WWE'13: The Rock vs. John Cena Epic Experience Match (Español-English subtitled)

Uploaded by SvRstorylinescreator on 28.10.2012

Hi, I'm Chubacheba and here's a video of the videogame WWE'13 for Xbox 360.
I'm going to show you a match I had versus John Cena, I played as The Rock, in the Wrestlemania XVIII arena, like it happened in real life.
The match experience it's in Epic, this means it should take much time, but you'll see this didn't happened in this match.
Well, I made this video to show you some gameplay and some of the new features, like this one here in the Match Editor you can choose between the normal Steel Cage, Blue Steel Cage or Black Steel Cage. I don't really care about this but it's a nice addition there.
The controls are a lot more fluid, the strikes look from a Fighting Game, if you've played WWE All-Stars the combo strikes look the same but grapples are the same that last year. These new strikes are a very cool addition.
The reversals are easier this time, especially the aerial revesals, I mean when your opponent hits with a diving move, actually it's very easy to reverse those moves not like in WWE'12 that were almost imposible to reverse.
The sound it's beign too much improved, the best improvement about the sound is the ring impacts they sound very realistic but the crowd is just a bit better than WWE'12. And... I think that's all about sound.
Also, about the gameplay, the aerial moves connects from behind too. This is an awesome feature because it looks very realistic.
Well, here's the video that I think this is what you want to see.
That was the end of the match, it's been a bit pathetic because there weren't any finisher, I've just beat him and reversed the pin.
That was the new gameplay, the new system sound altough it had a poor quality because I've recorded it with a videocamera.
I hope you enjoyed the video, like I said before I'll upload more videos showing the new features so, see you.