UDACITY Entrepreneurship: The Lean LaunchPad, How to Build a Startup

Uploaded by Udacity on 23.08.2012

Hi, I am Steve Blank. I am the author of the
Startup Owner’s Manual and The Four Steps to
the Epiphany. This fall I’m going to be teaching
the Lean LaunchPad class. The Lean LaunchPad
class encapsulates everything we now know about
how to build the successful startup. For the last 50
years we kind of got it wrong. We used to think of
a startup as a smaller version of a large company.
We now know that a startup is something very
different and very unique. This class is for anyone
who wants to learn how to build a startup.
Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or serial
entrepreneur trying to learn how to do it more
efficiently. We’re going to teach you not only the
secrets on how to build the successful startup, but
if you take the next step, we’ll actually get you
outside the building and test every one of those
hypothesis during this class. So, hopefully we’ll
see you there and until then, good bye.