I'm very happy to meet you all.
I am the Vice-Head president Wang Kyung Soo.
And in my 2nd year.
Your 2nd year?
Yes, I'm 21 years old.
21 years old?
It's fine, it's fine.
My mother talks to me informally.
It's all good, since our club started off so fun!
Today our Top-spin club.
has a lot of
special freshman join.
Last year's winner of high school tennis nationals.
First place, first place, right, first place, Baek Seung Jo!
Also in the same tournament.
The girls division winner in our club, Yoon Hae Ra-nim.
Nice to meet you.
Ah, I don't know why...
From last year no new female student have joined our club.
Our club didn't have any females,
but this year a female was willing to join our club.
However, a female student greatly joined our club and wanted to join came today.
Her name is... name is...
Oh Ha Ni..
Oh Ha Ni!
Hello everyone, I am the Oh Ha Ni from the Social Studies Department.
Hey, how long have you been playing tennis for?
I haven't held a racket before.
But I played badminton!
Ah! applause, applause.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Hey, you really hit hard.
Just need to practice more and you will play well.
I'm sorry.
I said it's fine, don't need to apologize.
Oh, nice outfit,
- Nice! - Really?
yeah, really nice outfit.
Oh, really suitable. really pretty.
Ah, I need to go get ready.
This is the first time in my life I am playing tennis, so you came.
It's usually the kids with bad intelligence who buy pencils before they take an exam.
Yeah? And buying different kinds.
You and Kyung Joo seem to be close.
Mm, I like Hwang-sunbae.
He is like Tofu.
He's soothing and very kind. His words are nice too.
Not like that someone...
You really don't know anything.
Let's go.
Good, everyone, Kyung Joo A!
Today is the first day so we're just testing everyone's abilities.
We will begin right now, so just go back and stay how you are right now,
and hit the balls.
Kyung Soo will be serving the balls.
Ah, everyone doesn't need to feel burden.
Today, just need to know a bit of everyone's ability.
Don't be nervous.
From now I will serve 5 balls.
Everyone doesn't have to force yourselves.
Just need to try your best, and hit the ball is all.
Don't overdo it or the others might get injured.
We still need to practice when it's raining.
Of course.
Rain or snow we still need to play.
Everyone get ready.
Will begin.
Hurry and get ready!
Bunch of punks.
Electronics major, Han Ha Shik
It's startled me.
What are you doing? Hit the ball! Hit the ball!
Open your eyes!
What are you doing, punk?
At least get one you punks!
I told you to hit it!
Better get it right! Get it right!
Hit it right!
What are you doing ha? Please hit it, Damn it!
Undecided major, Yoon Hae Ra!
Sunbae, what are you doing?
Serve the ball correctly!
Undecided Major, Baek Seung Jo!
Oh, Baek Seung Jo.
Nice to meet you.
I always wanted to meet you on the court.
Then I'll be needing your guidance.
Long time you haven't played tennis, so I was going easy on you.
No, go easy on me.
That was just a coincidence.
Ignorant fellow.
Ok!, Play to here!
Hard for you...
What's that, Hwang sunbae is angry.
So the next person is probably dead.
Last person, Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Why are you hiding?
Come out, come out!
Just go, he is calling you.
It's because of you!
Hurry and come out!
Stand straight up!
It's my first time playing tennis on court.
Listen! Shut your mouth!
You talk too much.
Are you playing dodge ball?
Why are you avoiding the ball?
Move one more time, and you will see!
Don't you dare.
What to do?
- Are you okay? - Ha Ni, are you okay?
Open your eyes!
Ha Ni, open your eyes, her nose is bleeding!
Yes! that's the way!
This is the power I'm talking about! Hit the ball even if you're going to faint!
Yes! Oh Ha Ni!
Are you okay?
That fool is actually real nice,
but once he picks up a racket he is a completely different person.
- Really? - Yeah!
He feels so bad that he isn't able to come over here.
Why do two look so good? Study so well and play tennis even great?
You guys probably were popular in high school too, right?
Not really.
Hae Ra probably dated a lot?
I'm not interested in dating.
- Why? - Why?
My relation with others is hostile.
But I need other people.
Because I want to first acknowledge through the independence of others.
And so we are begin dating.
The meaning of independence here?
Just the ability to withstand all situations at my own desire.
Therefore, when we understand the other person's independence.
Then love starts.
Someone said this before.
What is it? Hard to understand?
This is the important bit.
- Overall... - Overall love
is given away to one's independence
which becomes owned by the other person.
The feeling of love is left as hatred.
Therefore love is fail.
What? Why is it?
Ah, headache.
{\a6}[Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) A French Philosopher.]
You're interested in Sartre?
{\a6}[Simon de Beauvoir (1908-1986) a French Writer, Philosopher]
Not at all, what I interest most is the relation of Sartre and Beauvoir.
Ah Sartre and Beauvoir.
That I know.
Oh, you guys seem similar to them.
Didn't they met because they were ranked as 1st and 2nd in state exams?
I guess.
Really? You're not joking?
Like Baek Seung Jo then?
That is right. You better prepare yourself.
You followed that certain person to play tennis which you had no idea of
and come back with an injured nose.
Why ha? Oh Ha Ni?
And I thought you were actually on a roll this spring,
but look at you now.
Yeah, you went from winter back to winter again.
No, there is still a chance.
To be honest, I have a bit no strength for club.
But wait, there is still hope left.
What is it?
So you're here.
What a coincidence, we're in the same class too.
I heard this subject is hard.
But because you're here, I am relieved.
Ah, this is it! I have the chance to listen lecture with Seung Jo.
I could never have imagined this in high school.
Of course! Oh Ha Ni spring has now come back.
The guy back there came too?
Ha Ni!
What are you doing here?
What is what? I can't be here.
I miss studying.
You like study to study ha, that you missed all lessons back then.
Hey, because of you fool that I got off cafeteria at the busiest hour!
Was the cafeteria that slow?
Of course I feel bad for the cafeteria lady.
What so ever, I have no other choice.
Is this seat taken?
Really a coincidence, we even sit in same course again.
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
What is this teacher saying?
Ha Ni, Ha Ni!
Do you understand?
Jun Gu ah!
Pardon me.
Oh, Why do you have a band aid on it?
Did you hurt yourself?
What did he say?
I'm sorry.
I am be quite.
Shut the mouth.
Shut the mouth?
What are you laughing at? She is talking!
And who are you?
Me? Me? Me?
You don't have any books.
Did you originally take this class or...
What are you saying?
Hey man!
I'm Sorry!
I am goding!
Yes, I am goding goding!
What does that mean?
So you mean you're a high school student?
No, what I mean is that I have a high school diploma.
I don't go here!
He doesn't go to school here.
He just works in the school cafeteria.
I guess... he likes Ha Ni.
That's why, he's here.
Hey, what did you say?
Hey, why are you acting so high and mighty, when I didn't ask you.
Everyone else here paid their fee to study here..
Don't disturb us, and why don't you get out of here?
What? Disturb?
A head that stupid should at least be reasonable.
I hate most are stupid guys.
You are like a bug!
Today you don't have class?
Studying in university, really isn't easy.
Why... is there something up?
But there is a lot of female students who are pretty and smart.
Seung Jo must like
pretty, smart girls...
and skinny girls.
Hey, did a girl like that appeared in front of him?
Hey, Ha Ni..
How young my face looks, I'm still an old person.
I can see, that you two are perfect together.
A couple.
Like this.
Though I don't know how many pretty that female is.
But it's not better if she's not his other half.
See this..
See it, not a match right?
So don't worry, okay?
That's right.
Now stop wiping that, you're going to put a hole through that.
Ah Baek Eun Jo, what is it?
You forgot your calligraphy equipment?
Oh, ink stone?
Rice paper.
What are you looking at?
Not hearing me calling you?
What the, Oh Ha Ni?
Why are you here?
Look at you.
I bought you supplies, I'll just take it back home then.
Give it.
But what were you staring at?
I see, that girl.
Oh, pretty.
Everyone is prettier than you.
Thank you.
I'm not playing anymore.
Then how about eat this!
I'll get fat.
You're not fat.
{\a6}[Omok = Korean chess game]
Then how about we play omok.
How boring.
You need to make her have fun.
I want to go home.
My mom would like you to stay for dinner before leaving.
Is this Eun Jo's friend?
You've build this well.
Eun Jo's smart.
you have to do it this way.
Can I stay for dinner before heading home?
Sa Rang, would you like to have more?
No thanks, I've had my fill.
How sweet.
Seung Jo oppa,
do you believe in love at first sight?
Really? I never thought of it.
I don't believe in it too.
To me, it's just one of those lies that adults came up with.
But it is true.
When oppa walked in just now,
everything at that moment really changed
and my eyes only have oppa.
Oppa, please wait for me for 7 years more.
Eun Jo, because Sa Rang says she likes oppa,
That's why you hide here?
Our Eun Jo is handsome! Am I right?
Eun Jo…
Ah I don't know.
What's wrong, Eun Jo? You're handsome too.
Where's Eun Jo?
Do you ever worry?
Why? Why are you talking to me like this?
- Flirt guy. - What?
You manage yourself as if it's not like this, I can tell it all.
Yes, management.
You thought things don't go this way, so you keep yourself inside.
So you smile at me.
You make people confused whether it's real or fake, you take people as fools.
What are you referring to now?
All right, go for it.
You two are compatible, very matching.
Are you talking about Yoon Hae Ra now?
You're not talking about Eun Jo.
Isn't it all the same?
How was it?
Go away, Oh Ha Ni. I don't wish to see you.
All because of you, go away!
I'm sorry.
It's all because of you inviting her over, that's why things turn out so.
Did I ask you for that favor?
You're right. I made it overboard again.
This is me right?
Really, I'm sorry.
- I know whatever I say won't appease you. - What do you know?
What do you know!
Of course I know,
I'm the only one in this world who knows best.
The person I like don't look at me but others,
he even smiled at her.
I know how it feels, I know best.
And I can't show my jealousy on the spot.
Are you talking about hyung?
Eun Jo,
I think it's miracle for two people to like each other
at the same time.
One day,
I'll have this miracle too right?
I don't know.
Don't touch, don't touch.
Do I have to hire a part timer?
Chef, chef. Look at this.
All right.
Hey, hey. Why is this so stiff?
Did you mix this in the same direction?
Ah right! I got it wrong.
It tasted well, you place the right amount?
Yes. But it's wonderful.
How can water taste like salt?
And it's really special. Taste sweet too!
That's right.
Use that and some plums,
don't need other ingredients.
The others will hear. This is a secret.
Fellow, re-do.
What about this?
Mix it with the leftover flour in the fridge so that it can be re-used.
Yes, I got it.
When can I come up with good dough?
I have to learn it fast and cook some for our Ha Ni.
Joon Gu.
Yes, chef.
Do you like our Ha Ni that much?
Father, I feel shy when you pop this question suddenly.
If it wasn't for Ha Ni, I wouldn't have graduated.
Everyone says I'm the first counting from the bottom. I get into trouble every day.
Everyone avoided me at that time.
Only Ha Ni regarded me as her friend. That's why I am able to graduate.
- Really? - Yes, chef!
Is this how I mix this?
- Yes. - Mix in one direction.
You guys live under one roof?
- Hyung. - Oh, Eun Jo.
We have a pair work going on;
have to do research on a topic.
I'm sorry but you have to do your work at the study room.
What topic is that?
It's western literature on manners.
We have to do this in pair.
- Is he your dongsaeng? - Hmm, Eun Jo.
Come upstairs.
A beautiful noona.
The adults are not at home?
Dad come home late every day.
It seems like my mom went out.
What to do with this topic?
Are you familiar with this topic?
I've read before.
But can I say I know everything?
That's true.
They know about it that's why they came up such a topic.
This place is good,
the scenery is beautiful.
The western males have this mentality
That when women follows them home willingly,
It means that they're willing to sleep with them.
What to do?
Let's split up the research information and come up with a conclusion.
All right.
Since we won't be able to read all of them in such a short time.
How do we decide on our topic?
Nietzsche said that God is dead.
However, later on he wasn't rejecting God but praising him.
What do you think he is trying to imply?
He seemed to have used the word "joy" a lot.
Ha Ni?
Joy, joy.
This sounds good.
Changing denial to joy. Let's use this!
Let's not submit a report.
How about submitting a video instead?
- Video? - We can use clay to make a skit.
Portray destroying, living and dying process.
Using "joy" as the theme,
We can portray it with a video.
Do you have a video camera?
You're back?
I need this video camera.
Hyung is doing an assignment with his friend.
It's a pair work.
- Really? - But the friend who came was a girl.
She's pretty.
What? A girl?
It's the professor who paired us, so don't misunderstood.
I'll put back in place after I finish using.
Eun Jo, I need your school material too.
I'll use it then.
- Everyone worked hard. - Yes.
You may go back first, father.
All right. Don't leave the door open just because you're the last to leave.
Don't worry.
- You've worked hard. - Yes.
You've worked hard.
The rest have gone up to university.
What school club, lecture whatsoever. They lived well.
Bong Joon Gu,
you're really pathetic.
But what else can you do?
I got to learn hard and be a good chef.
By then, I'll appear with confidence in front of Ha Ni.
Ha Ni ah, what are you doing now?
I wonder if I can give her a call.
I never called her at this timing before.
Giving her a call makes me rather nervous.
You did well.
Feeling a little upset, some parts could have been better.
Anyway it's not some arts topic.
Let's try taking a few shots of it.
Seung Jo, can you do up the flower a little?
- Like this? - Yes.
Is this your mum?
This is her.
- Doing assignment together? - Yes
I should have greeted you earlier.
I'm sorry for such a sudden visit.
Where's Ha Ni?
Should be in the room.
Oh? Where did she go?
She said she'll be back.
She left her hand phone too.
Ha Ni's not in her room.
Then she must have gone somewhere else.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni.
Oh! What's this?
It's artistic with that living creature on it.
That's true.
Where did this fellow came from?
It's the first time I see him that happy.
Seung Jo must be feeling sweet now.
Can you bring me water?
Oh right. I haven't served you any beverage yet.
Hold on.
How? How?
Should I jump down?
If I were to meet her like this,
I may as well die.
Nope, I'm outside now.
I'm at a friend's house because of a school assignment.
It's done.
Okay, I'll call when I'm leaving.
We'll go first, bye.
You should also get on the tennis court and play soon.
You can't keep picking up balls till you graduate.
You're quite serious,
Even though Seung Jo doesn't appear. You never fail to miss any training.
Why didn't he come?
Omo? You don't know about it?
Seung Jo is a special member.
He joined the club with a condition so he can come whenever he wants.
Don't you guys live together?
Don't you know about this?
that means you don't hit well with him.
But it's uninteresting when there's no competition.
I look like an ice block
when we're the same age.
Why do I look like a kid?
Hold on.
To come whenever he wants, Baek Seung Jo?
Then what's the purpose of me joining?
Why do I pick up balls here?
Yes dad?
It'll be spicy.
I like spicy.
Is it fun to play tennis?
It's hard.
Why do you ask me to come over?
Put some of this.
I'm asking you why you ask me over.
Let's move away, Ha Ni.
We can't owe people favor forever.
It's inconvenient for me to go for work.
You look tired too.
Dad is feeling bad about it.
Let's move away.
I'll find a place to live.
Are you all right?
Very spicy.
Seems like I put too much chili.
I'm tearing.
That's why I say, why put so much?
I don't want Ha Ni to not stay here.
I don't wish to, I don't want.
Honey, calm down.
Ha Ni's not staying here anymore.
Gi Dong,
you don't have to do this actually.
We really hope that we can live together.
It's not living for free anyway.
- You pay us rent every month, don't you? - I'm very grateful when you say this.
But we've stayed here for too long.
We've made it inconvenient for the innocent Eun Jo.
Our Ha Ni will forget Seung Jo quickly.
Regarding that matter,
I'll think of ways.
That's all right, Missus.
No, no matter what, it's Seung Jo's fault.
Seung Jo doesn't like Ha Ni,
- so what can I do? - What to do…
What about getting Ha Ni
to marry into our family?
Will that solve the problem?
Ha Ni's cheerful, hardworking
and cute character, I really like it.
This, our Seung Jo will, he will like her.
Our Ha Ni, Ha Ni that kid is really fortunate.
She has people who adore her.
Honey, please stop crying.
Oh Ha Ni is moving away.
She's moving away with ahjusshi.
Isn't this good?
Ever since Oh Ha Ni came,
She only brought us trouble.
You're moving?
you don't bear to see me away?
I just thought that finally things can go back to where they were.
I hope you think that way.
I'm packing my luggage.
Good night.
Ha Ni, we should get going.
Everyone's waiting for us downstairs.
Just all these?
and you,
Seung Jo, Eun Jo.
All these while, we have troubled you guys.
I keep thinking that I'm troubling you guys. I feel sorry for this.
Oh right.
You can come over our house to play.
Ha Ni, say farewell.
I thank everyone for this period of time.
You cook nice food every day.
During the school friendly match,
you bought us pizza and even took photos.
You also brought my friends along to the beach.
You organized a congratulations party when my examination scored well.
Everything that you've done
are wonderful memories to me.
Everything that happened here.
Ha Ni.
Really sorry, to be bringing you trouble all these while.
Ha Ni.
How should I live when you're not around?
Ha Ni feels bad if you continue like this.
Live well.
Come often to visit.
Let's go, Ha Ni.
Be careful.
Then let's go.
Put on the safety belt.
That's great.
I finally have my room back.
Baek Eun Jo, you!
Mom, are you not whipping meals?
It's all your fault, Seung Jo.
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Are you okay with it?
Do you take as if nothing has happened?
I really gave up on Baek Seung Jo.
Let's use this match and make a bet, how about that?
Ha Ni teams up with you.
I worked so hard to avoid him.
I think it's interesting by just looking at Oh Ha Ni.
You have to remember,
That I'm a house.
A house that you can come no matter what happens.
I think you can see it too.
I'm interested in Seung Jo.
I like you.
What about you?
Goodbye, Baek Seung Jo.
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