11. MB Tutorijali - Okvir - Photoshop

Uploaded by mbtutorijali on 11.11.2012

Hello everyone in this tutorial I will show you how to create frames picture
The first thing to do is to uradmo framework for our frame
Then create a new layer and paint the frame in white
We go - Select / Transform Selecctio Stick shift and reduce this part
Then press the DEL key on your keyboard and our first box is finished
Then select it within the framework of this and the layer should you be selected layer with the background
Then CTRL + J
Then repeat the process as much as want frames, and layers should line up frames that do not go through another one
Now hide the background (illustration), and make a new background with some color ...
Then select all the boxes if you want to reduce their size
Connect each frame with cutout images of...
Then we can play with Blending Options
For each image I will do the same And that's it for this tutorial